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PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Capsules | Panax Ginseng + Schisandra Extract

  • Product Description

    PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Extract Capsules by Natrium Health

    What is PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng by Natrium Health?

    Traditional inspiration meets modern formulation.

    PanaMAX is a novel ginseng formulation that provides balanced energy and alertness, while also promoting a sense of calm. Our inspiration was a traditional Chinese formula called "Shengmai San." PanaMAX contains both root and leaf extracts of Panax ginseng to provide a very balanced ginsenoside profile, and Schisandra chinensis, which significantly increases the bioavailability of the ginsenosides. Paired together, you get all the ginsenosides in the Panax ginseng plant in a highly-absorbable form.

    Made in the USA, All Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, Non-GMO

    PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Capsules are made in the USA with US and imported ingredients. PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng is gluten free, non-GMO and made with all natural ingredients.

    How Natrium Health Formulated PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Capsules

    A few years ago, we started looking into Panax ginseng and decided to acquire 3 different types of ginseng extracts. These were a ginseng root extract, a ginseng leaf extract and a fermented panax ginseng extract called GS15-4. Many of us around the office started to form preferences for each of the Panax ginsengs.

    For example, if you need a quick pick me up, GS15-4 ginseng is great because it is pre-metabolized and kicks in quickly. Furthermore, you can easily use it sublingually due to its rapid absorption and mild taste. The effects of GS15-4 ginseng are balanced but lean towards the energizing side of the spectrum and provide a subtle mood-brightening effect.

    Our ginseng root extract, on the other hand, leans more towards the calming side of the spectrum. The Panax ginseng root extract, provides an uplifting yet calming effect that can melt stress away while providing a stable and happy mood. The Panax ginseng leaf extract, however, is the complete polar opposite of the Panax ginseng root extract and the GS15-4 ginseng extract, and acts more like a stimulant than the other Panax ginseng extracts. The Panax ginseng leaf became a favorite among those looking for some added energy, clarity and motivation. That being said, it sacrificed the stress support and balancing effects of the Panax ginseng root extract and the GS15-4 ginseng extract. Instead of providing a gentle lift, the ginseng leaf extract is a little bit pushier and brings on a more abrupt increase in mood. This is when we decided to investigate exactly what we were extracting with each extract and below are the results from this investigation:

    Compound Name Ginseng Leaf
    Amount (%)
    Ginseng Root
    Amount (%)
    Ginsenoside Rg1 9.704 0.323
    Ginsenoside Re 21.184 0.823
    Ginsenoside Rb1 1.592 1.982
    Ginsenoside Rc 2.72 1.679
    Ginsenoside Rb2 3.099 1.36
    Ginsenoside Rd 12.046 1.503


    As can be see in the chart above, the ginseng leaf is very high in three of the six tested Ginsenosides (Rg1, Re, Rd), whereas in contrast, it is fairly low in the remaining three ginsenosides (Rb1, Rc, Rb2). The ginseng root on the other hand had a much more balanced ginsenoside profile, albeit much lower than the ginseng leaf extract. To put it into perspective a little bit more, there is a large gap between the highest present ginsenoside (Re) and the lowest present ginsenoside (Rb1) in the ginseng leaf extract. Ginsenoside Re is present at a concentration more than 13 X higher than ginsenoside Rb1 in the leaf extract.

    In comparison to the root extract, there is a comparatively small gap between the highest present ginsenoside (Rb1) and the lowest present ginsenoside (Rg1). Ginsenoside Rb1 is present at a concentration of about 6 X higher than ginsenoside Rg1 in the root extract. This is likely part of the reason why the ginseng root extract has a more comprehensive and balanced effect in comparison to the ginseng leaf extract.

    The ginseng leaf extract, however, does provide a better boost to energy and mood so we decided to see if we could combine the two:

    Compound Name Ginseng Leaf
    Amount (%)
    Ginseng Root
    Amount (%)
    Amount (%)
    Ginsenoside Rg1 9.704 0.323 5.0135
    Ginsenoside Re 21.184 0.823 11.003
    Ginsenoside Rb1 1.592 1.982 1.787
    Ginsenoside Rc 2.72 1.679 2.199
    Ginsenoside Rb2 3.099 1.36 2.2295
    Ginsenoside Rd 12.046 1.503 6.774


    As can be seen in the chart above, the combination of the ginseng leaf and the ginseng root extracts, yields a much more balanced ginsenoside profile than just the ginseng leaf on its own. Now, the difference between the lowest and highest present ginsenoside is much lower, with the lowest ginsenoside (Rb1) being present at a concentration of about 6 X lower than the highest present ginsenoside (Re). This is similar to the ratios seen in the balanced ginseng root extract and in fact, the combination of the two yields an energizing, mood boosting and balancing stack!

    After all of this research into ginsenosides, we also discovered that one of our favorite herbal supplements, Schisandra chinensis, can significantly boost the absorption of ginsenosides. Schisandra chinensis on its own has a pleasant mood elevating, energizing yet also calming effect, a perfect compliment to Panax ginseng in our opinion. By combining ginseng leaf, ginseng root and Schisandra chinensis extracts, we found that we created a very balanced ginseng extract that fully embodies what a ginseng extract should be. We decided to call this extract Panamax and we hope you like it as much as we do!

    Schisandra Chinensis and Panax Ginseng Benefits

    You can expect the following effects from Panamax Optimized Ginseng Capsules:

      • Helps diminish the effects of stress on our mind and body, makes for great stress support
      • Helps improve energy levels
      • Helps enhance physical performance
      • Helps improve motivation
      • Helps enhance our immune function
      • Helps to promote healthy inflammatory responses and oxidation in the body

    PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Dosage and Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, take 1 PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng capsule up to 2 times daily.

    PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Reviews

    To gain more insight, read the PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng reviews and user experiences below.

    Where to Buy PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng Capsules

    Natrium Health offers PanaMAX Optimized Ginseng capsules in your choice of a 60 count or 120 count jar. Natrium Health's Panax Ginseng and Schisandra chinensis extracts have been lab tested for product purity and identity.

    Learn More About Natrium Health

    Natrium Health is the sister brand of Nootropics Depot.

    Natrium Health's mission is to not only bring out novel products made from the highest quality natural ingredients, but to advance the analytical testing and quality control standards for the entire supplement industry. We believe all customers deserve to know that the supplements that they are taking have been thoroughly tested, and that the product is what it states it is on the label. We feel the current industry standard is woefully inadequate. Do you feel comfortable with the bare minimum GMP guidelines? We certainly don’t. This is why Natrium Health holds itself to a higher standard. We not only test every single batch of ingredients used in our products, but we ensure that they are the correct plant species, plant part, extraction method, and that they contain the appropriate amount of standardized active ingredients. On top of that, we test for heavy metals, pesticides, and allergens. We work tirelessly to ensure that the Natrium Health product you are taking is of the highest quality possible.

    To learn more, visit the Natrium Health website.

    Attention: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease.

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