Dynamine Methylliberine Capsules | 100mg

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Methylliberine as Dynamine
30ct. or 90ct.
30 Servings or 90 Servings
As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Dynamine Methylliberine Capsule 1-2 times daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Dynamine Methylliberine Capsules | 100mg
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Dynamine Methylliberine Capsules

What is Dynamine Methylliberine?

Dynamine™ is methylliberine, a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf. Its molecular structure is similar to theacrine (aka TeaCrine) and is believed to behave in similar ways in the body. Like theacrine, methylliberine may amplify feelings of energy, mood and focus by activating key neurotransmitters, and inhibiting adenosine receptors.

Dynamine Methylliberine Quick Facts

1. From the developers & innovators of TeaCrine comes Dynamine, the newest in fast-acting, high-impact energy, mood, motivation and focus (E-M-M-F).
2. Dynamine is a purine alkaloid found in the kucha tea leaf.
3. Early observations show Dynamine, while structurally very similar to TeaCrine, improves feelings of energy, mood, motivation and focus (E-M-M-F) with much faster onset of action.
4. Dynamine is safe for athletes. Have confidence adding DynamineTM into your regimen. It is now Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport certified.

Comparing Dynamine Methylliberine and Theacrine


So what are the differences of Dynamine Methylliberine vs. Theacrine? Compared to Theacrine, Dynamine Methylliberine is faster acting and higher impacting on energy, mood, motivation and focus. People taking Dynamine Methylliberine for energy report feeling the effects sooner than they would with Theacrine. Another one of Dynamine Methylliberine benefits is that it appears to behave as a negative allosteric modulator of adenosine receptors. Caffeine acts as a direct antagonist on the adenosine receptors, which is mostly responsible for creating feelings of alertness and wakefulness. Since Dynamine Methylliberine acts as an allosteric modulator, it reduces the sensitivity of adenosine receptors which should lead to reduced tolerance build up, compared to caffeine, a direct antagonist. Anecdotal reports show that Dynamine Methylliberine benefits may include activation of receptors associated with energy, mood, and focus as well as other neurotransmitters without an impact on the cardiovascular system.

Dynamine (Methylliberine) vs. Teacrine (Theacrine)

Dynamine Methylliberine Benefits

    • May help promote Fast-Acting Energy
    • May help support Mood
    • May help promote heightened Focus

Dynamine Methylliberine Dosage for Capsules

As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Dynamine Methylliberine Capsule 1-2 times daily.

Dynamine Methylliberine Reviews

To gain more insight, read the Dynamine Methylliberine reviews and experiences below.

Where To Buy Dynamine Methylliberine Capsules

Nootropics Depot offers 30 count or 90 count jars of high quality Dynamine Methylliberine capsules. Nootropics Depot's Dynamine Methylliberine has been lab tested for producty purity and identity.

Attention: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease.

28 Reviews

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  • Lance - 23rd Nov 2022

    Solid Compound

    Very solid energy booster works best with caffeine and teacrine in a stack!

  • Patrick Miller - 24th Oct 2022

    Works well

    Works great, lasts me about 20 minutes to get my workout started. Very strong motivation on it.

28 Reviews

  • Lance - 23rd Nov 2022

    Solid Compound

    Very solid energy booster works best with caffeine and teacrine in a stack!

  • Patrick Miller - 24th Oct 2022

    Works well

    Works great, lasts me about 20 minutes to get my workout started. Very strong motivation on it.

  • Spencer - 17th Sep 2022

    Works Well

    I take this as a form of caffeine. I can't say anything special about this energizing supplement. Other than it works similar to other caffeine alternatives. Helps me wake up in the morning, and from what I can tell works best when combined with actual caffeine.

  • Jaime - 22nd Jul 2022


    Dynamine is actually pretty awesome. I take it before a workout to give me that extra hit I need. I will say this though, this product stands out from anything else I ever tried far as a lift me up in the gym or at work. I'm able to pop one of these little guys and feel good during my workout and sleep nicely, it doesn't interfere with your sleep patterns at All!! Doesn't feel like an energy drink and it doesn't feel like a cup of coffee would feel like.. it's pretty unique. I wanted to see what would happen if I take the product on my day off and see how I would feel, it literally didn't make me feel like I needed to do something it seemed like it was being used on my mental way more than the physical side. Now, when I was doing something physical, it felt good almost like a guardian angel lol hey I'm here when you're ready to gas out type of thing. Over all, very unique, it has become part of my daily vitamins on active days.

  • Misty - 24th Mar 2022

    Uplifting Mood....

    -No Energy -No Wakefulness +Uplifting Mood I had high hopes for Dynamine 100 mg. I don't drink energy drinks, sodas, or take caffeine tabs. It would be a waste! I have chronic fatigue and extreme sleepiness. 1st dose: ALOT of yawning, then sleepy, but slight uplifting/motivational Mood sucks yawning and being sleepy (physical), while your head wants to do something... 2nd dose: paired with a neuro drink, which has L-theanine & caffeine. Yawned some. Uplifting Mood. Just there. 3rd dose: sleepy, uplifting mood. Here... All I'm getting is an uplifting mood. I contacted support about this, just curious if I received a bad lot....if anyone else has complained....or should I add another supplement with it....OR MAYBE it's just me.... Maybe it wasn't strong enough.... *RANT* I wish their was a better option for others like me. Like a form that's filled out with the symptoms your experiencing, how long you've had them, as well as supplements (caffeine, etc.) that does not work, Then it's looked over and you receive a list of suggested supplements to buy....or something like this. I know the website gives us the information under guides, but honestly if your not AWAKE, without brain fog....then it can be a mission. It sucks buying supplements, taking a few, then throwing away..... I'm just a fatigued, sleepy, brain fogged chick with a bach in psyc.,.that loves neuroscience, and during my last course...those issues hit me. So, it's been a struggle since then to not miss out on life and to get better...."complicated, unique, special case" ...

