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Adrafinil 300mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    Where to Buy Adrafinil Capsules Online

    Nootropics Depot offers 30ct. or 90ct. jars of Adrafinil capsules. Nootropics Depot's Adrafinil has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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    Adrafinil Reviews

    You may find anecdotal Adrafinil reviews helpful. To learn more, see the Adrafinil reviews and experiences posted below. 

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.


  • Product Reviews


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    1. great company, good product

      Adrafinil never works as well as Modifinil, but it really helps. Takes a while, don't be afraid to up the dose, and remember to take days off from dosing. on 14th Mar 2018

    2. helpful

      Adrafinil works...but takes several weeks of consistent usage at appropriate dosage and it does its job...don’t take too much and don’t take too little...take just what you should and you’ll get the results this drug delivers... on 12th Mar 2018

    3. Gamechanger

      Bought this product to help get me through a crazy week of work. Wow, worked exactly as I hoped it would. 5/5. Just wish Modafinil was available this accessibly. If it weren't for the liver processing I would take Adrafinil daily. on 9th Mar 2018

    4. hmm

      I was really excited for this product, I was expecting many things. I wish I would of bought the 30c bottle instead of the 60c one. I took them daily;hence I have ADHD and I heard that this pill has the ability to mitigate my symptoms. I didn't feel a thing. It felt like a bottle full of placebos- I didn't get any feeling and I even stacked it with other products and to no avail. I'm not going to stop ordering products from this site, I just won't order adrafinil ever again.

      Shipping: was excellent (They ship with smiley faces, makes my day)

      on 9th Mar 2018

    5. speedy shipping, good communication

      Happy with the product and the company so far. Dosage is 300mg adrafinil = 100mg modafinil or less. So... yeah, if you're used to taking 600mg moda, you'll be taking lots of these. (help your tolerance by never taking more than two days in a row, ideally skipping at least two days) This seems like a really good company though. I've already placed another order. If the quality stays good I'll try their other products, too. on 28th Feb 2018

    6. Works

      No adverse effects on me, very subtle at first, but works very well. on 28th Feb 2018

    7. Worth it

      Definitely works, but need to have on an empty stomach. The only downside to this is that it seems as though you can build up a tolerance for it, and it become less effective overtime. Just cycle off for a little while every now and then though and it’s fine: on 28th Feb 2018

    8. As great as I expected

      I researched adrafinil as much as I could before deciding to order.
      Nootropicsdepot answered a few questions for me with prompt responses and delivered quickly once I ordered
      The pills themselves have had awesome results for me. I can clearly feel the difference in clarity of mind, and can recognize when I'm being distracted from my task at hand.
      I have become so much more productive over the last month since I started taking these pills.

      I haven't experienced any sleeplessness as some others reported, and even can start to feel the effects wear off towards the end of the day. I take them early in the morning when I wake up (about 630).

      Not sure if it's directly related, because I have been gradually reducing my alcohol consumption over the last few months, but I'm noticing a dramatic increase in the effects of alcohol that I didn't see before I started taking the pills. Again, not 100% sure it's related, but if you're a heavy drinker, it's worth looking into before starting a regimen with this medicine.
      on 22nd Feb 2018

    9. Gave me insomnia and terrible headache next morning

      The product itself was somehow helpful, in that it helped me to be more focused and alert throughout the day, but I was not able to sleep for more than a few hours, even though I took it early in the morning and next day it gave me a terrible hradache, which lasted well into the afternoon;

      I would not take anothet pill from the batch and would not recommend it to others.
      on 21st Feb 2018

    10. As reviewed prrviously, this works well in bulk form too

      I decided to save a few bucks and buy the bulk powder version; thumbs up.

      My previous comments/review mentioned, tempering one's expectations regarding what it will do leads to being quite satisfied. This remains a paramount mindset to understanding what one is purchasing.

      I also wanted to chime in on the quick turn-around time from order to receiving: the folks at '' have always been cognizant of the "quick ship" perk, which is an important aspect to many clients (such as myself.)

      Thanks ND :)
      on 16th Feb 2018

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