Nootropics Depot Milligram Scale | NDS-201

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Max Capacity:
20 Grams
0.001 Grams (1mg)
.05% (±5mg) at 10 grams. 4% (± 2mg) at 50mg.
Calibration Weight:
10 Grams
Weighs In:
3.5" x 4" x 1.25"
Tray Dimensions:
1.3" Diameter
2x AAA Batteries (Included)
Standard Lifetime Warranty Included. Optional Extended Damage Warranty Available (+$10.00)

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Nootropics Depot Milligram Scale | NDS-201
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Why You Should Use A Milligram Scale

Nootropics Depot always suggests using a reliable milligram scale for measuring powder doses as scoops are highly unreliable for measurement. Nootropic and natural extract powders have different densities and therefore generally shouldn't be measured using a scoop.

Nootropics Depot NDS-201 Milligram Scale Features And Specs

Power Down:

Automatic Off After 3 Minutes / Button

Operating Temperature:

10-35°C (50-95°F)

LCD Display:

5 Bit LCD Display


Blue Backlight

Power Source:

2x AAA Batteries (Included)


88mm x 100mm x 30mm (3.46in x 3.94in x 1.18in)

Scale Weight:

106g (3.70oz, 0.24lbs)

Weighing Pan Dimensions:

34mm x 34mm x 5mm (1.34in x 1.34in x 0.20in)

Weighing Pan Material

Stainless Steel


Tare, Mode, Off, On

Power Alert:                                        

Automatic Battery Low Notification

Weighing Unit Options:

g / oz / ozt / dwt / ct / gn


Scale Accuracy, Resolution, Precision, and Capacity

The terms accuracy, precision, capacity, and resolution are important concepts when talking about the properties of a scale. Although the terms have distinct meanings, many times people confuse them with one another. When an object is placed on a scale, the scale responds by displaying a measurement of that object's weight. The confidence in knowing how close the displayed weight is to the actual weight depends entirely on the accuracy, precision, and resolution of the scale at a given weight. Let's look at each one individually.

The resolution of a scale is the smallest increment in measured weight that can be displayed on the scale. The NDS-201 is a milligram scale. Therefore, the smallest unit the scale can display is 1mg. This is also the amount the scale increments or decrements by when weighing. The NDS-201 cannot measure fractions of a milligram. To measure fractions of a milligram, you would need to move to a 0.1mg or 0.01mg precision balance, and those run into the thousands of dollars per scale.

The accuracy of a scale is how close the value of an object's displayed weight is to the object's actual weight. If a scale indicates that a 10 gram weight weighs 10.005 or 9.995, then the scale is accurate to within 0.05% at 10 grams, or a 5mg deviation. This is the maximum amount the scale would deviate from the actual weight value of an object at that specific weight. This accuracy of a scale is different at various weights as well. This is due to the resolution of the scale affecting how close it can get the displayed weight to the actual weight of an object. Since a milligram scale has a 1mg resolution, and you cannot display fractions of a milligram, the accuracy of the displayed weight will be lower at lower weight values. Let's say we are measuring 50mg instead of 10 grams. If we wanted an accuracy of 0.05% at 50mg, the scale would need to have a resolution of 0.001mg, or one microgram. This is an incredibly tight tolerance, and microgram scales run tens of thousands of dollars to achieve that resolution. So that accuracy level is impossible at the 50mg level on a milligram scale. If you weigh a 50mg weight and get a value of 48mg or 52mg, then your scale is accurate to within 4% at 50mg, or a 2mg deviation. What this means from a practical standpoint is that your milligram scale gets more accurate the more weight you put on it.

The precision of a scale is the measure of repeatability of an object's displayed weight for multiple weighings of the same object. Essentially, precision is the deviation or fluctuation of the measured weight of a single object across multiple instances of weighing on the same scale. If you weigh a 10 gram object 5 times, and you get 10.005, 10.001, 9.995, 9.999, and 10.000, your precision is 0.05%. This is because the maximum value of deviation (5 milligrams) from the average of all the weights (10 grams) is 0.05%. Think of precision as a measure of how much a scale's weight display will fluctuate from one time to the next.

