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Noopept Powder

  • Product Description

    What Is Noopept Powder?

    Noopept Powder is a popular nootropic compound with reported brain health benefits. Noopept is similar to the racetam family of nootropics in mechanism and effect, but it doesn’t have the same 2-pyrrolidine base structure, and is considered to be much more potent--up to 1,000 times more according to some research.

    How Does Noopept Powder Work?

    Noopept Powder reportedly offers one of the most potent, effective, and fast-acting nootropics currently available. Noopept Powder is known to interact with glutamatergic system, modifying receptors to become more sensitive to glutamate, which plays a key role in cognitive processes such as memory formation and focus. Noopept has also been shown to increase nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

    Noopept Benefits

    Because of its effect on the glutamatergic system, Noopept uses are focused on cognitive functioning and brain health. Noopept may have the following benefits:

    • Improved memory formation
    • Faster memory recall
    • Improved learning and retaining of information
    • Improved focus and increased attention span
    • Clarity of thoughts and lifting of brain fog
    • More motivation and drive
    • Improved mental energy and productivity
    • Reduced stress

    Noopept may also promote brain health by protecting neurons, improving communication between synapses, and even combating oxidative stress.

    Where to Buy Noopept Online?

    Nootropics Depot offers 5g or 10g jars of Noopept Powder. Nootropics Depot's Noopept powder has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

    For information, see Examine's article on Noopept.

    Learn more by reading Noopept reviews and experiences below.

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    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Great!

      I started using noopept a couple of weeks ago. The performance of the product is great value for money. It helped with anxiety, motivation and cognition. I finally finished an android app I was Woking on! Working on another now. 8.4/12.9 stars. on 13th Dec 2017

    2. A predictable clarity for me, reduces symptoms of dementia in my aunt

      Noopept has been the only nootropic that works well enough for me to consume it daily. I personally take 80 mg (admittedly higher than average, but an Informed decision) once in the morning orally before cardio. I cycle off one weekend every two weeks, and have been taking this for nearly two years.

      Noopept isn't incredibly noticible until i am in a situation that demands it. I'm a student and a manual labor employee so this tends to happen a lot - noopept pushes back fatigue and helps me work for longer and even appears to increase my resistance to heat (a Japanese single blind study on 25 or so healthy adults supports this anecdote), and I seriously think it reduces soreness at the end of the day.
      At my university or on congtitive tasks in general, noopept helps to induce a state of clarity that can best be described as mental connectedness. Ideas form more easily, calculations come automatically, and memory recall is often spontaneous and easy. There isn't a subjective feeling that accompanies it, it simply feels like the various parts of my mind outside of my conscious awareness are working better behind the scenes.

      The following should NOT be considered a valid use for noopept, it was a desperate attempt at treatment: my aunt was diagnosed with early onset dementia, and her not-overly-intelligent doctor essentially told my uncle that there was nothing to be done. Over 5 years, her condition worsened precipitously. Eventually he prescribed some drug that acts on high affinity choline uptake, which did nothing at all and was discontinued. After some research, consulting some professors at my university, me and my uncle decided to give this a try. It didn't happen overnight, but her symptoms have decimated significantly and her old personality came back. She regained her ability to spell and her cognitive assessments have improved every month so far. Her doctors even noted that a routine electroencephalogram showed better activity and an MRI revealed recovering white matter density. While after one year the progress plateaued, and still isn't at pre-clinical baseline, it is much better and stable. I saw her at a christmas party yesterday and everyone was shocked at her apparent reversal. Unfortunately, this backwoods doctor dismissed the noopept as a factor, so he attributed it to a miracle. Lol. I suppose in a way, it is.

      This is one of those uncommon compounds that is relatively well studied, inexpensive and confers a definite neuroprotective benefit. And it has given my aunt some quality of life she otherwise would not have. It's hard for me to not recommend this to almost anyone but especially to those dealing with a neurodegenerative disease (with informed research and medical advice of course - don't be an idiot).
      on 5th Dec 2017

    3. Noopept is good for the whole (adult) family!

      We started using noopept regularly after my mother (in her 70s) had congestive heart failure. She's now recovered fully and we credit a great deal of her mental acuity to noopept. It's not a "smart" drug as much as a memory enhancer. I have deeper, more rich memories of nearly any event I try to recall since taking it daily.

      We use 10mg twice daily and cycle off for a week about once every six weeks. This stuff is affordable and very potent.
      on 2nd Dec 2017

    4. Happy

      I enjoy this product! on 29th Nov 2017

    5. I dont think it works or does anything, BUT I will say this...

      Welp, I gave it a try and the short version is that I don't feel it works, or has any noticeable affects for what it is marketed as or sold as.

      Now for the long version of my explanation:
      I was very hopeful - I read all of the reviews, did my research, purchased a .001 gram scale to accurately measure and even started a journal. I also purchased Alpha GPC and Phenylpiracetam to pair with this. I tried it both orally (swallowing) and sublingually(dissolving under my tongue - which does taste bad/bitter). I experimented with different dose sizes from 10mg to 50mg, orally and sublingually. I dosed every day (around 10am) for over a month straight and my findings are that Noopept does not work for the purposes I purchased it for of cognitive enhancement, memory retention or concentration.

      Now, what I did find out was that Noopept is very good at making dreams more vivid, or even stimulating them. Prior to taking Noopept, I only had about one dream per week, however after taking it, I can say with certainty that I had a dream every single night once I started, and they were vivid dreams also. Did this give me more energy? No. Did it make me stronger, or smarter, or concentrate easier? No. But this is the only noticeable effect of Noopept.

      Now, regarding Phenylpiracetam - I can definitely say that it did have a noticeable affect. It gave a considerable amount of energy (to the point of jitters or restlessness). The only thing I can compare it to is caffeine and ephedrine (or Bronkaid/Primatine which is a good OTC substitute). I cant say it affected memory retention, but I do feel it worked for concentration though.
      on 19th Nov 2017

    6. great

      I take noopept intranasally.

      It works better than sublingually.

      It's good stuff when stacked with adderall
      on 17th Nov 2017

    7. Outstanding

      I am an avid user of brain enhancement pharmacopoeia, nootropics Depot supplied me with the best noopept to date, it's pricing and even the shipping time was excellent, it was supposed to be here in 5 days, and ended up here within 3. Fantastic services, I shall be definitely buying through Depot again soon. on 15th Nov 2017

    8. Fantastic!!

      Personally, in my opinion the product works phenomenally. I recommend buying in this store. The customer service is great. on 11th Nov 2017

    9. Good one

      Noopept gives me a sense of well being when doing things that eventually makes me tired and bored. I get more fucesed and I learn faster on noopept. on 9th Nov 2017

    10. life changer

      Love the noopept, I remember everything now, learn faster, am calmer. I'm not sure it's all very anecdotal but I feel it has been very beneficial. It even helped me kick caffeine. on 9th Nov 2017

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