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Fasoracetam 20mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    What Are Fasoracetam Capsules?

    Fasoracetam is a nootropic that’s part of the racetam class of compounds. Racetams include many different compounds, all modified from the original parent molecule, Piracetam, which was created in 1964.

    Fasoracetam may support overall cognitive health. Anecdotally, it is helpful for otherwise healthy adults in managing stress and may have mood boosting properties.

    How Do Fasoracetam Capsules Work?

    Fasoracetam Capsules may work by positively modifying certain brain receptors, including GABA, cholinergic, and glutamate. All of these receptors have the job of helping you to form and store new memories. By interacting with these important brain receptors, Fasoracetam may offer cognitive benefits even beyond memory support.

    Fasoracetam Benefits

    Anecdotal evidence and animal research suggest that Fasoracetam uses include improving stress and mood, improving focus and memory, and even increasing motivation levels to help beat procrastination. Users often report more productivity, efficiency, and calm, focused energy.

    For more information, see the Wikipedia articles on Fasoracetam.

    Fasoracetam Reviews

    Get more insight by reading anecdotal Fasoracetam reviews below.

    Where to Buy Fasoracetam Capsules

    Nootropics Depot offers 30ct. or 90ct. jars of Fasoracetam capsules. Nootropics Depot's Fasoracetam has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Love this product

      I had tried aniracetam prior to this. But Fasoracetam does it all for me. I feel uplifted, positive, and can tackle things all day long without appreciable wear and tear, mentally. on 17th Mar 2018

    2. Not for me

      The only nootropic so far, especially a racetam, that has done zero for me. Which is fine, although disappointing to not experience effects as reviewed by others. on 5th Mar 2018

    3. Takes the edge off

      I've used Fasoracetam for the times when I feel "revved up" mentally and have nervous energy to the point that I'm not being productive getting things done and even in conversations. Fasoracetam helped to take the edge off when I've either had too much coffee and/or nootropics. I've been using nootropics for about 4 years. This is my first time trying Fasoracetam. Seems like it is good to have around, especially when cycling nootropics and supplements. I cycle Phenibut and L-Theanine, now I have a third calming agent to cycle between those two.

      N.D. provides a quality product and fast shipping. Thank you!
      on 3rd Mar 2018

    4. Works

      Not sure if it was a placebo effect or what, but I took Faso for the first time today and went to work and I was the least anxious and most efficient I've ever been. I had this relaxed confidence mixed with feelings of joy that could not be deterred. I stacked it with Noopept and felt great.
      Thanks ND!
      on 21st Feb 2018

    5. good product

      The stuff works definitely no placebo effect I noticed a big difference only bad side affect I noticed was it gave me jitters and a little shakyness but other then that works great on 26th Nov 2017

    6. Proven to boost effects of phenibut

      Definitely helps boost phenibut effectiveness, allowing you to take smaller doses to reap same benefits. on 10th Nov 2017

    7. Attention to detail

      I found that I really focus on letters and text on this racetam, haven't got any of the anti anxiety effects touted however it certainly helps me read and take in information that way. Fantastic product as always and impeccable service. UK. on 2nd Nov 2017

    8. A Viable Phenibut Alternative

      I sought out this substance as a means of finding something similar in action to phenibut it gave me great success with improving sociability. Taking on an empty stomach in the morning I've found to have the most pronounced effect where I'm noticeably more happy roughly half an hour later. There were moments when I felt 'giddy' after dosing faso which has helped tremendously with motivation and sustaining interest.

      After about a month of experimenting with this the benefits have been hard to objectively measure so I don't know 'how much of' a difference it is making. However I've felt less of those blah days since beginning this with the intention as a phenibut replacement and I've had really no days akin to the ones after dosing phenbut which were at times noticeably bad - whether it be to 'no phenbut nocebo' or actual physiological withdrawl for my brain having to revert back to sourcing GABA through regular mechanism; which apparently faso is supposed support.

      Definitely worth a go if you're to become less dependent on phenny.
      on 30th Oct 2017

    9. Great product

      Works well stacked with Phenibut. Only need 10-20mg. on 20th Sep 2017

    10. Interesting product

      This is the second time I have purchased this product. The first time taking this was like a switch in my brain had been turned on and I was able to focus and retain information better. I am unsure if I developed a tolerance for the product but the second time buying this product was definitely different. All and all good experience helped me volumes though it may not work for me in the future, I will be purchasing more products from this site in the future as the benefits are clearly there. on 6th Jul 2017

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