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NA-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid Powder (NARALA)

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    Na-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid Powder

    Na-A-ALA stabilized R-lipoic powder is the sodium salt version of R-lipoic acid. The human body creates this compound in small amounts naturally as an essential component of aerobic metabolism. Na-R-ALA R-lipoic acid can also be used as a nootropic that offers a wide range of potential benefits to your overall health and cognitive processes.

    Understanding Na-R-ALA R-Lipoic Acid

    ALA, or alpha-lipoic acid, appears in animals naturally, consumed most prominently in meat products, though it also appears in small amounts in certain fruits and vegetables. Despite the many Na-R-ALA stabilized R-lipoic acid uses and the compound’s important role as a powerful antioxidant in the human body, researchers did not discover alpha-lipoic acid until the 1930s when it was first identified as a vitamin.

    As a mitochondrial fatty acid, alpha-lipoic acid is found in every cell of the body. The compound is designed to help in the metabolic process of turning glucose into energy. Unlike other antioxidants that only work in water or fatty tissue, alpha-lipoic acid is both water- and fat-soluble.

    While you can find synthetic forms of the acid, known as S-lipoic acid, it has been shown to be less effective than R-lipoic acid, the natural form of the compound. Nootropics Depot offers a more stabilized version of R-lipoic acid.

    Na-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid Benefits

    Na-R-ALA stabilized R-lipoic acid powder offers a wide range of benefits to all parts of your body. One of its most prominent roles is that of an antioxidant. When cells in your body oxidize, they create waste products known as free radicals, which can damage your body and potentially even mutate your cells. Antioxidants like ALA actively neutralize free radicals, keeping cells healthy and preventing cell aging and damage. Some studies have shown that this could extend to potenetially protecting you from:

    • Heart disease
    • Liver diseases
    • Neurological decline caused by age

    The compound can potentially lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. R-lipoic acid may also help in patients who exhibit diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a condition wherein the nerves in the arms and legs have become damaged as a result of diabetes. This can lead to pain, itching, burning, and numbness in the extremities.

    Na-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid also has potential for protecting your brain nerve tissue. Researchers are still studying the compounds potential as a viable treatment for dementia, stroke, and other brain and nerve issues caused by free radical damage.

    Early studies for ALA suggest that the compound may be a potentially effective treatment for glaucoma as it eliminates the free radicals responsible for damaging the eyes and vision.

    To learn more, read the Na-R-ALA stabilized R-lipoic acid reviews below.

    For more information please see: NA-R-ALA

    Product contains one (1) 30g or 60g jar of NA-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid Powder.

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Fast-acting, unexpected benefits

      I'm doing frequent low dose chelation as per Andy Cutler (though I'm taking your NARALA instead of racemic lipoic acid). This powder definitely works! I noticed much better digestion and BM as well as improved sleep from the very first day. These benefits came as a surprise. Happy customer here, hopefully mercury-free (technically impossible but ynwim) in the not too distant future. on 11th Feb 2017

    2. Used for Autism Recovery

      I have just started using this stuff for my son. My son went through the Cutler chelation protocol. It was a lot of work and the results were limited. The Russians were using ALA for mercury poisoning. I thought, why not use Sodium-ALA (This Stuff) instead because it would cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively.

      This product can be used successfully if a tiny bit is dissolved under the tongue or dissolved in pure water and smeared on the skin. It helps to give a supplement to loosen the stool at the same time because I don't want the poison metals to re-absorb into his intestine.

      This will NOT work if you put it in a capsule and swallow it, this will simply form normal ALA in the stomach. Normal ALA has very limited absorption into the blood.

      I started seeing improvements in my son's Autism condition within a few weeks.
      I have had many positive comments on my son's improvements but I don't tell them we are using biological methods. Most people believe the vaccines and modern medicine are for their own benefit, not for corporate profits.
      on 15th Dec 2016

    3. The Best Value for the Money

      I take ALA for my multiple sclerosis (helps repair nerve damage). After four years it seemed to me that the R-ALA wasn't doing much for me anymore. Then I saw this stabilized version that Nootropics was offering. What a difference! I get an energy boost again! Maybe the ALA I was taking just couldn't maintain potency here in Fiji...since it is always warm and humid. Anyway...this is where I'm getting Alpha Lipoic Acid from now on. The quality is great and the price is way reasonable - that's more than can be said about other brands of R-ALA.

      This is the first time I've tried one of my supplements in bulk powder form. Yay! I have one less pill to swallow. I just take it right from a 200mg measuring spoon. Doesn't taste good but so what? I got worse problems than the taste of ALA!
      on 29th Aug 2016

    4. Fast shipping and excellent quality

      Incredibly fast delivery to Sweden, perfect package size and so far the quality seems good.

      The only improvement i would recommend is a better scoop (15mg) which could be dispatched along with the product.

      Otherwise this is perfect, and a steal !
      on 18th Feb 2015

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