Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Capsules | 500mg | Whole Fruiting Body | Hericium erinaceus

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Lion's Mane mushroom extract (Hericium erinaceus)
Whole Fruiting Body Mushroom
Beta-Glucan (β-Glucan) minimum content: 25%
1:1 Extract
60ct. or 180ct.
60 Servings or 180 Servings
As a dietary supplement, take one 500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract capsule 1-2 times daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Capsules | 500mg | Whole Fruiting Body | Hericium erinaceus
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Why Should I Take Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

Lion’s mane mushroom has built up quite the reputation over the years, and firmly established itself as one of the most sought after natural nootropics! There is a good reason for this, the fruiting bodies of the lion’s mane mushroom are chock full of beneficial compounds, which can help promote cognitive, cardiovascular and immune function.

Our lion’s mane is also unique for the fact that it only utilizes pure fruiting body. This is in contrast to mycelium on grain products which have become more and more popular in the mushroom world over the last few years. Mycelium on grain products can’t even be called mushrooms, because they aren’t actually mushrooms yet at this stage! While mycelium on grain products certainly can contain beneficial compounds, they simply don’t compare to high quality fruiting body lion’s mane. This sentiment is shared amongst many lion’s mane enthusiasts, including ourselves, which is why we have always found it important to provide only high quality fruiting body mushroom products!

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

Hericium erinaceus, or more commonly known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is a fully edible mushroom belonging to the tooth fungi family. This mushroom is easily spotted by their long and dangly spines. Just to add to the quirkiness of this mushroom, it is also known as bearded tooth mushroom, hedgehog mushroom, and even pom pom mushroom. The names stem from its unique clusters that look similar to a lion’s mane.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom naturally grows in Europe, Asia and North America on hardwood trees in late summer and fall. This mushroom contains various beneficial polysaccharides, such as beta-glucans, and several terpenoid compounds such as the hericenones and erinacines.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract is standardized to a minimum of 25% Beta-Glucan (β-Glucan).

Lion's Mane Benefits and Uses

    • Promotes cognitive function
    • Promotes immune function
    • Promotes cardiovascular function

The Importance of Fruiting Body Extracts

Mushrooms are quite unique in many ways, and one of the most special things about mushrooms is how they grow. First, spores inoculate a substrate, which then causes mycelium to grow. The mycelium are root-like structures, from which the actual mushroom eventually grows. The mushroom is what we call the fruiting body. It’s quite interesting to note that the mycelium, under the right conditions, can already contain some very unique bioactive compounds. In particular, a now quite legendary compound called erinacine A, is expressed in the mycelium but not in the fruiting body. This finding has been completely taken out of context though, in the mushroom supplements world.

Erinacine A, and other erinacines, do in fact occur in the mycelium of the mushroom. However, this compound is not always present in the mycelium, and is only expressed in high amounts when the conditions are perfect. However, this idea has led to the rising popularity of mycelium lion’s mane products. The issue with this trend is that the mycelium is not being produced properly for this purpose.

In order to cultivate fruiting body lion’s mane, you first have to inoculate a grain based substrate, with spores or even mycelium. These spores then start to form mycelium throughout the substrate. The myceliated substrate is then exposed to fruiting conditions, and the lion’s mane mushroom starts to grow. However, this process takes quite a long time, because lion’s mane is a relatively slow growing mushroom. The process can be cut short though, and this is what the mycelium on grain products do.

These products utilize the same process, they take grain substrate, inoculate it with lion’s mane spores or mycelium, and then they wait for the mycelium to colonize the grain substrate. Once there is a good amount of mycelium, the myceliated substrate is freeze dried and ground up. This means that a significant portion of a product like this, is simply just grains and not actual mushroom. In our opinion, this is simply a convenient shortcut that has been presented as the “next generation” of mushroom supplementation. This simply is not the case however, and all the research on lion’s mane, and the majority of human use of this mushroom, has all depended heavily on the fruiting bodies of the mushroom, not lazily produced mycelium!

What Can Real Fruiting Body Lion’s Mane Do For You?

With our 1:1 lion’s mane product, you get the full spectrum of all the beneficial compounds that are naturally found in lion’s mane. A stand out in this lion’s mane fruiting body product, will be its beta-glucan content, which is quite high at 25%! The beta-glucans within lion’s mane will have very positive effects on overall immune function, while also promoting overall cardiovascular function. These high levels of beta-glucans can only be found in high quality fruiting bodies, which is part of the reason why fruiting body lion’s mane products are highly sought after.

