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Centrophenoxine Powder

  • Product Description

    What Is Centrophenoxine Powder?

    Centrophenoxine Powder is a nootropic compound.

    Where to Buy Centrophenoxine Powder?

    Nootropics Depot offers 25g, 50g and 100g jars of Centrophenoxine Powder. Nootropics Depot's Centrophenoxine have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

    Get more insight by reading other customers’ Centrophenoxine reviews and experiences below.

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please read the available research and understand the associated risks before handling. If you are uncertain of the appropriate handling methods, please consult a qualified professional. Misuse of this product may result in adverse reactions. This product is not approved by the FDA.

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    1. Great service as always

      This one works better than alpha-gpc or cdp-choline as a choline source. Nootropics Depot service and products are flawless as always. They are leaders in their market field. on 4th Oct 2018

    2. "Liver spots" on hands: lipofuscin

      I've used DMAE bitartrate for decades but never noticed any decrease in the darkness or number of "age spots" on my hands until switching to centrophenoxine a few weeks ago. on 4th Jul 2018

    3. Centrophenoxine Works

      Been using centrophenoxine for several years after a few decades of using DMAE. The product shipped promptly and arrived within a couple of days. Excellent quality product and well worth the price. Nootropic Depot is easily the best online nootropic source I have found over the many years and I highly recommend giving them a try. on 16th Jun 2018

    4. 1st reorder of Centro

      As always, thanks for the great quality product. Centro is definitely my nootropic cornerstone, and the quality you provide at low prices is why I've reordered, and will continue to. Thanks! on 8th Jun 2018

    5. good product

      I like this product after using it for about a week I could think clearer the only negative thing I have to say about it is I started to develop some side effects of irritability at higher dosages of more than 500mg per day on 19th Dec 2017

    6. Good

      Improve memory and awakening, Great! on 13th Dec 2017

    7. Piracetam&Centrophenoxine Combo

      1,3g x 3 /day Piracetam
      300mg x 3 /day Centrophenoxine

      1st after waking up of the test subjects on an empty stomach; 12am before lunch and 4pm. If it’s taken later, falling asleep is more difficult for them. (brain overdrive, visualizations etc.)

      Effects duration: ~4hrs

      Onset: Almost immediately a sort of tingling sensation over the face, everything becomes clearer as well as the vision, thinking.

      Taste: bitter w/ a sweet aftertaste

      Side effects: light dehydration and temperature rise. Afternoon nap doesn’t work. Kind of tension in the frontal lobe is observed, but not disturbing.

      Qualitative effects:
      Mood stabilization, a desire to cope with problems rather than denying them. Wider eye sight, sharper and better sound perception. Feels like refreshed, focused and at a time calm. Unlike caffeine, so the effect is stable, not that jittery. Socializing and talking is more fun, subtle confidence builds up too. A straightforward sharp thinking, meditation becomes focused.
      on 23rd Nov 2017

    8. surprised

      I have been using for about 1 month. What I have noticed. Brain firing faster, more energy. I would suggest consuming with food as I have had a little heart burn if I don't. on 11th Nov 2017

    9. Good nootropic, foul taste

      I have previously ordered the capsules of this so I was already aware of the great value of this substance.

      All i will say against it is that it really needs capsules, which am now ordering. I am fine with the bitterness of racetam powders like phenylpiracetam and aniracetam, but this powder is so foul and with such a strong and long lingering aftertaste i could only bare to use it for a week.
      on 10th Nov 2017

    10. Works!

      Works well with racetams to extend the frequency I can use them. Powder clumps easily, so keep it climate controlled and in a dry environment. Fast shipping. Thanks ND! on 7th Nov 2017

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