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Adrafinil 300mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    Buy Adrafinil Powder

    What Is Adrafinil?

    Adrafinil was discovered in 1974 in France. Adrafinil has a molecular weight of 289.35 g/mol and a chemical formula of C15H15NO3S.

    Where to Buy Adrafinil Capsules Online

    Nootropics Depot offers 30ct. or 90ct. jars of Adrafinil capsules. Nootropics Depot's Adrafinil has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. If you buy adrafinil capsules from Nootropics Depot, you can expect it to ship same day when the order is placed before 4pm Phoenix time.

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    Adrafinil Reviews

    To learn more, see the Adrafinil reviews and experiences posted below. 

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please read the available research and understand the associated risks before handling. If you are uncertain of the appropriate handling methods, please consult a qualified professional. Misuse of this product may result in adverse reactions. This product is not approved by the FDA.


  • Product Reviews


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    1. Really great product!

      Does what it's supposed to. It's definitely life changing and helps boost focus on 9th Jan 2019

    2. Excellent product

      The first time that I tried these adrafinils, I took one on the safe side. Within an hour, I was already starting to feel a slightly clean focus, but nothing to startling. The next time I took these pills, I upped my dosage to 2 pills and it was just about perfect. Onset for me the second time was about 45 minutes and I would say that I was in the zone fully within 2 hours. Of course, it's not as quick as flmodafinil, but it's top quality all the way, you just have to be patient, the stuff works great! The shipping was super fast and I am a very happy customer and will shop again here. Thanks for bringing such quality products!! on 26th Dec 2018

    3. (Provisional rate)

      Today morning (Thu) I took 2 capsules (600 mg) and I don't have noticed any feeling. Maybe this weekend I gonna try a 900 mg dosage to see what happens. on 13th Dec 2018

    4. just the boost I need some days!

      I purchased a 30 capsule count after I had been given a sample of Provigil. I’ll say that the Adrafinil doesn’t work as quickly or as intensly as Provigil but I can definitely tell a difference in my level of alertness at varying doses. 1 single capsule(300mg) has little affect but 2 capsules(600mg) takes away that exhausted feeling. I’ve taken 3 capsules(900mg) and it gives me the same level of alertness as a strong cup of coffee for longer than the coffee, no jitter, and without the crash, however I do need to make sure to intake enough water and food throughout the day on this dose as by the end of the day I end up with a mild headache if I don’t, no big deal just something I need to keep in mind. For its intended purpose I’m pleased with the quality of the product. I still prefer Provigil but for the cost and availability I can complain. Will definitely be a repeat customer on 24th Nov 2018

    5. Passable

      Not great but a few caps can do the job. on 17th Oct 2018

    6. good quality

      They are the real deal. on 14th Oct 2018

    7. As advertised

      It works great for focus and wakefulness. I do open the caps so i can take 150mg in the morning with a big glass of water, then 150mg just before lunch time. Keeps me going through the day as i have school and work most days. on 11th Oct 2018

    8. Works well

      Overall all it works pretty well as advertised. Didn’t really get much out of taking one but when I increased to two it was noticeable. Will purchase again, on 11th Oct 2018

    9. Wakefullness in a pill !

      It works like a charm, after taking twice one pill in the morning, I feel completely cleared from the brainfog and super focused on 10th Oct 2018

    10. Effective

      Gotta take it on an empty stomach and try not to eat for an hour after you take it. on 7th Oct 2018

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