Our 1:1 lion’s mane will also preserve a wide range of terpenoid compounds that naturally occur in the fruiting body. These terpenoid compounds have been shown to have very beneficial effects on cognitive function, which is why lion’s mane has long been regarded as one of the best natural nootropics. Within the 1:1 lion’s mane, these compounds are expressed in a natural balance with all of the other beneficial compounds in lion’s mane, which results in a very nice, full spectrum effect. If however, you are mostly interested in the nootropic effects of lion’s mane, we would suggest checking out the more potent cognition enhancing extract of lion’s mane, our dual water/ethanol 8:1 extract.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Stacks

The Cognitive Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract + AvailOm® High DHA Capsules

As you may know, fish oil supplements are great for promoting cognitive function but AvailOm High DHA takes it to the next level. DHA in particular is an important fatty acid in the brain, and due to lion’s mane neuroplasticity enhancing effects, availOM high DHA makes the perfect companion to lion’s mane!

The Immune Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract + Andrographis paniculata Capsules

Looking to support immune function? Then look no further than Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Andrographis paniculata! Andrographis paniculata is also great at balancing inflammation levels, which helps round out the effects profile of lion’s mane mushroom!

The Cardiovascular Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract + Nobiletin Capsules

Nobiletin is well-known for its incredible cardiovascular support. When combined with Lion’s Mane Mushroom, this is the perfect cardiovascular stack! With additional benefits to metabolic function and balanced inflammation levels, this is not a stack to skip.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract capsule 1-2 times daily.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsule Reviews

To gain more insight, see the Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsule reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules?

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 180ct. jars of certified organic Lion's Mane Whole Fruiting Body Mushroom Capsules. Nootropics Depot's Lion's Mane Mushroom capsules have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

You may also like our Lion's Mane Mushroom 1:1 Extract powder.

Attention: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

30 Reviews

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  • 4
    pretty good

    I know lions mane has a lot of health benefits. Noticed I am slightly less anxious when I take it

  • 5
    This mushroom smells nice!

    I love mushrooms and this is the best smelling one of them all!!!!

30 Reviews

  • 4
    pretty good

    I know lions mane has a lot of health benefits. Noticed I am slightly less anxious when I take it

  • 5
    This mushroom smells nice!

    I love mushrooms and this is the best smelling one of them all!!!!

  • 4
    Turns on the Lights

    I was really happy with this purchase and have referred numerous people to this product. The first dose of Lion's Mane "turned on the lights." After that, it seems to be slowly working. I've just reentered a highly technical field and don't think I could have done it without this supplement. I learned not to take two a day as it really impacts me, but the one a day seems to be gradual improvement and maintenance.

  • 4
    Awesome benefits

    A bit of research into Lions mane shows that the health benefits are extremely valuable The noticeable effects are also quite exciting at even just one capsule of 500mg, I found similar to mushrooms in that you may have increased sensitivity to others, just enhancement (it’s essentially a micro dose).

  • 5
    Lion's Mane--a real boost

    I have taken Lion's Mane capsules for a few months and I can really see a change in my overall mood. I teach high school and my energy level and general attitude are noticably higher. I have no doubt that it's because of the Lion's Mane. Good quality at a good price!

  • 4

    Ten months after a concussion I still didn’t feel 100% back to normal. This has helped a bit. It takes a few weeks to build up and is a subtle effect. I have super low blood sugar as it is and this pushes it even lower, which has made for some hard workouts. For the average person this is probably a non-issue though. I haven’t noticed a big change in mental performance but I haven’t done any grueling sessions like I did in college. I take 2 caps each morning.

  • 5
    Long term investment with fast results

    Out of all the products I've tried till now, Lion's Mane is the one that stands out in terms of improving general well being. At first, that may sound boring but when you consider that it comes from the visual acuity, bettered short-term memory and impressive memory recall, things seem to be much more exciting. However, all the benefits are subtle. There is no instant high (except perhaps sometimes vision acuity if it wasn't already there). I am not that type of a person; I prefer more drastic effects. Nevertheless, Lion's mane has changed me in that perspective. I can easily say it is the best supplement I currently use. Of course, I can't compare the quality of NootropicsDepot's Lion's mane since I haven't tried from anywhere else. Given all these, I strongly recommend it for anyone that wants to better the aforementioned properties. Of course, there are all types of studies finding correlations with many other health benefits so, the very least, research about it :) It's worth it :)

  • 5
    It really does work!

    I took it for memory, and I can tell you honestly it really does improve my memory. I was having a problem with short term memory. But not anymore!! Thank you Nootropics!

  • 4
    Slightly improved my vision

    My vision used to be somewhat staticy; not HPPD or anything but still annoying none the less. After two weeks of 1g a day in the afternoon, my vision has improved even at baseline.

  • 5
    best natural nootropic so far!

    I recently found out about lions mane & decided I would order some & I like it quite a bit! Suprised how good it was for a totally natural product. Notice a bit of mood elavation & a focus that doesn't make me anti social (as some other substances can do) & no noticeable side effects.