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Phenibut HCL 250mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    Phenibut HCL Capsules

    Phenibut HCL Capsules is a nootropic compound that is derived from the neurotransmitter Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, or GABA, which is chemically considered to be an amino acid.

    GABA is helpful because it is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that reduces excitability of neurons. This means that when GABA is released, it brings about a feeling of calmness.

    Phenibut HCL Uses

    Anecdotally, Phenibut HCL may offer similar cognitive benefits as other common nootropics. However, its potential mood-boosting effect is most frequently reported. For this reason, its strongest benefit is its potential to manage stress.

    Anecdotal reports suggest that Phenibut HCL Capsules may help to achieve a calmer state of mind with decreased worrisome thoughts, more ease and confidence in social interactions, and a greater ability to deal with stress. It’s reported that Phenibut HCL doesn’t cause drowsiness. It may contribute to restful sleep.

    For more information, see the Smarter Nootropics article on Phenibut.

    Product contains one 60ct. or 180ct. jar of Phenibut HCL 250mg capsules.

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    Warning: Phenibut can be addictive when abused. Use caution when using regularly.

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

    Learn more by reading Phenibut HCL reviews below.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. emproving the brain's functions.

      Very good to emproving the memory, sleeping, all physical and mental reactions. on 16th Mar 2017

    2. Placebo Pills?

      I just got these capsuls today. Took 500mg (two pills), didn't feel anything after an hour and a half, took another 500mg for a total of 1g, which theoretically shold've been a decent theraputic dose. I noticed my heart rate decreased, I felt like my blood pressure increased, and I got a depressive slowed-down feeling mentally (also a little bit of a headache), but all and all the effects I felt didn't match the purported effects I've read online. I have no way of testing the quality of the product in the pills, but I could've very well been experiencing some sort of a placebo effect. Purchase with caution. on 14th Mar 2017

    3. Felt Great!

      Wasn't expecting much from this, but I have to say it feels amazing! I took about 2 grams in the morning and once it kicked in I had this nice, warm, cozy feeling that just made me feel great fro hours. then when it was time to go to bed I'd fall asleep within a minute and had some of the most restful sleep of my life. Can't recommend this enough! on 11th Mar 2017

    4. fantastic product

      I don't have much to compare this to since I have never bought phenibut from anywhere else. The potency seems to be perfect and the packaging and shipping is phenomenal. I buy a number of products from Nootropics Depot and will continue. on 26th Feb 2017

    5. It Works

      I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on over the years and this balances me out. As an added bonus, my wife discovered it also helps with her peripheral neuropathy. on 16th Feb 2017

    6. i love this product !!!

      Focus amazing, concentration 300%, training very easy
      Nootropicsdepot is the reference of the best product on internet !!!
      Quality very best
      on 9th Feb 2017

    7. felt nothing

      I have no idea what all the hype is about this product, I felt nothing and that was after taking 2 g of the stuff. Although I did feel like I felt the withdrawal effects or maybe that was bc I was so upset it did nothing :/ on 2nd Feb 2017

    8. Not great as a sleep aid

      Bought this as a sleep aid but it's not really viable for that. It takes about 3 hours to kick in and lasts about a day and a half so it's really impractical to use as a sleep aid. It was effective though so I'll give it three stars. Don't take too much, as this stuff is decently strong, and seriously don't drink on it; it'll probably cause a blackout, among other things.

      Also, don't take this everyday. Do some research, because this stuff can be addictive and withdrawal is BRUTAL. Seriously, you don't even know; if you're lucky you never will.
      on 7th Jan 2017

    9. Progessively Getting Better....I Think...

      Product arrived promptly, professionally packaged and exactly as described. My first experience was taking 1.25g and really didn't notice much of anything. I waited 5 days and took 1.5g the second time. Slightly noticed a difference. Yesterday I took 1g and then 30 minutes later took 1g more -- the maximum dosage suggested per day from what I've read. I didn't "fly to the moon with euphoria" but I did at least feel like I was in a better mood all day so it gave me hope to think that it will get better each time as long as I wait 5-7 days between dosages. I've stacked this with Aniracetam, Alpha GLC and Noopept as well but really didn't notice any differences at all in the way it felt.
      For Elin from 12/25. Did you take it on an empty stomach? The first time I took it, I didn't and I felt a little of those symptoms you described. I think taking it with caffeine is better as well.
      on 7th Jan 2017

    10. hurt my stomach and gave me more anxiety

      I really wanted this to work and was hoping this would help with my anxiety in social situations. Unfortunately it made it worse and the best way you describe it was I felt TENSE. Shoulders were tense and my throat felt very tight and dry. My stomach hurt like I had indigestion. I felt this way on 3 separate occasions when taking it. My dose was only 4 pills which was 1g. Bummer, will have to keep searching. Others may have better luck but I will have to throw out the pills. The way it made my insides feel (almost tingly and burning) makes me cautious to ever use it again. on 25th Dec 2016

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