Alpha-GPC 150mg Capsules

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  • Alpha-GPC 150mg Capsules
  • Alpha-GPC 150mg Capsules
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Alpha GPC
60ct. or 180ct.
60 Servings or 180 Servings
As a dietary supplement, take two 150mg Alpha-GPC capsules daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
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What Are Alpha-GPC Capsules?

Alpha-GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, choline alfoscerate) is a compound that naturally occurs in the brain as well as several food sources, including eggs, fish, meat, and dairy. Although it occurs naturally within us, Alpha-GPC can also be synthesized from natural sources and made into a powder, which is sometimes added to capsules and is often taken as a nootropic supplement.

Alpha-GPC Capsules contain choline, which is an essential nutrient humans may acquire through diet or supplementation. Alpha-GPC is known to have cognitive benefits and has even been shown to improve athletic performance.


Alpha-GPC Benefits

Alpha-GPC shows promising results through anecdotal evidence and animal studies.Alpha-GPC uses include:

  • Cognitive and athletic performance - Animal studies involving rodents as well as human anecdotal evidence shows that Alpha-GPC can improve both physical and cognitive performance by affecting growth-hormone in healthy adults.
  • Support brain health - In 1994, an Italian clinical trial showed promising results for Alpha-GPC in promotion of brain health. Over the course of 6 months, the participants were given an Alpha-GPC supplement regimen. They showed cognitive improvement considered statistically significant in 3 of 4 measurements.

Why Buy Alpha-GPC Capsules?

Alpha-GPC is GRAS-affirmed by the FDA, which means it is a compound that is generally recognized as safe. It is a naturally sourced, high-quality product.

Why Alpha-GPC 50 Percent?

Alpha-GPC 50% Capsules are more stable than Alpha-GPC 99% due to the hydroscopic nature of Alpha-GPC. The compound may absorb moisture from the surrounding air, which can cause it to clump. While this doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of the product, it can be an indication of improper storage and also make it more difficult to use. Alpha-GPC 99% is more susceptible to this, which can be problematic for some. Alpha-GPC 50% is a great option that offers the same nootropic benefits but is easier to handle. This is also less problematic with the convenience of non-GMO vegetable cellulose capsules--there is no need to handle the sensitive powder this way. Be sure to store your product in an airtight container.

Alpha-GPC Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take two 150mg Alpha-GPC capsules daily.

Learn more and read scientific research about Alpha-GPC on Examine.com.

Other Ingredients: Calcium Hydrogenphosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Maltodextrin (filler), Magnesium Stearate (flow agent), Vegetable Cellulose (capsules)

Product contains one (1) 60ct. or 180ct. jar of Alpha GPC Capsules.

Alpha-GPC Reviews

To gain more insight, see the Alpha-GPC reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Alpha-GPC

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct or 120ct jars of high quality Alpha-GPC. Nootropics Depot's Alpha-GPC has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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*Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


31 Reviews

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  • Marilyn Fauguel - 19th Sep 2019

    Alpha GPC

    Highly recommend. Very pleased with purchase.

  • DANILO DUARTE - 7th Aug 2019


    Great product, but it could be 300mg dose.

    ND Admin: We went with 150mg to allow people to take a lower dose. Some people get side effects with too much choline, so we didn't want to force them to take too much for their brain chemistry.

31 Reviews

  • Marilyn Fauguel - 19th Sep 2019

    Alpha GPC

    Highly recommend. Very pleased with purchase.

  • DANILO DUARTE - 7th Aug 2019


    Great product, but it could be 300mg dose.

    ND Admin: We went with 150mg to allow people to take a lower dose. Some people get side effects with too much choline, so we didn't want to force them to take too much for their brain chemistry.

  • Shella - 12th May 2019

    Alpha gpc

    I like the product as it does get rid of the headaches from piracetam but I find it to make me a little irritable(I don't think it's the product I think it's good my body reacts to it) overall shipping, customer service and price were awesome! Definitely recommend!

  • Michellh - 28th Apr 2019

    Little effect

    Honestly didn’t feel anything. Wish i could return it. Does not do what it says. Hope others have better experience.

  • Jan Jaminal - 13th Apr 2019

    Good combo with pramiracetam

    Prevents headaches due to racetam use.

  • June - 22nd Mar 2019

    This seems to work

    I believe this is working for me. Unfortunately all the other nootropics made me gain weight, so the jury is still out on gpc.

