Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules | 500mg | Whole Fruiting Body | Hericium erinaceus

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Lion's Mane 8:1 Extract (Hericium erinaceus)
60ct. or 180ct.
60 Servings or 180 Servings
Beta-Glucan (β-Glucan) minimum content: 15%
As a dietary supplement, take one 500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Extract Capsule 1-2 times daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
In an effort to use more appropriate materials for certain products, we will be phasing in different bottles that contain HDPE vs PET. As we make this transition you may receive a bottle that is different in color and material than that pictured.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules | 500mg | Whole Fruiting Body | Hericium erinaceus
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Why Should I Take Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1?

Lion’s mane is not only one of the most popular mushrooms, it is also one of the most popular natural nootropics! This is because lion’s mane is chock full of beneficial compounds that help enhance neuroplasticity. These compounds appear to be especially soluble in ethanol, and due to this reason, dual water/ethanol extracts are by far the most preferred form of lion’s mane extract for nootropic effects.

Our 8:1 lion’s mane is a very high quality, fruiting body ONLY extract, which utilizes both water and ethanol during extraction. This helps concentrate the nootropic compounds within lion’s mane, which makes our lion’s mane 8:1 a phenomenal extract for the purposes of enhancing cognitive function!

That all being said, due to the pronounced nootropic effects, it's easy to forget about some of the other amazing benefits of lion’s mane mushroom such as enhancing cardiovascular function, immune health and mood. Our lion’s mane 8:1 will help enhance all of these essential aspects of human health, making our extract a fantastic all rounder for mind and body!

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lion’s mane mushroom, scientifically known as Hericium erinaceus, is a part of the tooth fungus group and is native to North America, Europe and Asia. It’s long been used both for its bioactivity and as a food source. Lion’s mane actually has a texture that is very similar to lobster and crab, so it is no surprise that this is also a very popular culinary mushroom!

Lion’s Mane is easily identifiable from other mushroom species because of their tall spines that can grow over 1cm. These mushrooms naturally grow in dangly clusters on hardwoods, most commonly at the end of summer and early fall in Asia, Europe and North America.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom 8:1 Dual Extract is standardized to a minimum of 15% Beta-Glucan (β-Glucan).

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Benefits and Uses

    • Promotes cognitive function
    • Enhances mood
    • Promotes cardiovascular function

Dual Water/Ethanol Extract For Maximum Cognitive Benefits

Many different processing methods can be used when creating lion’s mane extracts, each of which has its own unique advantages. For nootropic purposes though, the common consensus is that dual water/ethanol extracts work the best, and we full heartedly agree with this. This is why our potent 8:1 lion’s mane extract utilizes a dual water/ethanol extraction process!

Furthermore, we don’t simply use cheap and ineffective mycelium on grain products, which many mushroom vendors have started to do in recent years. Mycelium on grain products are not representative of the real mushroom whatsoever. In fact, legally, mycelium on grain can’t even be called a mushroom! At Nootropics Depot however, we strictly use ONLY pure high quality lion’s mane fruiting body. This is why our lion’s mane has pronounced acute effects which are not often seen in other lion’s mane products.

In theory, the mycelium of lion’s mane should contain a now quite legendary nootropic compound called Erinacine A, however, we have discovered over the years that this is not as simple as it seems. In fact, through our preliminary research, we have determined that most current commercial mycelium products, especially mycelium on grain products are not very rich sources of erinacine A at all! On the other hand though, high quality lion’s mane fruiting bodies contain lots of different compounds which can have pronounced nootropic effects and these effects are clearly present in our 8:1 lion’s mane fruiting body extract!

You may also be asking yourself, what does 8:1 even mean here? This is because it takes 8kg of raw Lion’s mane mushroom to create just a single kilo of our lion’s mane 8:1 extract. As a result of this high concentration, our lion’s mane 8:1 has pronounced nootropic effects. However, our lion’s mane 8:1 should also concentrate the various different beneficial compounds in lion’s mane which have beneficial effects on cardiovascular function and mood!

Lions Mane Mushroom Stacks

The Mood Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom + High Potency Saffron Extract Capsules

Did you know that Saffron is so much more than a delicious spice? By blocking the reuptake of serotonin, Saffron allows serotonin to last longer in the brain and promote mood. When combined with Lion’s Mane Mushroom, it makes for a wonderful mood stack!

The Cognitive Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom + OmegaTAU Capsules

This stack combines two of the most legendary natural nootropics from the last few years, lion’s mane and our take on the Mr. Happy stack, OmegaTAU! This combination will provide a very well rounded stack for enhancing overall cognitive function.

The Cardiovascular Stack: Lion's Mane Mushroom + AvailOm® High EPA Capsules

Lion’s mane mushroom and AvailOm High EPA make for the perfect cardiovascular pair. AvailOM is our highly bioavailable fish oil supplement that also focuses on cardiovascular, cognitive and mood support.

Lions Mane Mushroom Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 500mg Lion's Mane Mushroom 8:1 Extract Capsule 1-2 times daily. 

Lions Mane Mushroom Reviews

To learn more about this Lions Mane Mushroom 8:1 extract, read the Lions Mane Mushroom reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Lion's Mane Mushroom

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 180ct. jars of Lions Mane Mushroom 8:1 extract in capsules. Nootropics Depot's Lions Mane Mushroom 8:1 Extract has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

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Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

64 Reviews

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  • sokunsatya sangvat - 7th Nov 2022

    Not noticeable

    I have try taking Lion Mane for a few weeks and maybe I experience some effect but it's not noticeable.

  • Dr.Box - 16th Aug 2022

    Sunshine in a bottle

    I believe lion's mane gives me a mood and energy boost that lasts throughout the day. I take it in the morning with caffeine and L-theanine. I get the 8:1 extract for this effect, and take Reishi and chaga for the immune boosting effects.