Finally, capacity is the largest weight the scale is capable of weighing. The NDS-201 has a capacity of 20 grams. This means that the maximum weight of an object you can put onto the scale is 20g. Not only is that the maximum it can accurately weigh, but it can also damage the mechanism of the scale by going over that maximum capacity.


Nootropics Depot NDS-201 Milligram Scale Manual

Please click here to view or download the Nootropics Depot NDS-201 Milligram Scale Manual


Nootropics Depot NDS-201 Milligram Scale Lifetime Warranty Information

Your NDS-201 scale from Nootropics Depot comes with a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects and for operational quality. All scales are tested for proper function at Nootropics Depot facilities before sale. This is to ensure you do not get a faulty unit. However, if your scale arrives in poor functioning order, please reach out to Nootropics Depot support at [email protected] within 10 days to receive a replacement without additional shipping costs. The lifetime warranty does not cover loss, damage, or misuse. Please read the manual to understand its capabilities and limitations, and only use the NDS-201 scale within the bounds of those operational capacities. If you feel your scale is not working properly due to a manufacturing defect outside of the 10 day initial window, please reach out to the Nootropics Depot support team. You will need to ship the scale back to ND’s facility to be inspected. Nootropics Depot does NOT cover the shipping costs for shipping the unit back to us outside of the initial 10 day window, but will cover the cost of shipping the replacement unit back to you if the inspection determines the scale has not been improperly handled or damaged. Nootropics Depot does offer an extended warranty for damage. If you have purchased this coverage, you will be allowed a maximum of two (2) replacements related to damage/improper use. Nootropics Depot does NOT cover shipping costs of replacements due to damage/misuse.

Extended Damage Warranty (+$10.00)

Nootropics Depot does offer an optional extended warranty for damage. If you choose to purchase this coverage, you will be allowed a maximum of two (2) replacements related to incidental damage/improper use. Nootropics Depot does NOT cover shipping costs of replacements due to damage/misuse.

29 Reviews

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  • Liv - 22nd Aug 2021

    Pretty good scale

    The accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, but I can't complain for the price!

  • Alex Kurbiel - 11th Aug 2021


    Great product, works very well for the price!

29 Reviews

  • Liv - 22nd Aug 2021

    Pretty good scale

    The accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, but I can't complain for the price!

  • Alex Kurbiel - 11th Aug 2021


    Great product, works very well for the price!

  • Constance - 20th Jun 2021

    depot milligram scale

    The suggestion to place it on a metal surface made a big difference. I had started with placing on my old wooden desk, but the readings were unsteady. On a metal box it was much better. This item is a little flimsy, not crisp in its accuracy, but met my needs for supplements. If your need is super accuracy, you might want to get a higher quality item. But this one is very good for the casual user, good for the price.

  • Evan - 12th Jun 2021

    Great Product

    This scale is very accurate and high quality. I use a piece of tin foil or a post-it note to expand the volume capacity of the weigh pan.

  • Spring - 13th May 2021

    Nootropics Depot Milligram Scale

    I gotta say, I've had a few mg scales over the years and this is quickly becoming a favorite. Excellent accuracy, ease of use, and the 10g weight are a few of my favorite elements. Very reasonable price. If you buy one, I recommend getting the extra tray they offer at checkout. That comes in handy!

  • kazarnyc - 9th Mar 2021

    Handy, good for the price

    I purchased this scale to weigh out supplements that I buy in bulk rather than in plastic bottles. For this application it is certainly accurate enough, and the price is right for what you get. I subtracted one star because the tray is too small to contain, for example, 2 grams of creatine. Your choice for weighing fluffy powders in amounts that exceed the capacity of the tray is to measure in two or three parts, or to balance some kind of bigger cup atop the tray (and use the tare function). If the scale came with a bigger cup that fits inside the tiny tray, I would give 5 stars.

  • Kenneth Wurm - 26th Feb 2021

    Nootropics Depot Milligram Scale nds-201

    Very happy with this purchase. Fills my need perfectly.