  • KMM - 28th Jan 2019

    Quality Staple

    I'm a newbie in the Nootropics world, but I've read a ton about the importance of a good quality choline source - and for me this seems to hit the spot. I've taken alone and with Racetrams, and have successfully avoided the dreaded racetram headache every single time. I have only bought my products/supplements from Nootropics Depot because I feel that they are an honest company and that they produce high quality supplements at a very reasonable price.

  • chris - 16th Oct 2018

    calm and focus

    One dose of Alpha GPC first thing in the morning gives me a calm feeling for that entire day. I can appreciate the little things went in general I just pass them by.

    My brain generally is over thinking stuff and is in a constant state of worry. I'm guessing that is depleting my choline levels and Alpha GPC kind of fuels me back.

    Feels like my brain is switching operational mode, but in a natural way. No feelings of being under the influence of anything.

    Definitely on my everyday stack. Without a doubt.

  • Unknown - 6th Sep 2018

    I guess I have high levels of choline already

    I don't get headaches when I take piracetam but I wanted to try this anyways for its cognitive and physical boost. Took it for 2 days and my head became really heavy. Oh well

  • Unknown - 3rd Sep 2018

    good addition with Noopept

    Great choice to stack with noopept as you’ll get bad headaches it you don’t take this with it. This is a top quality product!

  • Doug - 6th Jul 2018

    You have to kind of know your baseline

    I found great benefit from this. However, I've noticed that your need for this product will vary with your body chemistry at any given point in time. I'm going to have to research acetylcholine levels and receptor sensitivity etc but sometimes I take it when I can tell I need it and other times I take it, I'll get a headache......probably indicating I didn't need it.

  • tom - 7th Apr 2018


    Just as advertized, pair it with any racetam or noopept

  • alan - 7th Apr 2018

    good product

    This is my main choline source

  • John Lewis - 4th Apr 2018

    Never had a headache using w/Aniracetam

    Other than use with Ani not sure of effect.

  • Mohamed Al-Ali - 23rd Mar 2018

    great overall, especially for vegetarians

    i initially bought the product to count the occasional headaches caused by racetams. eventually, i found myself supplementing with it even on days that i do not take racetams all together. i've come to find out its a very good, if not the best, choline supplement. and in my case, being vegetarian and have a somewhat improper food balance, alpha gpc has shown me great benefits to my overall health and cognitive functions.

    another great product by a great manufacturer that i have added to my daily stack of supplements. again, endless thanks to you guys.

  • Daniel - 21st Mar 2018


    If you supplement with racetams, then this is a great part of the stack, especially if you're a little prone to racetam headaches. This Alpha-GPC also gives you a nice extra boost if you workout regularly or engage in any kind of sports. Definitely recommended!

  • Unknown - 26th Feb 2018

    Good stuff

    These are good if you need a more standard dose of a cholinergic. I ended up needing the bulk powder as the amount in a single cap is too much for me. The product itself is great and packaged well.

  • Unknown - 7th Feb 2018

    Good quality; Bulk pricing is better.

    I take 900mg of Alpha-GPC every night with Coluracetam. Due to a hereditary condition I can tell when I haven't taken Alpha-GPC, and so I can personally vouch for the quality here at ND.

    The capsules are a great introduction to Alpha-GPC for people who maybe don't have a scale or are looking for an easy way to get their daily choline. That said, if you're someone like myself who uses a large amount of Alpha-GPC on the regular, I'd sincerely suggest buying ND's bulk powder; the unit price is a bit better.

  • Joel Mitchell - 25th Jan 2018

    Good place to buy Alpha GPC

    ........and for a number of reasons. The pills major supplement sellers (Jarrow, Doctor's Best, Now) sell on Amazon are too high a dosage. Unless you're using to help with exercise or some notable deficit, most people take this as a choline source to go with racetam and other nootropics. And 500 mg of Alpha GPC is just too damn much that these places sell. 150 mg or something about like what you have here is more appropriate. Also, most Alpha GPC comes in the ordinary white capsules. The problem with Alpha GPC is that it gets old or something over time where the capsules you could practically squeeze and have stuff ooze out of them, sort of the opposite about supplement capsules of herbs which simply get hard. Here, NootropicsDepot solves the problem by putting the Alpha GPC in a small liquid gel capsule, much like common oily supplements like krill oil or Vitamin D come in. This is great!

  • Jack - 21st Jan 2018


    I find I need choline when I use Piracetam, Noopept and or Aniracetam to avoid headaches. I get all my nootropics from ND. The service is fantastic and super fast. I highly recommend ND