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Aniracetam Powder

  • Product Description

    What Is Aniracetam Powder?

    Aniracetam is a nootropic compound in the racetam class of compounds. All racetams, including others like Piracetam, have the 2-pyrrolidone base structure in common. Piracetam is the parent molecule of the racetam family, and was first created in 1964. Many others, like Aniracetam, have been developed since then. Aniracetam is actually known to have more potency than Piracetam. Aniracetam Powder is fat soluble but doesn’t require fat for absorption.

    Aniracetam Benefits

    There is a large amount of promising and noteworthy animal research on Aniracetam. Aniracetam has also been studied in the context of brain health in humans. Research findings about Aniracetam uses include:

    • Improve cognition: Animal research shows that Aniracetam Powder can improve cognition by reducing impulsivity and improving judgment and memory. Aniracetam is the parent molecule of a compound class known as an ampakines, which modulate AMPA receptors in the brain.
    • Improve stress levels and mood
    • Increase creativity and holistic thinking: Many people report experiencing holistic or collective thinking, which is described as clarity that enables one to observe and evaluate the world with greater awareness, opening perspective and even inspiring creativity and breakthroughs.

    For more information, see the Examine and Wikipedia articles on Aniracetam.

    Where to Buy Aniracetam Powder

    Nootropics Depot offers 30g, 125g or 250g jars of Aniracetam powder. Nootropics Depot's Aniracetam has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

    Get insight about other customers’ experiences by reading our Aniracetam reviews and experiences below.

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    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

  • Product Reviews


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      Dude! you can't say "I don't have a power to do this tasks" with this!
      It's a "get done tasks". AMAZING
      This effect last for about 2-3 hours and after I'm just calm and amazed about all the work I've done. TY ND!
      on 9th Dec 2017

    2. Subtle and effective

      Started with a dose of 300mg and raised up to 600mg over 1 week which I've been at for a couple weeks now. Seems to have a positive effect on mood and calmness. I will try raising to 700mg soon. on 27th Nov 2017

    3. Product Secure

      I arrived home to two, well enveloped larger jars of aniracetam and ALCAR. I was very satisfied with the quickness of delivery as well as the quality of the supplements. on 20th Nov 2017

    4. awesome product

      Quality and pure product. Will order again! on 17th Nov 2017

    5. Calm Flow

      Gives me the ability to perform and meet deadlines without anxiety. Personally received best results when combined with oxiracetam and a choline source. Plan to stack with other racetams in the future. on 13th Nov 2017

    6. Fast delivery 2.

      Courteous, friendly and accommodating staff, and being a returning English customer, I have to admire the speed at which my order crosses the ocean to my door.
      Nice one'!
      on 13th Nov 2017

    7. No noticeable results yet

      Product arrived on time as described. I personally haven’t seen results, but I have only been using it for a few weeks. on 10th Nov 2017

    8. Aniracetam

      Good stuff. Calm, relaxed thoughts. I like to stack it with Phenebut and KSM-66 a few times per week. on 8th Nov 2017

    9. As advertised.

      Worked like it said. Helped me to better express myself through speaking or writing. The amount I needed to get that effect was ~1g, and its lackof water solubility was annoying, but expected. Also, shipping was fast, as usual. Thanks for another great product nootropics depot! on 7th Nov 2017

    10. Excellent

      My favourite member of the racetam family. Nootropics Depot is a great vendor. Will certainly buy again on 29th Oct 2017

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