  • Amanda Wade - 22nd Feb 2021


    Has worked really well for weighing my supplements. And its nice to use.

  • Charlene Parsons - 14th Feb 2021

    Milligram Scale NDS-201

    I have a scale (SWS100) that can weigh to 0.01 gram accuracy. That accuracy is not good enough for some of the powders I use, so I purchased the NDS-201 scale that has 0.001 gram accuracy. Things I like: product is compact; the calibration weight is conveniently located within the product's case; the scale is easy to use; calibrating the scale is easy; the manual is clearly written (for me) and the instructions for use and calibration are easy to follow. Things I don't like: the stainless steel weighing pan is loose within the scale case (I've been spoiled by the fact that the SWS100 scale has a permanent 'platform' on which to place your powder or your own measuring container); no instructions are printed on the scale or case ... front or back - the manual needs to be somewhere convenient in the event it is needed (again, spoiled by the SWS100 which has instructions inside its lid). Having said that, I needed to download the NDS-201 manual from the internet because I had already misplaced the original! But this is a plus, because the manual IS actually available to people like me! Overall I am happy with the NDS-201 scale. I have no problem recommending this scale to others because of the scale's performance.

  • Cait - 7th Feb 2021

    Complicated to figure out

    This is complicated to use and program if you’ve never used one before. The product it’s self might be fantastic. We just had a difficult time knowing if it’s even working correctly because we’ve never used one before.

  • Jennifer Gunnoe - 1st Feb 2021

    Milligram scale

    High quality scale. Great bargain!

  • Kristen Walberg - 30th Jan 2021

    Great product and service

    The scale works great and arrived quickly.

  • Anthony Siracuse - 8th Jan 2021

    I LOVE this scale!!!

    Amazing deal ....great quality...not cheap junk!!! Even the box is made well !

  • Brandon Presslor - 6th Jan 2021


    Great working scale. Highly recommend!!!

  • Brian Lima - 12th Dec 2020

    Milligram Scale

    It sucks. I don't know about the scale itself, but the pan it comes with is impossible to set it just right leading to inaccuracies, as well as even if I don't move it from when I turn it on, the mass still bounces around a huge amount. ND Admin: The pan has a little bump in the bottom that fits into a corresponding indentation on the load cell. You don't need the pan to be perfectly flat on the load cell. However, you do need the scale itself on a smooth, level, stable surface without static electricity. Eliminating the static is crucial to ensure it doesn't bounce around in weight. Also, many people forget about airflow from AC vents and fans, which can also lead to fluctuations. If you reach out to our support team at [email protected], they can help you troubleshoot. It has a lifetime warranty, too. So if there is actually something wrong, we will replace the scale for you.

  • Scale rating - 17th Sep 2020

    Good scale, missing a scoop/spatula, otherwise would be perfect

    I have been using this scale to measure out powders for a while now, and I can say that it is reliable and precise. I gave one star less, though, because I was hoping that it came complete with a spatula that one can scoop powder with (of course it doesn't, as pictured); instead, I had to shop around a bit for a spatula set and spend an extra $5 or so for a spatula which I have to also store separately. If the ND staff is reading this, please consider adding a spatula to the set for future buyers. If you are considering buying this scale, also go buy a lab spatula, preferably a thin one if you are capping pills.

  • Fred - 22nd Jul 2020

    Works great

    Seems accurate, easy to use. I like it.

  • Sean Fitzgerald - 21st Jun 2020

    Very good scale

    I need this for a few nootropics I take and I'm glad I got it. You should not eyeball doses in the low mg range. Milligram scale is veryuseful.

  • Brendan Kelly - 27th May 2020

    Weighing Tray

    Everything about this product is great, besides the weighing tray. I don't know why but whenever you put it on the scale its completely off balance and messes up your measurements. ND Admin: Make sure you are grounding the scale. Static and magnetic interference can cause that when putting the metal weighing tray on. Grounding the scale to reduce that electrical interference eliminates that issue.

  • Todd - 13th May 2020

    Best scale I’ve ever owned

    So much scale at such a great price. Nice to have an honest company at a time when most are price gouging.

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