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Whole Fruiting Body Mushroom Extract Sample Pack

  • Product Description

    What are mushroom extracts?


    Types of Mushroom Exracts

    Chaga (Inonotus obliquus): 

    Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor): 

    Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus):

    Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris): 

    Maitake (Grifola frondosa): 

    Black Hoof (Phellinus linteus): 

    Poria (Wolfiporia extensa): 

    Red Reishi (Lingzhi): 

    White Jelly (Tremella fuciformis): 

    The Mycelium Issue


    One of the biggest controversies in the mushroom extract industry today is the use of mycelium grown on grain. Mycelium is to a mushroom like what roots are to a tree. When grown properly, they will form whole fruiting bodies; which are called mushrooms. However, to save money, most US producers of mushroom extract products today grow the mycelium on a bed of grain, like rice. To speed up production, and to make the end product cheaper to produce, these manufacturers grind up the mycelium and grain together, before allowing them to form whole fruiting bodies. The issue with that is that mycelium is not a mushroom, just like the roots of a tree are not a tree. The beneficial compounds in these mushroom species are all studied with relation to their fruiting bodies. The FDA even states that mycelium is not allowed to be called "mushrooms." However, many of the biggest brands today thwart that FDA guideline, and put out a cheaply-made, mislabeled, and ultimately ineffective products. They hide this fact by standardizing to "polysaccharides" instead of "β-Glucans." Well guess what shows up as polysaccharides in the traditional testing? Carbohydrates! Yes, the very carbohydrates from the rice used to grow the mycelium is used as a measure of the active ingredient in these substandard products. When you are buying one of the major mushroom products on store shelves today, you are buying a bunch of ground up rice mixed in with mycelium!*

    Even though the label may say “mushroom”, you need to look at the Supplement Facts panel. For example, does it say Reishi mushroom? Reishi mushroom mycelium? Or Reishi mycelium? Some products will list the latin name, Ganoderma lucidum, without mentioning mushroom or mycelium. Honest companies will reveal if the product is mycelium. They will also state in the “Other Ingredients” that there is grain or myceliated grain. Note that it is a requirement for herbal products to state “plant part” and also whether there are other unrelated materials present. Many companies selling mycelium products will have the word “mushroom” everywhere. In their literature, label, website. Seeing the word mushroom so many times can obscure the actual product, low potency mycelium.*

    Mycelium on grain is actually nothing more than what commercial mushroom growers call “grain spawn”. Grain spawn is cheap to produce and is therefore economical to grow in North America. Unfortunately, mycelium grown on grain or rice contains minimal amounts of the important compounds that are in mushroom extract. Myceliated grain is cheap to produce, often cheap to purchase, but the lack of beneficial compounds makes it a very expensive product. Some of the most expensive "mushroom" products on store shelves today are some of the lest effective, and mostly ground up grains.*


     Why Nammex?


    Nammex has pioneered the development and manufacture of mushroom extracts for the nutritional supplement industry since 1989. Because they focus entirely on mushrooms, they have been able to identify the active compounds in the various species, with an aggressive program of research and development. They are expert mycologists who have a passion for mushrooms, and how to improve them; just like we are passionate about advancing Nootropics. When we made the decision to start offering mushroom extracts, we wanted to ensure that we had the best. Partnering with Nammex to ensure that was a no brainer. Now that we have worked with Nammex, and had many long conversations about the state of the industry, the mycology behind their cultivation, and the chemistry behind their mechanisms, we too are now passionate about getting that message out there.*

