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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Types: When getting free shipping for placing an order over a certain amount, USPS Priority shipping will be used for domestic packages (free shipping offer excludes US Territories), and Standard Mail will be used for international packages. Our Standard Mail option uses UPS Mail Innovations as a carrier, which uses UPS to take the package to your country, then lets the local post deliver it. There are no extra fees or information needed, but your country's customs may charge import duties. You may select other UPS or USPS shipping types upon checkout. However, please be aware of the required information needed for those shipping types, and possible extra fees when using UPS as a carrier. Domestic USPS Express shipping does require a signature upon delivery, so please be available to receive the package at the scheduled time.

Customs Duties & Fees: The buyer assumes all responsibility for any customs duties or fees. Also, we will not refund orders which are seized by customs. The buyer should be aware of whether or not a product can be shipped to their country before ordering.

International UPS Shipping: When selecting UPS as your private carrier for international shipments, there may be additional fees for customer clearance, and UPS may need to contact you to get permission to clear your items through customs. Plese be aware of that, and provide UPS the information needed to properly clear and deliver your package.

Scoops/Measurement Devices: Please note that we do not provide scoops with orders. Powders have varying densities thus rendering scoops as inaccurate measuring devices. We always recommend powders be measured using a reliable milligram scale. 

Returns: Any returns will be at the discretion of

Replacement: Replacement of items lost in delivery or undelivered will be at the discretion of

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