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Polygala tenuifolia 20:1 Extract Powder (Yuan Zhi)

  • Product Description

    Polygala tenuifolia 20:1 Extract Benefits and Uses

    Sometimes referred to as Thinleaf Milkwort, Yuan Zhi, or Chinese Senega, Polygala tenuifolia is a root used in traditional Chinese medicine. Early animal research suggests that it may have mood boosting properties and promote brain health. Additional animal research has suggested that Polygala tenuifolia may also have adaptogen-like properties and therefore increases nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Additionally, it may improve spatial organization/recognition and increase cognitive ability.

    Polygala tenuifolia 20:1 Extract Dosage

    As a dietary supplement, take 100mg of Polygala tenuifolia Extract three times daily.

    Product contains one (1) 30g (300 servings) or 60g (600 servings) jar of Polygala tenuifolia 20:1 Extract Powder (Dual Water/Ethanol Extraction)

    PLEASE NOTE: We have been notified of a small error on the Servings Per Container listed on the product label of the current batch of Polygala tenuifolia 20:1 Extract Powder. The correct amounts should be 300 servings per 30g jar and 600 servings per 60g jar. This small error has been corrected on the product label and will be reflected on all future batches. Our apologies for any confusion / inconvenience. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Thank you. 

    ATTENTION: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • Product Reviews


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    1. very suprising

      This is really good for stress and helping my mood. I am really glad i gave this a try. on 24th Sep 2017

    2. Adoro isso!

      Chegou muito rápido! O NP estão de parabéns pelo seu atendimento também. Levo 2 ou 3 vezes por dia. No quarto dia que experimentei, realmente sentir como um baita de um antidepressivo. Você não senti mais anedonia, raiva...Tomando isso, consegui me livrar de uma medicação antidepressiva. Melhorou meu sono também. Minha mãe também está tomando e vendo ótimos resultados! on 20th Sep 2017

    3. Impressive !

      This is a very impressive herbal product. Very smooth lifting of mood, anxiety recedes. Increased feelings of comfort, enjoyment, playfulness. No discernible negative side-effects. Positive effects might include mild reduction of muscle tension and improved sleep. It is gentle and effective, but I would not recommend exceeding recommended dose, or using too frequently. I choose to use it only 2 or 3 times a week. Under better life circumstances, or if absolute clarity were the goal, I would keep it on the shelf until it's needed. Fantastic product, thank you ND. on 4th May 2017

    4. It certainly works.

      I have Borderline Personality Disorder and this has literally been the only thing that has ever helped. I take this daily with a fairly large dose of omega 3 EPA/DHA. I have definitely noticed a difference and it absolutely is a positive one. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 only because it's not a miracle in powder form, it's not like all of my problems with my brain function just disappeared, but I will say that if you try this you do need to give it time. I've been taking it for a few weeks now and I am just starting to get the full effects. I recommend waiting at least a month before making any judgment. Either way, I am glad I tried this, it really is helping me navigate my mind and life. on 26th Apr 2017

    5. Polygala tenuifolia

      Works as explains. Very happy. on 10th Mar 2017

    6. This shit is THE SHIT.

      I can't stop myself from thinking than P.Tenuifolia properties are much more wider than a simple AcCholinesterase Inhibitor, this plant need definitely more attention from the scientific community to determine the extent of it's neuro-chemistries abilities. Aside from it's traditionaly included in TCM in the formula KXS or Kai XIN SAN which contain Ginseng , Polygala , Acori Tatarinowii and Poria (and sometimes Poria paradicis much more potent than the standard poria cocos), of this formuloa knows many variants. on 10th Feb 2017

    7. Superb

      Say bye to melancholia with this compound.
      Say hi to happiness.
      on 8th Feb 2017

    8. Something changed

      This was really the first time an antidepressant agent, herbal or chemical, actually did something for me and my well being.
      It lasted about 4 days to build up and then, it's like magic, kinda the memories that hurt you, are still there but doesn't hurt anymore.
      Its stability is the most miraculous thing I noticed. It's like if you're always good and nothing can't beat you.
      I'm on it for about three months and, simply, I still can't believe it.
      on 7th Feb 2017

    9. Good Shipping Time

      Product arrived on time. The effects are good, but not mind blowing by any means. I imagine this herb works best if taken over a longer period of time. I would consider mixing this with a reishi extract to enhance the Shen effects. It's an ongoing experiment, I've sampled many different herbs to see if I notice a difference. Cinnamon, for example, can take up to a month to start working. Good for the hippocampus. on 2nd Feb 2017

    10. Great Polygala Extract!

      I immediately recognized the unique signature of Polygala root with 50 mg on the tongue
      (intense pungent and bitter aftertaste). I've used this great Chinese herb many times in decoction and tincture and I'm pleased with this highly concentrated extract.

      "The ancient name for this herb is the “Will Strengthener.” The herb is believed to have the ability to strengthen that part of the psyche which we call the “Will.” (Teaguarden 1996)

      Thanks for the fast shipping to Canada!
      on 1st Feb 2017

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