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Alpha-GPC 99% Powder

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Alpha-GPC 99%
30g or 60g
100 Servings or 200 Servings
As a dietary supplement, take 300mg of Alpha-GPC once daily.
Store in a cool + dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight + heat. Alpha-GPC is a hygroscopic compound, which means it draws in moisture from the air around it, physically changing it from a powder to a gel-like substance when not stored properly.
In an effort to use more appropriate materials for certain products, we will be phasing in different bottles that contain HDPE vs PET. As we make this transition you may receive a bottle that is different in color and material than that pictured.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product does not include a scoop. Transfer scoops are not an accurate form of measurement. A milligram scale is needed to accurately measure this product.

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Alpha GPC 99% Powder
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What is Alpha  GPC Powder?

Alpha-GPC, also known as choline alfoscerate and alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, is a choline-containing compound found naturally in the brain as well as in small amounts in foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.Alpha-GPC is also a natural phospholipid.

Studies and evidence show that alpha-GPC is considered one of the most efficient sources of choline, a fat-soluble member of the B vitamin complex. This indicates that alpha-GPC may effectively increase concentrations of choline.


Alpha GPC Benefits

Many potential alpha-GPC uses focus on its state as a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain send signals to nerves throughout the body. Acetylcholine has been shown to play an important role in memory formation, concentration, logical reasoning, and learning. 

Studies indicate that alpha-GPC may support greater synaptic plasticity. This is essentially your brain’s method of adaptation and changing to new information, controlling how your neurons communicate with one another, which results in the process of creating and recalling memories. This may translate to improved retrieval and retention of information. According to research, alpha-GPC may enhance your overall learning capacity and problem solving abilities.

Alpha-GPC is reported to support cognitive health. While there are no randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials showing this is true in healthy adults, anecdotal evidence shows support.

Why Buy Alpha GPC?

We offer a naturally derived, non-GMO alpha-GPC product manufactured with organic ingredients. Alpha-GPC is also GRAS-affirmed by the FDA, meaning it is Generally Recognized As Safe.

Our Alpha-GPC 99% Powder is a nearly pure product for those who desire full potency, but we also offer Alpha-GPC 50% Powder for those concerned with alpha-GPC’s sensitive hygroscopic nature.

Alpha GPC Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take 300mg of Alpha-GPC once daily. 

Alpha GPC and Hygroscopy

Alpha-GPC is a hygroscopic compound, which means it draws in moisture from the air around it, physically changing it from a powder to a gel-like substance when not stored properly. While this hygroscopic effect doesn’t necessarily mean the product has degraded, it is a sign of improper storage. Storing your Alpha-GPC in airtight containers (think vacuum seal) is helpful. While we take steps to ensure this does not happen to your product, should Alpha-GPC 99% arrive with clumps, simply break them up prior to use.

Why don’t we sell an Alpha-GPC 100% Powder? Alpha-GPC with a purity of greater than 99% will undergo hygroscopy very quickly as soon as it meets the air.

Always discuss the addition of nootropics and supplements with your doctor or another trusted healthcare professional, and stay informed about how a product might affect you--everyone is different.

Where To Buy Alpha GPC 99%

Nootropics Depot offers both a 30g and 60g jar of Alpha GPC 99% powder.

*Attention: Before consumption, please consult your physician and understand the available research. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

Get insight about customers’ experiences by reading our Alpha-GPC reviews below.


44 Reviews

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  • peter guinan - 7th Apr 2021

    alpha gpc

    pure and fine

  • Christopher Dover - 30th Mar 2021

    Great product

    Alpha Gpc has a kind of sweet taste, so does nootropics depot alpha Gpc, love the taste and it helps transport all the other nootropics to my brain.

44 Reviews

  • peter guinan - 7th Apr 2021

    alpha gpc

    pure and fine

  • Christopher Dover - 30th Mar 2021

    Great product

    Alpha Gpc has a kind of sweet taste, so does nootropics depot alpha Gpc, love the taste and it helps transport all the other nootropics to my brain.

  • Ina - 21st Jan 2021

    Alpha gpc 99%

    Sooo tasty!! Clumps a lot, but thats manageable. Otherwise i'm very pleased with the product! Kinda helps with brain fog, thought I've only used it for several days.

  • Anand Yogendra - 21st Jul 2020

    ALPHA GPC 99%

    By far the best nootropic I have taken. I am 79 years old man; I have taken nootropics since 1975 and I was shocked at the benefits I am/have receiving from NOOTROPICS DEPOT Alpha GPC 99%....This substance is a nootropic extraordinaire, in a class of its own. You will have to just try it to see what I mean; there is nothing I have tried that is like it....Simply the best.....yogi, tucson desert

  • paal m juliussen - 24th Apr 2020

    alpha gpc

    Essential for the choline component of a nootropic stack, I use 400 mg of alpha gpc and 400 mg of citicolin (cognizin)

  • Ashley - 28th Mar 2020

    Great service and products!