    Nammex offers Certified Organic whole fruiting body mushroom extracts, which have been grown on the proper substrate for the species of mushroom used. The mushrooms are put through a special hot water extraction, to break down the chitin in the cell walls of the mushroom. Humans do not have the enzyme needed to break down chitin in vivo. This is why you cannot get all the beneficial compounds when eating fresh whole mushrooms. Here is where Nammex really differs, though. After the hot water extraction, they dehydrate the whole mushroom material and mix it with the extract, to create a truly full spectrum bioavailable extract. You do not lose any compounds in the extraction process, since the entire mushroom material is kept. Their full spectrum 1:1 extracts have higher beta-glucan amounts than even much more concentrated extracts. It's exactly how the mushrooms are found in nature, but made bioavailable for humans. Nammex personally inspects the farms growing the raw mushrooms, to ensure everything is perfect. They also run Megazyme testing for beta-glucans and low starch, HPLC for triterpenoids, mass spec for heavy metals, and microbiological testing for bacteria. On top of that, in preparation for the launch of the mushroom line on Nootropics Depot, Nammex ran a ton of extra testing to ensure there were no pesticide residues on the extracts. These in-depth tests are beyond what any other supplier of mushroom extracts on the market has done. They truly are the world class partner we were looking for in the mushroom industry!*


    Common Mushroom Extract Sample Pack Includes:

    Lion's Mane 10g Jar

    Red Reishi 10g Jar

    Cordyceps 10g Jar

    Maitake 10g Jar


    Uncommon Mushroom Extract Sample Pack Includes:

    Black Hoof 10g Jar

    Chaga 10g Jar

    White Jelly 10g Jar

    Poria 10g Jar

    Turkey Tail 10g Jar

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Mix 'em all up!

      In my view no one mushroom extract is going to 'ring my bells'.
      The various beta-glucans of the cell walls, the intracellular metabolites (adenosine-thingees, alkaloids, peptides, yadayada...)
      tickle immune cells in the guts Peyers patches to broadly hightened vigilence.

      I've bought both the common and uncommon packages. I'll mix them all into one big batch and take at rather low daily dose.

      I don't expect to observe any reportable effect for fourty or more years so sorry if you wanted an exerience report.

      This has been my expectation report based on my lunderstanding of human/fungal symbiosis. Viva la Hongos!
      on 4th Feb 2019

    2. Sample pack

      I think any sample pack to start a journey with types of mushrooms is the best bet. They seem to have various effect on each person. My personal favorite is the Lions Mane and Red Reishi. My husband enjoyed the Cordyceps and the Maitake. Always great quality from you guys and much appreciated! on 17th Oct 2018

    3. Economical Sample

      I love these sample packs. They are a good, safe way to try out a variety of items. If you compare the cost of the pack to the cost of each product individually, you'll notice that it's a better value to buy each item individually. But if you look at the total of servings in each pack, you'll see that the price and value rivals what you would find if you were buying capsuled products from another vendor. By buying a sample pack, you can sidestep the risk of wasting a larger investment if it turns out you don't like the product. I have deep issues with spending any sort of money, and this point is mainly addressed to people who share my trouble as a "for what it's worth".

      I noticed acute effects from the Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Reishi. I didn't notice much from the Maitake. Please visit the associated pages for each individual item to see my experience with them.
      on 23rd Jul 2018

    4. stewart does not know yet

      3 star on 22nd Jan 2018

    5. havent tried all of them bubt this is my take so far

      Loins Mane: i stacked this with other nootropics( Polygala tenuifolia, and alpha gcp). and them i took it by itself, it works will but is very good by itself. makes you sharper and can take on more mental task with fatigue. gives you a little energy but all of the benifits i had was mental, very good. i started off with 100mg then pumped it for a intense effect. i also did a two week cycle with Cordyceps: this was great also mentally stemulating as loins mane but a little weaker. i was horny all the time when i took this(idk why) energy was up and i felt better over all.
      chaga was ok nothing to stand out about it kinda weak to me. only gave me energy and made me feel better.

      hopefully i can come back and give you a better review of them all
      on 2nd Nov 2017

    6. Great Starter Pack!

      I've been interested in mushroom extracts for a while but there are so many products and it can get expensive trying out each one :(

      Each one of the jars in this sampler pack contains enough for 10 days of use. Although I've read elsewhere that you should allow two weeks to pass before judging the potential benefits, the 10 days' use with each of these has proven to be ample time for me to discover which ones I believe are providing a noticeable benefit in my day-to-day activities. I have one more (Maitake) to sample, and I already know without a doubt I'll be ordering more of the Red Reishe.

      Very happy with this purchase!
      on 28th Oct 2016

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