64 Reviews

  • sokunsatya sangvat - 7th Nov 2022

    Not noticeable

    I have try taking Lion Mane for a few weeks and maybe I experience some effect but it's not noticeable.

  • Dr.Box - 16th Aug 2022

    Sunshine in a bottle

    I believe lion's mane gives me a mood and energy boost that lasts throughout the day. I take it in the morning with caffeine and L-theanine. I get the 8:1 extract for this effect, and take Reishi and chaga for the immune boosting effects.

  • Carl - 21st Jul 2022

    NOT subliminal. Finally something you can consciously feel

    The studies that reference Lion's Mane mushroom: are very promising. I've noticed that my working memory has very much improved, and my long-term memory has as well. This may be confirmation bias, but I have noticed that I am picking up things a lot faster, as well.

  • Nicolas Baiocco - 16th Jul 2022

    Excellent Quality

    This 8:1 extract is very strong. I can literally feel the physical effects in my head within an hour of taking it. I take one in the morning to help me stay focused. The other brands I've tried did nothing. I didn't know the effects of Lions Mane until I found ND brand. These are powerful and work great for focus and for cognition. I'm noticing when I type, my words per minute have improved. It was very noticeable within a few days. I also solve more complex formulas on spreadsheets and cross-spreadsheet calculations have become simpler for me to accomplish. I have to get up and move around more frequently when taking these 8:1's vs the standard 1;1 Lions Mane. I take them both now. The 8:1's on the days that I have reports and have to give presentations. The 1:1 feels better and smoother for daily use. I almost gave up on Lions Mane until I started this brand.

  • Laurie - 15th Jul 2022

    Lions Mane

    This is an excellent product that one can definitely rely on their results. Best thing for memory help.

  • Trenton Butler - 13th Jun 2022


    Best nootropic and best strain of lion's mane I have had thus far. My level of presence and stress tolerance actually beats when I'm on something line L-theanine, and I somehow feel more of my real personality shine through...definitely would recommend this to most people for just about any situation :)

  • SK - 7th May 2022

    Lion's mane - helps with my attention issues.

    Big fan of impulse control, but I'm not a big fan of meds like Adderall. Lion's Mane helps me with my problems around focusing. If I don't take my lions mane - I have issues deciding on what to do and I get overwhelmed by all the things i need to do. I can't take ginseng because my anxiety goes up and I can't focus. Lion's mane is good for focus in an anxious system. It won't calm you down... But it won't make you overly energetic. It can keep me up late if I take lion's mane too late in the day. It supports my abilities to decide what to do so my brain will have a hard time unwinding if I take it too late and try to sleep. I highly recommend lions mane if you have attention issues and are anxious.

  • Will - 7th May 2022

    I Like This Company and Their Products But I Felt Nothing

    I didn't do any rigorous testing and I wasn't in a high stress environment or really any environment that I needed to perform so it's hard to say that this didn't do anything for me but I certainly didn't feel any different. I would like to do more research before I say definitively that lions mane is utterly useless for me.

  • Anvar - 11th Apr 2022

    8 to 1 lions mane

    So far best among 3 i ve tried with best effects u will notice. Best for work days where u didnt get enough rest night prior especially

  • Pravs - 8th Apr 2022


    Improved cognition.

  • James Bonczek - 23rd Feb 2022

    Lion's Mane Mushroom

    I'm 72. About 8 years ago I started having short term memory loss. My sister also had this problem and took various supplements. I noticed the main ingredient in all of them was Lion's Mane, so I searched for the purest most economical form. This is it! 8:1 Whole Fruiting Body. I've been taking it for 4 years, still forget things occasionally, but am no longer on the downhill slide.

  • Ben - 5th Feb 2022

    Take Lion’s Mane

    Listen, it doesn’t matter if you’ve done the research or not. Just but it. Just buy these and put them in your body. Don’t argue, don’t overthink it, just do it. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, just take Lion’s Mane.

  • Unknown - 2nd Dec 2021


    Very good

  • Roger Brown - 21st Nov 2021

    Little to no effect

    Not much to be said, disappointing

  • Bryce - 6th Nov 2021

    Lion’s mane

    Great product I’m having problems with the nerve in my l4+l5 and after a couple month’s it’s not hurting near as bad.

  • Christian - 13th Oct 2021

    Excellent product

    After 2 months, here's what I noticed. I take it once in the afternoon (1 or 2pm) maybe 3 to 4 times a week - improves memory, creativity and sleep (very deep sleep with vivid dreams) - gives boost of energy + better focus - boosts confidence, improves speech (easier to gather your thoughts and find the right words when speaking) - improves mood and curiosity High quality product, I highly recommand

  • Chris Hubbard - 8th Oct 2021

    Lion's Mane

    After a couple weeks I really started to see a difference. My focus is much better, I am excited to see more long term benefits.

  • Rebecca Yuille - 2nd Oct 2021

    Too soon to tell

    I am giving this 3 stars for now, because I haven't noticed much by way of cognitive improvement. Sometimes these things take time, so I am giving myself a couple of months before I make a final determination.

  • Adam Barber - 18th Sep 2021

    Lions Mane 8:1

    I began to notice the effects in about a week. Twice per day seems to be much more effective to me. Reaction time, processing speed, and recall have all been increased. It is not a magic pill. You likely will not suddenly be doing complex equations if you are not keen to do so already, but a definitive, subtle boost is definitely apparent.

  • Lucas - 19th Aug 2021

    OK product

    Ive been using this product for more that 3 weeks now, I can’t say I’ve seen major amelioration, in that case I can’t tell if it works or not. Not for me.

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