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Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 200mg | 2% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia

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Tongkat Ali Extract
60ct. or 120ct.
60 Servings or 120 Servings
Minimum 2% Eurycomanone by HPTLC
As a dietary supplement, take one 200mg Tongkat Ali Extract capsule daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 200mg | 2% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia
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What is Tongkat Ali?

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, also known as Tongkat Ali, is a flowering plant and member of the Simaroubaceae family and can be found in the South East Asian region, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Cultures in these regions believed consuming Tongkat Ali would provide an array of Tongkat Ali health benefits. 

For centuries, people have used Tongkat Ali for its purported testosterone, strength, and energy benefits. In fact, several studies have noted testosterone promoting effects from people taking a Tongkat Ali supplement. A study evaluating the testosterone promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tongkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking the supplement. 

However, it’s important to note that many Tongkat Ali supplements do not test or standardize to the active compounds that make Tongkat Ali such a potent supplement for vitality. The bioactive component in Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone, is believed to be responsible for the array of Tongkat Ali benefits, including promoting healthy testosterone levels! Fortunately, with modern technology and research we have been able to create highly potent Tongkat ali extracts like this 2% Eurycomanone extract*. Let's get into the benefits this may have for you!

Tongkat Ali Benefits and Uses

    • May help promote healthy testosterone levels*
    • May help promote physical strength and energy*
    • May help promote stress management*
    • May help support blood flow*
    • May help promote cognitive function*

Tongkat Ali Health Benefits

Traditional uses suggest that Tongkat Ali was used to promote blood flow, healthy testosterone levels, endurance and even weight loss. There is still ongoing research investigating these Tongkat Ali benefits, however, a few studies have already been done that had positive results.

In a few animal and human studies, Tongkat Ali was shown to support balanced stress levels. Related trials found that the group taking a Tongkat Ali supplement had lower cortisol levels than the control group. 

In other research, Tongkat Ali seemed to promote vitality regularly at notable levels and some findings suggest that these benefits extend to overall endurance and energy levels. Results from other studies found that Tongkat Ali appeared to have a positive influence on bone strength in addition to the Tongkat Ali benefits to endurance and cardiovascular function.

Tongkat Ali Potency

Unlike other extracts on the market, Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali is standardized to Eurycomanone. This is not another run of the mill 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract. What makes Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali extract different from other Tongkat Ali extracts is that we standardize for a high amount of Eurycomanone resulting in an effective, affordable and consistent extract compared to other Tongkat Ali 200:1 extracts with unknown levels of bioactives. We’ve standardized this extract to 2% Eurycomanone.

Tongkat Ali Stacks

Endurance and Energy Stack: Acetyl L-Carnitine + Tongkat Ali

Take your endurance and energy to the next level with this simple but effective stack that can help promote overall vitality!*

Cardiovascular Stack: Lion’s Mane Mushroom 1:1 + Tongkat Ali

This stack is perfect for those looking for a natural way to support cardiovascular function with the added benefits of supporting stress management.*

Cognitive Function Stack: Uridine Monophosphate + Tongkat Ali

This combination is a practical and effective way to support cognitive processes while keeping energy levels optimal.*

Testosterone Stack: Cordyceps Mushroom + Tongkat Ali

For those looking for natural testosterone benefits, this is the stack for you! This is a natural 2-pronged approach to supporting healthy testosterone levels. You may also experience an uptick in energy levels as well.*

Tongkat Ali Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 200mg Tongkat Ali Extract capsule daily.

Tongkat Ali Reviews

For more insight, read the Tongkat Ali reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali Capsules

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 120ct. jars of high quality Tongkat Ali capsules. Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali capsules have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

 *Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

34 Reviews

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  • Christian Hess - 8th Feb 2023

    Great supplement!

    Definitely feel a natural boost in consistent energy throughout the day!

  • Lobaloba - 4th Feb 2023

    Quality product

    This stuff is quality and makes a noticeable difference even in my first bottle. I love this company!

34 Reviews

  • Christian Hess - 8th Feb 2023

    Great supplement!

    Definitely feel a natural boost in consistent energy throughout the day!

  • Lobaloba - 4th Feb 2023

    Quality product

    This stuff is quality and makes a noticeable difference even in my first bottle. I love this company!

  • Hank - 27th Jan 2023

    Tongkat ali

    Hard to tell but I believe my appetite has gone down a bit. I am getting better sleep = less tired

  • Michael - 28th Nov 2022

    This particular one isn't great

    Tongkat Ali works and I get amazing results with it. This particular one from Nootropics Depot causes me a lot of discomfort when I take it on an empty stomach. So much so that I can't take it pre-workout in the morning. Today I opened a capsule and a lot more bitter than potent stuff I had before. So unfortunately there's something about this particular Tongkat that makes it kinda useless to me since I can't take it in the morning. I wish I wouldn't have ordered that much.

  • Carl - 23rd Nov 2022

    Try it, really.... just order it !

    I don't know my level of testosterone, didn't do any blood work and so. But i was desperate and very low mind set. Had no drive or will for anything. I was procrastinating my life away. I saw this video with Joe Rogan and told myself why not? I ordered the 2% and the 10% can't tell you which one is better. I took one pill of each every day. And after just one week my mind was blown away. It was incredible since then now it's almost a month and I have so much drive. I have so much self confidence. It's crazy, guys don't think take it.

  • Justin - 6th Oct 2022

    Best supplement

    If I had to chose one supplement to take this would be it. I have been taking it Monday-Friday and I am having great results. Waking up ready to take on the day. I definitely recommend this product.