  • Michael Francis Doyle - 4th Feb 2022

    Amazing caffeine alternative

    Functions very similarly to caffeine and as such is an amazing caffeine alternative! 5/5

  • J - 13th Oct 2021

    As Advertised

    Seems to do the trick.

  • David Baudoin - 22nd Sep 2021

    I regret that I didn't buy more

    I love this stuff. I have used caffeine + l-theanine, theobromine, and theacrine previously. I'm NOT a fan of caffeine. It gives me brain fog during and after, and it severely disrupts my sleep and causes a strong crash. Basically, if I use caffeine it will either ruin my day in 5 hours or it will keep me up all night. I'm not a fan of theobromine either, from cocoa at least (not an extract) Theacrine is an excellent substitute for caffeine... but this too causes a mild crash and I can't re-dose this because of the long lasting effects. Methylliberine comes in clutch here. It does kick in after about 20 minutes like people say. I get a mood lift like I do from theacrine (but not caffeine) and 2-3 hours of energy. I took it at 9 pm tonight, for example, and won't expect getting to bed 3-4 hours after taking the capsule to be an issue. I think that I get more clarity from this from theacrine and of course more than caffeine. I get less jitters and less tension in my jaw from methylliberine than any other xanthine/urate I've tried combining it with theacrine and also with kratom and I think it does best on its own. I wouldn't recommend those pairs because it decreases clarity (for me at least). It has a specific use but for students who need that extra boost at night (I used to use nicotine for this) without sleep disruption, this is your fix.

  • William M - 5th Aug 2021


    A nice boost. If you pair it with caffeine it gives you some added alertness for sure but I think it really shines as an afternoon boost say the 3:00pm slump of your workday taken by itself it will get you through the final hours of work without negative impact on sleep

  • Armando Martins - 16th Jul 2021

    Good alternative for caffeine

    I took one capsule, it worked in 15 minutes. It stimulates like coffee, but with no caffeine jitters. Unfortunately, it works for only one hour. I recommend this to people sensitive to caffeine or those who want to have a very short-lived stimulant that does not disrupt sleep at night.

  • Gary R Lierley - 14th Jun 2021


    Good product

  • Marie R Sieloff - 9th May 2021

    They do work

    These pills work great and are a good alternative to taking caffeine. I take them with l-theanine and food to prevent shaking and headaches.

  • Jared Boyes - 13th Apr 2021

    There's a time and a place for dynamine, and it's not every day.

    Yes, dynamine gives me energy, but I have to put that energy towards something that's both physically and cognitively demanding; I can't just sit down and meditate or watch TV for 30 minutes without feeling anxious, but if I'm working at something, it's an effective stimulant and feels like a potent form of caffeine. That anxiety though!!! Gah! If I don't take L-theanine or KSM-66 with it, it's basically an anxiety attack in pill form. I don't get jittery or intestinal issues like I sometimes do with caffeine either; the effect feels very clean and steady. The ONLY bad side effect is anxiety, and I need to take that into consideration before I take any so I can anticipate it. It's not an every day thing like caffeine - there is a time and a place for it.

  • D. Jean-P - 17th Mar 2021

    Didn't feel much

    But I had already taken Teacrine earlier so hard to say.

  • jo s - 9th Mar 2021

    Better than caffeine

    Excellent for a boost in energy. Really works. I also use it pre workout and its been helpful.

  • dman - 7th Mar 2021

    A little too much

    It made me anxious, and gave me an extremely weird feeling, that I can only describe as over-stimulating. But it's a feeling that really freaked me out, and I don't want to experience again. It may work for some folks, but I'll avoid it.

  • Jared Boyes - 2nd Mar 2021

    Took a while and tried with different combinations to give a fair review.

    By itself, it gives me anxiousness. Like, full on, "I left the stove on and I'm 2 hours from home" anxiousness. However, mixed with black tea and a little KSM-66 or L-theanine, it is MUCH better. A low dose, legally prescribed benzo is a great mix to write with as well, and even go for a run or long walk. It's short acting (2-3 hours max) but far more motivating and "smoother" than caffeine alone. (Though black tea goes great with it!) This is a supplement that you need to take with an objective planned and go to work within 15 minutes of ingesting. I've had the best results with a TINY bit of food in my stomach (like 1 granola bar or a banana). It can take some tweaking to perfect the dose, but I honestly went from hating it at first (almost even tossed it a few times!) to loving it if I need a cognitive boost to go with racetams and choline. This bottle has lasted me forever, but when it runs out, I'll be buying it again!

  • Daniel - 12th Feb 2021

    Bad Experience

    This product gave me a very bad headache and made me sick, each time I used it... I had flush over 27 pills down the toilet. A waste of money and time. And, it did not even work

  • Marius Magnussen - 15th Oct 2020

    Decent for workouts, not so much for studying.

    The effect is subtle, at first there is a jolt of the feeling of being awake, then it quickly goes away in about 20 minutes and you feel slightly more focused. This helps for Workouts, but if you are planning on doing an all-nighter just grinding out work, then this is definitely not the product for you.

  • dw - 22nd Jul 2020

    Stimulating, not bad overall

    Not bad overall. Feels a little like caffeine but without the side effects, The effects are similar to phenylpiracetam in my opinion but shorter-lived. Seems to be a tolerance build up so it's best to cycle. I tried this to replace Adrafanil and I prefer this. Give this a try. I'd only use ND for this. This was delivered in lightning speed.

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