EpiCor Immune Health: The Natural Immune Booster Supplement You May Not Know About

EpiCor Immune Health: The Natural Immune Booster Supplement You May Not Know About

Posted by Nootropics Depot on 13th Nov 2018

What is EpiCor?

EpiCor is a groundbreaking immune supplement with published human research on supporting immune strength. Unlike other immune health supplements that simply boost, EpiCor works on multiple levels to help you live more healthy days. That’s important because the immune system is very complex and you want a solution that helps address your everyday immune challenges.

How Was EpiCor Immune Health Discovered?

How an EpiCor Supplement is Made: Fermentation

EpiCor is made through a proprietary fermentation process that has set the standard in the nutrition industry for more than 70 years. This process produces a unique range of metabolites that provides nutritional benefits.

EpiCor whole food fermentate starts with baker’s yeast -- a safe, natural microorganism found throughout nature and used for thousands of years to make beer, wine, bread and other food. It's specialized process begins with microorganism cells being deprived of oxygen , which causes them to produce immune supporting compounds and metabolites such as proteins, peptides, polyphenols, organic acids, and nucleotides. This natural, unique fermentation complex also contains the beneficial yeast cell compounds such as 1-3 1-6 beta glucans and mannans. This unique product stands apart from commodities like nutritional yeast or purified beta glucan ingredients.

EpiCor Fermentation Tank

EpiCor Fermentation Tank

The final production step uses a proprietary and gentle drying process to capture the complex array of nutrients created during fermentation. The dehydrated fermentate is then milled and packaged within containers designed to protect it during storage and handling. The entire process is done under strict cGMP manufacturing and processing guidelines to ensure consistently high quality and safe material.

Following extensive safety and identity testing, the end result is EpiCor - a whole food yeast fermentate that helps strengthen the immune system everyday.

What is the Gut Microbiome and How Can EpiCor Immune Health Help?

How Does an EpiCor Immune Health Supplement Work?

Unlike other vitamin supplements or ingredients that are simple immune system boosters, EpiCor is a whole food supplement ingredient clinically shown to naturally support a strong immune system in many beneficial ways:*

Immune Armor: First and Second lines of Defense

First Line of Defense. EpiCor helps strengthen your mucosal armor by significantly increasing secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) levels in your saliva. sIgA is a key antibody in your saliva and other mucus membranes. 1 sIgA antibodies are in our eyes, mouth, nose and other mucus membranes throughout our bodies to help trap pathogens before they may cause harm. 2

Second Line of Defense. EpiCor helps support another level of immune armor by increasing NK cell activity. NK cells are a type of white blood cell circulating in our blood and organs that are fast and effective in seeking out and destroying bad cells at the initial occurrence. 3 NK cells are called “natural killer” because they don’t need help from other cells to differentiate “good” cells from “bad” cells. 4 This makes them much quicker to respond to keep your body healthy.

EpiCor Supports Gut Health

More and more people are taking gut support supplements to not only support their digestive systems, but also their immune systems. The digestive system plays a major role in the healthy function of your immune system. In fact, the tens of trillions of beneficial bacteria in your gut are an important part of keeping you healthy. To help your intestinal bacteria stay alive and thrive, they need fibers known as prebiotics, which are foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics help the good bacteria, like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, grow and multiply to help your gut stay healthy. EpiCor has been shown to act like a prebiotic in sophisticated digestive system models by increasing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli and the important short chain fatty acid called butyrate for gut health.

EpiCor Fermentate Benefits and Uses

Published studies shows an EpiCor supplement helps people live more healthy days by:

 - Supporting year-round respiratory and sinus health

- Helping maintain nasal comfort

- Maintaining immune defenses for daily challenges

- Supporting good digestive health

EpiCor Immune Health Infographic

EpiCor Immune Supplement: The Four Stages of Immune Armor

EpiCor Supplement's Research, Efficacy, and Safety

Studies on EpiCor include:

- Seven published human clinical trials

- Five randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials (The Gold Standard of Research)

- Two published series of in vitro studies

- Published article summarizing multiple safety studies

Buy EpiCor Immune Health Capsules

Buy Epicor Immune Health Capsules

Buy EpiCor Immune Health Powder
Buy EpiCor Immune Health Powder


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