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Phenylpiracetam Powder

  • Product Description

    What Is Phenylpiracetam Powder?

    Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic in the larger family of Racetams. It is a derivative of the parent molecule and fellow nootropic compound Piracetam. The only difference between Phenylpiracetam and Piracetam is the addition of a phenyl group to its molecular structure. Like other Racetams, Phenylpiracetam has been shown to improve cognitive decline, but it also shows psychostimulatory effects.

    Why Buy Phenylpiracetam Powder?

    Phenylpiracetam uses vary and may help in lowering stress to better withstanding extreme temperatures. More detailed information about Phenylpiracetam benefits includes:

    • Improved cognition* - There is a body of research conducted in Russia (and not generally accessible here in the West) showing that Phenylpiracetam may help individuals experiencing cognitive decline.. Anecdotally, many people claim that Phenylpiracetam improves mental clarity, focus, and alertness in healthy individuals.
    • Psychostimulant* - Athletes who take Phenylpiracetam may experience increased stamina as well as a stronger resistance to cold weather.


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    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

    Get insight about customers’ experiences by reading our Phenylpiracetam reviews below.

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  • Product Reviews


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    1. Amazing for those looking to quit Adderall / Vyvanse / ADHD Amphetamine Salts

      10-year user of Adderal here to give my 2 cents. I typically dose phenylpiracetam twice a day, once in the morning and again after lunch as a complete replacement for the traditional ADHD stimulant. Phenylpiracetam *will not* grant the intense motivation commonly associated with first-time Adderall users (and abusers). The most notable difference with amphetamine salts is that there is no aggressive "high" with phenylpiracetam. Rather, the mind feels crystal clear–free of the fog of mornings with good energy. I feel like I have a blank piece of paper in my mind, ready for work. I do not feel the same dependency anxiety with phenylpiracetam compared to Adderall. I highly recommend this product to anyone trying to quit traditional ADHD medication. on 27th Apr 2017

    2. 500 mg + coffee miracle

      It makes multitasking possible for me. on 18th Apr 2017

    3. Great!!

      Works well at 200mg for me! on 16th Apr 2017

    4. Energy and Focus

      Like others have said, this one has a very pronounced effect: you notice when it kicks in. I've never experienced the cold resistance that others mention but I've never taken over 100 mg at a time either, never had to. This stuff is definitely stimulating, similar to Ritalin but without the side effects, and honestly I think it works better (and I grew up on Ritalin as an ADD kid). Heck, this stuff works better for me than Modafinil. Just a clean, bright, "awake" feeling that lasts 4-6 hours and doesn't keep me up at night.
      I take Alpha GPC at night and fish oil in the morning, and I never get headaches or any noticeable side effects.

      This is the second time I've ordered it from nootropics depot and after trying the new batch I can tell you it's a consistent product, and both shipments have gotten to me faster than expected which is a bonus.
      on 20th Mar 2017

    5. Favorite Racetam

      I have only tried aniracetam and piracetam, along with noopept, and this is by far the most potent and effective. I usually reserve this stuff on test days or when I need a motivational boost. Out of all the non-prescription nootropics I've tried, this feels the closest to adderall. It warms me up too, which is great for the winter weather.
      I usually take this will Alpha GCP choline, fish oil, and some protein powder.
      on 20th Mar 2017

    6. Energy and focus.

      Powerful product. Great for the gym or a task that needs your undivided attention. on 15th Mar 2017

    7. Great product, excellent quality

      Nootropics Depot products are top-notch, and this one is no exception. on 15th Mar 2017

    8. Controled Chaos

      I work in a busy kitchen. On Sundays it gets very busy and Chaotic. I take 100mg of phenylperacatam and it increases my memory and focus so I can keep track of everything I'm cooking. I really notice the difference in my work. on 12th Mar 2017

    9. Don't go to school without it!

      When I got my undergraduate degree I was using (and addicted to) prescription stimulants. They and the downers I took to come down from them did so much damage to my brain I thought getting my masters degree would be next to impossible.

      I had to get off the prescription drugs when I was diagnosed with early stage colon cancer, almost certainly due in part to prescription stimulant usage (that burning sensation prescription and illegal stimulants have in the mouth and when ingested intranasally - that burning happens in the digesive tract as well). Luckily, I was cancer free after a successful colonoscopy a year ago, but was told by the doctor I could never go back to Adderall or other prescription or illegal stimulants.

      Enter phenylpiracetam, noopept, prl-8-53, Alpha GPC, l-tyrosine, dl-phenylalanine, SAM-e, Vincpocetine (something Nootropics Depot should start stocking), methionine, N-acetyl-cysteine and ginkgo biloba.... My brain at age 35 works as well or better than it did in my late teens and early 20's when I was prescribed Adderall and Vyvanse. My career is going better than I ever thought possible without performance-enhancing drugs, and I'm maintaining a 4.0 GPA while attending a very prestigious university in pursuit of my masters degree.

      The best part is, my memory and cognition are better even on days I don't supplement with the aforementioned, and the brain damage I self-inflicted actually appears to be healing as a direct result of being off-drugs and taking these supplements.
      on 8th Mar 2017

    10. love it

      Great stuff here. Works as advertised. I was on adderall for a couple of months but it's not for me. With the phenyl I was able to power through the few days of withdrawal period with absolutely no symptoms and actually felt waaayyyyy better on this than adderall. Much more clear headed and alert while stil being able to focus even with those first few days of euphoria.
      Only thing better than nootropicsdepot phenylpiracetam is the customer service. They are god damned legends chiseled out of the biceps of the gods.
      on 22nd Feb 2017

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