  • Bob - 22nd Aug 2022

    No noticeable effects for me

    I haven't noticed any effects after 2 weeks of taking this (cycling the third week off). I'm not gonna say it didn't work at all because I didn't get labs tested so there may have been a small T increase that wasn't perceptible to me. Based on some reviews was hoping I'd notice some of the changes that other users have noted in reviews. Again, very well may have had a small effect that was just not perceptible to me, so can't say it didn't work, but that was my $0.02.

  • Rob - 25th May 2022

    No effect for me

    There was no discernible subjective effect from taking this for a month.

  • Excellent stuff - 18th May 2022

    Real strong Tongkat

    Great feeling all around.

  • Drake Matthysse - 22nd Apr 2022

    Tongkat Ali

    Amazing quality, after a battle with addiction my testosterone levels fell to low levels. Using this product not only made me feel like a man again, but gave me energy and helped me move forward with my life

  • Joe - 21st Apr 2022

    Testosterone Booster, mood enhancer

    This stuff works amazing! Took a blood test 2.5 weeks into starting because I felt really good and my total testosterone jumped from 504 to 688. I actually felt the effects kick in second day in ,I just felt in a good relaxed talkative mood (I’m a hardcore introvert so this is a plus), more energy, libido was up and less anxious. After week one I noticed I was not getting tired at the gym at all, I felt a better mind muscle connection and strength improved. Prior to tongkat I also felt like an old man waking up tired and in pain and forcing myself to workout skipping a lot of gym days. Now I wake up do cardio for 30 minutes then hit the gym later in the day followed by more cardio and can’t wait to be back. Also my aches and pains that made me feel old are less frequent. This helped my mood so much, I deal with anxiousness and it some times gets me bummed out borderline depressed, on this stuff my stress is almost completely gone and I'm too happy to feel bad I just feel optimistic and relaxed and in a good mood. This is my second time trying this I gave it a few months break because the first time my libido was way too high so now i just take it 5 times a week and will cycle off maybe 2 weeks if that happens again. I’ll also state I’ve bought a different tongkat from amazon before and I only had libido increase but severe headaches not sure why that is. Another benefit is my brain fog is almost gone and I’m getting so much work done my productivity has sky rocketed even my girlfriend noticed it. FYI if you have a weak stomach like me, I recommend taking it with a good size meal preferably lunch or dinner. I tried it with breakfast and I would be so nauseas I almost gave up on it. After figuring this out I’m a happy customer and can’t thank ND enough for making me feel this great from an amazing product. Also to give you an idea of how much I love this supplement, I buy a lot of supplements and things online for years, and this is my first review, I felt like I owe it to this one.

  • Simon Acker - 17th Apr 2022


    Makes me puke everytime I take it after about 30 minutes and killed my sex drive completely

  • Henry - 16th Mar 2022

    Would Recommend

    My early opinion (taking every day for about 3 weeks) is very positive for this supplement. I was looking for an edge in the gym and a general boost in energy. Can say I achieved both of those. I now pop out of bed in the morning and definitely didn't do that before. Can't say I've noticed an increase in libido, but I wasn't looking for that. Also found more motivation at work and to do chores I usually put off. Only negative is that I did get some irritability after maybe 10 days of using it, not sure if this can be directly correlated to this supp. I'd recommend giving this a shot

  • Michael Fultz - 23rd Feb 2022

    Tongkat Ali

    After using this product, I have felt more focused in the mornings without having any increase aggression. I have not tested my testosterone levels prior to and during the consumption. My T levels are assured;med normal and I wanted to try a product that could help with concentration and attention.

  • Arthur Hernandez - 19th Feb 2022

    Tongkat ali

    Great product will highly recommend to improve testosterone levels and it also improve my deep sleep. Will recommend to take with a meal or protein shake not with an empty stomach.

  • Andre - 17th Feb 2022

    Great for working out

    Have noticed better gains from strength training. Also seems to help my mood subtly. While some say it is energizing, that has not been an effect I have noticed. I take 1 in the a.m. and 5 days on.

  • Michael Wood - 12th Feb 2022

    Great, Affordable Product

    Very happy with this Tongkat and recommend it to anyone attempting to feel the benefits of boosted test, without adverse side effects. (except nausea)...did a full video review on YouTube under "Muscle Man Musician Tongkat Ali Review".

  • Younis Sal - 9th Jan 2022

    Nausea galore

    Was pretty excited to try this out but sadly puked three days in a row after about 30 minutes after ingesting it. Tried it with food and without, same result. Very strange I must say. Ordered the 10% hoping to see different results but my god I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

  • American - 10th Oct 2021

    Feel the Effects, but also the Nausea...

    I've tried dozens of different supplements and this is the only one I recall where I feel nausea and stomach irritation. I do feel the positive confidence, assertiveness... but it feeling irritated doesn't help. I'll try out the 10%. I wish it came in a scored tablet, so that I could get a similar dose as this 2%. 2% of 200 mg is 4 mg. 10% of 100 mg is 10 mg, so half a tab would be 5 mg Eurycomanone.

  • Matt - 8th Oct 2021

    Tongkat Ali Extract

    I'm about a month in to using Tongkat and have a noticeable difference in the way I feel. I didn't really start noticing until about halfway through the 2nd week. But basically - I have a stronger desire to do things. I've wondered many times if I had low T because i'll feel tired, or just have no real drive. But since taking this stuff that's changed. I don't hate my job anymore, I don't mind going and doing things with my wife. The best way I can describe it is I'm just not a little bitch anymore. I'm going to continue to use it and see how things change or not. After 3 weeks i moved from 1 per day to 2 (one in morning and one in afternoon). I haven't noticed any difference and after a few weeks if I don't notice any difference I'll probably go back to just taking 1 per day.

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