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Order Verifications

Payments by Credit Card

Nootropics Depot is committed to protecting itself and our customers against the growing threat of online credit card/payment fraud. Financial losses or penalties incurred due to online credit card/payment fraud can have far-reaching, negative effects - including driving up the cost of items that you purchase to the payment processing options that we are able to make available to you.

At our discretion, Nootropics Depot reserves the right to manually verify payment details on any purchase prior to the shipment of an order. The details requested may include, but not necessarily be limited to, proof of picture ID, billing address and/or credit card. If you have questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us

Fraud hurts everyone. Your help and cooperation is pivotal to preventing it.

Payments by E-Check

Nootropics Depot reserves the right to hold an order for 5 business days until an electronic check (e-check payment) clears if it is identified as a potentially high risk payment.

If you place an order using e-check, please ensure that you want to keep the order. Refunding an e-check can only take place after the check has cleared our bank account (5 business days).

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