    I have been using this powder fo a couple years. It has given me energy and it help me shed my cellulite! I receive my orders within 3 days maximum of ordering. I highly recommend this product and company. Thanks guys!

  • Tyler D. Hutson - 23rd Dec 2019

    Superb Product!!!

    I mis this with butterfly pea flower, and CitiCholine!!! Makes for a fantastic #betterthancoffee drink with lemon, hot water, and honey!!! I absolutely love the work you do nootropics depot and I look forward to using your products in the #future Thank you for running such a clean and superb business... I hope to one day be 1/4 as successful as you currently are!!! Thank you tons from Tyler “TheNüTropian” Hutson

  • Jason - 10th Nov 2019

    Awesome addition

    I really am enjoying the way that this pairs with the Cognizin! So glad I ordered this and the Cognizin together! Helps start my day off right, right along with the rest of my stack. Thank you, again, for another awesome product and combo!

  • Albert H - 21st Oct 2019

    Alpha GPC 99%

    Alpha GPC is a great product to take before you workout. I get focused and energized from taking this product. I will purchase again.

  • Zack - 18th Oct 2019

    Great quality

    After I got this and found out they have a pure powder form also, I ordered it as well. The reason it is 50 percent, is to keep it from retaining moisture. The pure form was very sticky. So when I run out, going with this form on repeat.

  • Paula Sousa - 23rd Sep 2019

    Rack with racetams

    The best to rack with ALL Racetams... and taste like Marshmallow!!! Yum!

  • Kevin Lunt - 16th May 2019

    Great, but messy

    Next time I'll get the 50% powder. This stuff is great but it's sticky and absorbs moisture fast. It's hard to portion out because it sticks to any spoon or scoop. Overall, I'm still happy with it.

  • Bill - 10th May 2019


    Although I live in a humid area and highly purified GPC is prone to absorb moisture, I haven’t a problem with it. I keep it tightly sealed in the refrigerator and add an extra packet or two of moisture absorber. This was my third purchase and both of the first two were ‘good to the last drop’.

  • Unknown - 14th Mar 2019

    Must have in your stack !

    I Stack this (300mg) with Oxiracetam (~500mg) and Noopept (20mg) and thé synergy is perfect ! I'm Web Developper ans this stack help me A LOT on learning/working phase . Thank you !!!

  • Polo - 6th Mar 2019

    Very happy I found this

    Alpha GPS the 99% stuff is great for me it has helped me lower the amount of coffe I drink from brewing about 60 to 70 grams every morning to sometimes down to 20 grams of coffe, the real benefit however is that it keeps my mental tank full, sorta speak, I cannot definitively say that it improves my cognition in that I learn things faster, perhaps just the tiniest bit, however I will say that when I take this stuff early in the morning I get home and still have the mental energy to do chores or hobbies with out feeling mental fatigue. I tried racetams and didn't much enjoyed them though they do have great benefits but they felt very much like stimulants to me. If you have ever had a great day when you slept well and your mind felt, somewhat keen, well that's what Alpha GPC does for me, and it extends this through out the day, I don't like taking anytime after 2 because I have one of those minds that just doesn't shut down, and giving it more 'energy' would not help. Oh yeah and if you play sports, perhaps it's just me but it helped me improve my tennis game immensely, If you had those days where everything clicks / the zone, well this 'gives' you that. I don't want this review to come off as if its some miracle drug, it is not, however for those that are self aware and conscious of their mental and physical performance, you will notice a difference, at a certain level of awareness you notice that 5 to 12 percent improvement in your ability and you can recognize it's huge thing. Buy this stuff, I just wish they could keep it in stock.

  • Mercedes - 18th Feb 2019

    multiple uses

    ND promptly helped me when I reached out to customer support when ordering. Shipped fast..took like two days to south TX. I've ordered this product previously but not in such a pure state. Plan to store appropriately, otherwise it will turn to jelly. I take Alpha-GPC before class or before sitting down to study. This product keeps me absorbed in my studies rather than floating in my brain-space. I keep the dose low and sometimes pair with supps like Hup or Uridine. I also like to dose before strength-training.

  • miklpls - 14th Jan 2019

    I think this was a bit too strong for me...

    Perhaps this just isn't for me. I don't hate the supplement or anything, and don't think poorly of it. It's just my reaction to the supplement is all. At least it tastes sweet!

  • Colin Boda - 3rd Aug 2018

    Go with the purest.

    If dry storage isn't an issue this is the best value and great quality.

  • mohammed - 26th Jun 2018


    nootropics depot, best quality, best education, and indeed best customer service!

  • Michael - 24th Jun 2018


    Alpha -Gpc 99% powder

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