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#028 | Your Body’s Amazing Immune System | Is It Better To Take A Natural Approach When You Get Sick?


In this month’s podcast episode, Emiel and Erika discuss the complexity and effectiveness of our body’s immune system. The immune system is our body’s defense against infection, illness, and disease, so naturally, we want our immune system to be as strong and responsive as possible. However, we often try to control two of the main tools of the immune system, inflammation and oxidation, when we take supplements to boost our mood, cognitive function, or manage pain. This episode is focused on why inflammation and oxidation are essential for helping us fight off pathogens, and therefore, why taking a natural approach when getting sick may help us recover faster. Sometimes, it can be advantageous to lean into the inflammation and oxidation caused by our immune system, though this can be uncomfortable. Dampening inflammation and oxidation can prolong illness, and work against our immune system’s natural response to pathogens.

Emiel and Erika also discuss the importance of eating a healthy diet full of carbohydrates, fermented foods, and nutrients. These foods support a healthy gut microbiome, and allow our body to create short-chain fatty acids that support our immune system when illness or infection strikes. They also discuss the ways that our environment, behavior, and habits can affect our body’s ability to fight off illnesses. Of course, there are supplements that support our immune system, and Emiel discusses why vitamins and minerals are essential for the functioning of our immune system. We also discuss supplements to manage inflammation and oxidation during everyday life, how and when to use these supplements when we get sick.

If you are curious to learn about the immune system, why symptom management may not benefit us in the long run, and what supplements can do to support our immune system, tune into this podcast episode!

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#027 | Kanna | Can This South African Succulent Make You a Better Dancer?


Kanna is a unique succulent plant, originating from South Africa. It has been used as a mood and energy boosting botanical for thousands of years by the KhoiSan people of South Africa, for dancing ceremonies and as a hunting aid.

In this month's podcast episode, Emiel (Nootropics Depot Product Specialist) and Erika discuss the history of Kanna, its pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of action, and how Kanna provides a distinctly uplifting effect from its serotonergic activity.

Tune in to learn about dosing Kanna, taking Kanna at night clubs in Amsterdam, mesembrine, mesembrenone, and Delta 7 mesembrenone, and why you should try Kanna for its pro-social benefits.

When dosing Kanna, Emiel and Erika take a half tablet at a time, which is a 25 mg dose. Our Full Spectrum Kanna tablets are scored, making this quite easy to do. In this podcast episode, Erika and Emiel take these half tablets of Kanna every 20 minutes, which extends the duration of action of Kanna’s mood and energy benefits. Emiel discusses why sublingual and buccal administration of Kanna contributes to its effects. Erika and Emiel discuss bioavailability, Cmax and Tmax, and the AUC, Area Under the Curve which represents the duration and intensity of effects from a given supplement, as well as the concentration of the supplement in blood.

Erika and Emiel discuss the traditional uses of Kanna, and the factors that caused Kanna to fall out of popularity for some time, and how certain species of Kanna have become extinct due to overharvesting. In addition, Erika and Emiel share their occasional supplements, used as-needed for calming benefits and stress management. They also provide an overview of their current supplement stack, which is always changing and being adjusted when new supplements are released, when stress levels change, and when other external factors enter the mix.

Keywords from Episode #27

  • Sceletium tortuosum
  • Mesembryanthemum tortuosum
  • Mesembrine
  • Mesembrenone
  • Delta 7 Mesembrenone
  • Dopamine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Serotonin
  • Pre-Synaptic Neuron
  • Post-Synaptic Neuron
  • Vesicle
  • Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 - VMAT2

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#026 | Isoliquiritigenin | Candy For Your Brain


This month, Erika and Emiel take you on a journey through the traditional uses of licorice, what makes it such a soothing remedy for inflammation, and where licorice candy originates from. Learn all about neurotransmitters and the powerful mechanisms of action behind Nootropics Depot’s mood-boosting licorice root extract, Isoliquiritigenin in this month’s podcast episode.

Isoliquiritigenin acts as a dual MAOi, which brings a noticeable mood boost, especially when taken sublingually. In addition, this monoamine oxidase inhibition of Isoliquiritigenin gives subtle motivation and focus benefits. Isoliquiritigenin is also relaxing, due to being a positive allosteric modulator of GABA-A and a GABA-B agonist. This makes it a great choice for managing tension, inflammation, and pain.

This month’s podcast episode is chocked-full of neuroscience basics of mood and motivation, cognition and inflammation. In addition, Erika and Emiel discuss the medicinal uses of licorice in the past, as well as new products from nootropics depot, Mushroom Magic Matcha and Full Spectrum Kanna tablets. You can watch or listen to the episode on all of your favorite streaming platforms now!

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#025 | A Unexpected Journey Through The Past & Future Of Supplements With Lucas Of Boost Your Biology


This month on In Search of Insight, we welcome Lucas Aoun from Boost Your Biology and embark on an unexpected, stimulating journey through the past and future of supplements.

Meet Lucas and learn about his background as a biohacker, Naturopath, and supplement enthusiast. In this episode, Emiel, Lucas, and Erika share the beginnings of their journeys with supplements. They discuss what products they’ve loved and hated, new frontiers in the supplement world, and why quality and safety are the most essential elements in supplementation. Tune into this month’s podcast for a conversation about:

  • How Naturopathy, Biohacking, Nootropics, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine are related
  • Ways to optimize your supplement stack for better energy, focus, and results in the gym
  • How the Nootropics community has grown and changed over the years
  • Bioassaying Nootropics Depot's new tribulus terrestris stack, Tribugen

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#024 | Megadosing And DNA Testing w/ Joe Cohen | Why The Founder Of SelfDecode Takes 150 Supplements A Day


This month we welcome our featured guest, Joe Cohen of SelfDecode to the In Search of Insight Podcast. Joe’s passion for quality supplements, enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge, and commitment to lab testing is unmatched in the industry. Learn about SelfDecode, the ways that genetic testing and supplement testing work together, and how Joe Cohen tests new supplements with mega dosing. Tune into this month’s podcast episode to learn about:

  • Why Joe Cohen takes 150+ supplements every day
  • What sets SelfDecode apart from other supplement recommendation tools
  • Megadosing Nootropics Depot supplements
  • How Joe boosts his testosterone, supports thyroid function, and monitors health risks through supplementation and frequent blood tests
  • Joe’s favorite Nootropics Depot supplements

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