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Piracetam Cognitive Powder


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The most popular of all Nootropics.  

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  1. As someone else said... NOOT NOOT!!!!

    Posted by Candace on 22nd Oct 2014

    I recently purchased this product for my daughter. I just received this product yesterday and I gave my daughter one dose. My daughter told me within one hour that she thinks that this medicine is working she said she felt more focused and really tired. ( my daughters vagus nerve doesn't work properly. Her brain function does not work properly I believe she became tired do to parts of her brain actually functioning properly)
    She seemed more alert and she didn't get upset when she was trying to read. She was very helpful more cooperative she was completely different person. Her brothers and father also noticed the changes in their sister. My oldest son said it was the best conversation I've ever had with his sister.
    Only one dose WOW!!!
    I will let you know how this product works for my daughter after she has been on it for a bit. I was very impressed

  2. Good old Piracetam

    Posted by Curly Friez on 5th Oct 2014

    Its the same old powder, doing its magic like it always does. I received it in 2 days, not bad. Received a coupon for 5% off next purchase, nice enough. Will buy again... Noot Noot!

  3. Calm, confident, awake and relaxed.

    Posted by Sean on 22nd Sep 2014

    My experience with piracetam (and choline) has been everything I hoped for.
    I feel awake, calm, focused and relaxed, with no jittery stimulant effect.
    I feel less fatigued and I'm finding it easier to maintain a deep focus on my work.
    I am also suddenly finding it a lot easier and more pleasant to speak with people, and I'm shocked to realise just how bad my social anxiety has been by comparison.
    My experience with nootropics depot themselves has also been excellent, and I'll be using them for future orders.

  4. Better and Better!

    Posted by Antonio S. on 22nd Sep 2014

    Great price for a good product. This product seems to have gotten more potent since the last time I've ordered it. I take 4 grams twice a day but only take the dose that your comfortable with taking and that works for you.

    I work full time, full time grad school, and I have 2 babies. I wouldn't be able to function without piracetam. Nootropics also gets +1 for their customer service. Very awesome people to deal with!!! The company is good enough to get a second order from me and from the product I just got, I'll be ordering from nootropics from now on.

  5. Works as advertised

    Posted by rae on 22nd Sep 2014

    I have been using piracetam for about two weeks now. I started with an attack dose and since then have altered the cycle one day on and one day off. I noticed that taking it every day has given me a slight tolerance to the chemical, but alternating it alleviates this tolerance build up. Great product overall and I am very pleased with my results

  6. quality product, just placed 2nd order.

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2014

    seems to be good quality piracetam powder. i've been making my own capsules. one of the keys to piracetam's effectiveness seems to be taking a sufficient dose on a regular basis.

    I've read that new users of piracetam discontinue use because they found it ineffective, experienced 'brain fog' or headaches, or some combination therein. as far as effectiveness goes, getting an appropriately high dose seems to be key. preventing side effects seems entirely possible as long as you stack piracetam with a potent choline source (i use CDP choline, also from this vendor).

    Overall great product, i highly recommend this vendor's piracetam.

  7. So far so good

    Posted by anonymous on 18th Sep 2014

    The product arrived in a timely fashion. The cognitive improvements were greater than what I was anticipating and in line with most of the positive reviews people have done. My programming and studying capabilities have practically doubled from using this product. I also recommend choline and caffeine, preferably in the form of coffee, with each dose.

    The only complaint I have is that the container does not seem to keep out moisture very well, so the powder tends to clump together. I don't consider this a major problem since the product is so inexpensive.

  8. Probably better for stacking

    Posted by Michael on 16th Sep 2014

    This is my first time using Piracetam. Did not notice any noticeable different but still trying out noopept Might try some aniracetam. SHipping speed was fast

  9. Great service! Proffesianals!

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Sep 2014

    Everything is great! thanks a lot!

    Will deff. buy again!

  10. It's been a year since I had some

    Posted by Chris on 12th Sep 2014

    and this brand is better than I remember... everything seems more clear. And things slow down...

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