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Adrafinil 300mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    Where to Buy Adrafinil Capsules

    Nootropics Depot offers 30ct. or 90ct. jars of Adrafinil capsules. Nootropics Depot's Adrafinil has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

    Shipping Restrictions: Due to regulatory requirements, this product can't be shipped to Australia or France. If added to an order destined for France or Australia, the product will be automatically removed and any charges refunded/voided.

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

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    To learn more, see the Adrafinil reviews below. 

    Product cannot be shipped to Australia or France. 


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    1. Beats the heck out of adderall if you DON'T want to get high

      I've taken modafanil (provigil) in the past, and this works just as well for providing me focus without causing my OCD to flare up (as do most prescription amphetamines). Useful product, If you're actually looking for a supplement for wakefulness aid and/or cognitive clarity as opposed to something to get high off of. A good product that works, with low abuse potential. I'm a big fan! on 22nd Aug 2017

    2. Solid product, fast shipping

      Good, clean wakefulness effect on this. For me, one capsule is subtle but effective without any jagginess or speediness. Super helpful when I'm needing to be on-deck after a terrible night's sleep.

      Though I'm fairly new to nootropics, I've had great results with all of ND's products that I've tried so far, and their quality, speed, and service is 5-star every time. They have rapidly become my vendor of choice.

      on 9th Aug 2017

    3. Helps me with shift work and school

      Helps me stay awake and focused in class after a night of work. I don't take it everyday just when I really need to be alert ie. tests and whil writing papers. on 24th Jul 2017

    4. Does not work, not even a little bit

      I like a lot of products from nootropics depot, but the adarafinil does not work. Not even a little bit. on 21st Jul 2017

    5. Try it for yourself

      It's a pretty subtle effect with seemingly many caveats. My advice is try it and if it works for you, great. They say that it's good to have a list of "To Do" items ready for when you take it so you can just knock them off. Dosage recommendations vary pretty wildly across forums. My experience has been that one capsule (300mg) didn't do anything for me, and two (600mg) also doesn't seem to do much and is the most that I'm willing to take at one time because I'm afraid of damaging my liver. For me it only seems to work sometimes and the effect seems so subtle as to be almost imperceptible, but your mileage may vary. It's possible that the reason for this is that my personal dosage ought to be, say, 150mg or 450mg, but because these capsules only come in 300mg and I've never been inclined to break them open, I might never find the right dosage for me personally. Another possibility is that its effects may be suppressed by other substances I take into my body, for example, cigarette smoke, or coffee, or antacid tablets, etc. It's also possible that this is all wishful thinking and any subtle effects I perceived were the result of the placebo effect or other lifestyle changes (for example maybe those couple weeks that it did seem to do something, I also happened to drink less alcohol overall, or some other thing.) Try it though, for yourself, just buy a small bottle, because evidently it has changed some people's lives for the better, just unfortunately not my own. on 16th Jul 2017

    6. all i know is it doesn't affect me

      No different feeling and I took as much as 900mg. I guess it's just my chemistry. Disappointing. No problems falling asleep of anything. No help concentrating. nothing. on 5th Jul 2017

    7. Good legal, over-the-counter alternative to Modafinil

      This stuff is legit. I have taken modafinil before and can attest the effects are pretty much identical. I take it infrequently, but when I do, I normally do it when I wake up around 8 am and can start feeling it 30-60 minutes afterwards. I feel a significant improvement in motivation, focus, mood and sociability, especially for the first five hours or so, but I continue to feel the effects after that, and may even feel like doing work as late 1 am. But no problems falling asleep if I take it right when I wake up.

      One pill of this is probably equivalent to 100-150 mg modafinil. Very good legal alternative, over-the-counter to it. Make sure to drink plenty of water.
      on 21st Jun 2017

    8. Effective

      I have a script for modafinil and on occasion if it gets low or I want to boost its overall effect I will add adrafinil. As a single dose I will take a 3-300 mg dose when I wake up, and it is best on an empty stomach. As other reviewers mention, the effects are based on one's liver function as it must convert adrafinil into modafinil. For this reason, it's effects can vary somewhat and is overall much more mild than modafinil. However, it is effective as a mild agent to decrease sleepiness over a long period of time. I can take it before my shift work and feel confident that at a higher dose I will not feel jittery but will not suffer ill effects from shiftwork. Sometimes modafinil's effects can feel stronger when I am in high stress situations because it can potentiate the natural adrenaline rush of emergencies, and adrafinil even at high doses does not seem to elicit the same response in moments of duress, though I can tell that it is effective, it is a calmer and subtler substitute for it's younger cousins. on 21st Jun 2017

    9. its the real deal

      This Adrafinil is very potent, and it does keep me awake as needed...the other thing I appreciate is my order was here the very next day, even with standard shipping! on 19th Jun 2017

    10. Not sure it does anythng.

      The first day I took one and nothing. I have taken them several times since and have taken two. I think maybe I did feel a little more alert. Coffee does more for me. I'm disappointed. Hopefully it works for others. on 9th Jun 2017

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