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Tianeptine Sulfate 25mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    Tianeptine hemisulfate monohydrate is an improved salt of Tianeptine that is non-hygroscopic and easier to handle.

    Product includes one jar of Tianeptine Sulfate capsules

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

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    1. I love Nootropics Depot

      I can't say enough good about ND, they are the best in the game. Every time I place an order with them the same day, it is at my door in 48 hours or less. Amazing customer service and quality of the products that they sell. I am fairly new to nootropics but have tried several different stacks in the last year or so. The Tianeptine Sulphate I ordered from here in particular has given me great results. If you stay within the therapeutic doses recommended it is a wonderful alternative (SSRE) to the standard list of SSRI's prescribed in the US for depression. If taken at above therapeutic doses it is an Mu-opiod agonist, so it should be taken responsibly as there is risk for tolerance and withdrawal. Overall, this compound is a wonder drug and should be studied more in the US in my opinion. Thanks for your consistent quality and timing with shipping ND!!!!!! on 20th Nov 2017

    2. A Legitimate Solution

      I have been using this successfully as an anxiolytic, nootropic, and mood lifter. I have an ultra-sensitive system, a demanding career, and a lot of recent heartbreak. I’m well-versed in the effects of many natural and synthetic remedies, yet it’s been tough finding anything that helps me without causing side effects. Coffee is too stimulating and many calming remedies dull my mind and motivation. I have been feeling better, sleeping better, and working better since starting this three months ago. I do not take it in the evening because it impairs sleep in the short term (yet improves it overall). I take two-three capsules morning through afternoon and I take theanine and l-tryptophan in the afternoon and evening. I drink a couple of cups of tea a day and use a dawn simulator as well. I also take time for quiet reflection, lots of walks, and green vegetables. I am slender, weight conscious, and youthful; this has not caused any weight gain. I will acknowledge that the theanine and tryptophan are necessary to balance the effects of a higher dose (three capsules per day) of the tianeptine, which will make me outwardly less patient (despite not feeling irritable). That said, I have found that most things like coffee, ashwaghanda, rhodiola, etc., will all make me terribly irritable and jittery despite my sweet nature. The tianeptine does not overstimulate me; I am focused and productive and much happier on it, but I do notice impatience at higher dosages unless I pair the last dose with theanine. Overall, this has been miraculously effective, without the side effects of other mood enhancers, even when compared with pharmaceuticals. (SSRI’s flatten me emotionally and bupropion causes me to feel less aligned with my principles in that it makes me want to shop for things I don’t need and drink more often than I normally would.) Everyone’s biochemistry is different, so careful experimentation is the only answer imho.
      on 15th Nov 2017

    3. great

      Awesome product!! on 6th Nov 2017

    4. Great for pain & depression

      I have cervical-thoracic scoliosis and have been on opioid meds for more than 10 years (I'm in my 50s now). I've wanted to drop my meds as low as possible and after dozens of other products, I've found that Tianeptine and Agmatine make a HUGE difference! My doctor had me on as much as 60mg of oxycodone per day. I found that it made me far too foggy and last summer, stopped the 40mg of oxycontin, keeping only the oxycodone. Now, with Agmatine and Tianeptine, my constant pain is simple GONE!

      I still have acute "breakthrough" episodes through the day -- often mealtime (as I can't bend my head forward without pain). So, I still take breakthrough pain meds, but rather than 7.5mg of oxycodone, I'm finding that 2.5mg is enough (Agmatine reverses tolerance and amplifies opioid efficacy).

      It is now 3 months since I started this regimen and it continues to work amazingly well. Rather than seeing my doctor every month to renew my prescriptions, I just switched to every 3 months. I'm using only about 15 pills per month rather than 60!

      Mood also is FAR better. I was extremely depressed, now I'm singing.
      on 29th Oct 2017

    5. very pleased

      Excellent product. Very good quality. on 24th Oct 2017

    6. Excellent antidepressant that works almost immediately

      Of course we all know the varios drawbacks of FDA approved 'antidepressants'...

      Im pleased to report this seemingly has none of those! It brings you out of depression almost immediately... Id say within an hour or so. My preferred dose is 3 25mg pills in the morning. I suggest experimenting to find your dose but do be aware that rapid dose escalation is a real possiblity. Go low, go slow, and i certainly wouldnt surpass 100mg a day... There is a potential dependency syndrome (which again, only really manifests at supertheraputic doses).

      All in all a great substance! Stacks well with oxiracetam.
      on 20th Oct 2017

    7. good quality Tianeptine at a great price

      I have only tried the sulfate kind of this substance before from some other vendor. As I continue to use this product I see that it's a very high-quality I will certainly continue to use you guys and I have been spreading the word thank you for what you do! on 14th Oct 2017

    8. Helps with multiple issues

      This product has helped with multiple issues ranging from mood uplift, energy boost and pain management due to neck injury. I am highly skeptical of products like this but decided to try and I'm glad I did. I also have found that the nootropic depot brand seemed to work better for me. Not sure if it's higher quality, but everyone is different and the price is reasonable. on 13th Oct 2017

    9. Product was fine, service was extra-fine

      I went from T Sodium to Sulfate, which are too different to compare really. That said, I think the Sulfate is a good option for reducing sodium intake.

      My shipment got lost and ND was all over it. Made it right in a flash.

      on 12th Oct 2017

    10. Tianeptine

      Very pure, clear and consistent. on 12th Oct 2017

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