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OmegaTAU Capsules | Enhanced Uridine + DHA

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60 Count or 120 Count
30 Servings or 60 Servings
Daily Mood & Cognitive Support
AvailOm® High DHA Omega 3 Lysine Complex (EPA/DHA 11%/34%), Alpha-GPC, Sesame Extract (Sesamum indicum)(seed)(70% Sesamins), Vitamin E (From 90mg D-α-Tocopheryl Succinate), Triacetyluridine, Folate (as L-5-MTHF Calcium)
Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide
As a dietary supplement, take 2 OmegaTAU capsules daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drug(s) or OTC medication(s).

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OmegaTAU Capsules | Enhanced Uridine + DHA
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A Reimagination Of A Legendary Nootropic Stack

OmegaTAU, which combines the word ‘omega’ from omega-3 fatty acids, and ‘TAU’ an abbreviation for triacetyluridine, is based on a community-generated stack that originated on a longecity thread back in 2011. At its most basic, this stack combines DHA from fish oil with either uridine monophosphate or triacetyluridine. The stack idea was started by a user called ‘Mr. Happy’ and thus the name ‘Mr. Happy Stack’ was coined for this particular combination of ingredients. We have all been long-term users of this stack at the office but were always looking for an all-in-one type product, where we didn’t have to piece together a bunch of different supplements from a bunch of different vendors. This is how OmegaTAU was born.

One of the biggest challenges with an all-in-one product that utilizes fish oil, is that fish oil is a liquid and thus needs to be formulated as a softgel. We tried going down this road, however, designing a softgel-based stack is an incredibly arduous process, and honestly not entirely feasible. This means we needed a different solution, and after all these years, we finally found our answer, high bioavailability powdered fish oil! For this purpose, we utilize a novel fish oil-lysine complex called AvailOm® which not only provides fish oil in a convenient powder form, it also markedly enhances fish oil absorption! By having access to AvailOm®, we could now finally formulate a Mr. Happy-esque stack in an easy to manufacture dry powder capsule. We decided to give our own spin on the Mr. Happy stack, dialing in the areas that we personally wanted to see improved.

What Is OmegaTAU?

OmegaTAU is formulated with the following ingredients:

  1. AvailOm® high bioavailability fish oil powder: This allowed us to formulate in a dry powder capsule. Furthermore, AvailOm® provides great bioavailability, further helping to dial in this stack.
  2. Triacetyluridine: This version of uridine is optimized for oral absorption. A lower dose when compared to uridine monophosphate also allowed us to fit more fish oil powder in the capsules.
  3. Vitamin E: Another integral part of the classic Mr. Happy stack. Vitamin E appears to enhance the overall effectiveness of this stack.
  4. Sesamin: This is one of our unique additions to the classic Mr. Happy stack. Sesamin helps recycle vitamin E levels, further adding to the vitamin E activity. Sesamin itself also has positive effects on cognition and in our testing seemed to add an extra layer of effects to the stack.
  5. Alpha-GPC: This is another integral part of the original Mr. Happy stack and helps dial in the overall cognition-enhancing effects.
  6. Folate (as L-5-MTHF): This high bioavailability form of folate helps prevent the potential for folate levels to drop due to uridine supplementation. A low dose is all that is necessary and further helps dial in uridine’s beneficial effects.

What Benefits can I expect from OmegaTAU?

OmegaTAU has a very interesting set of effects that spans a wide range of cognitive enhancement goals. First and foremost, OmegaTAU provides all of the building blocks for cellular membranes, namely DHA, Uridine and Choline.* Furthermore, OmegaTAU specifically is designed around enhancing neuronal membrane function and going even deeper, enhancing synaptic formation and function.* This makes OmegaTAU an excellent candidate for any nootropic enthusiast looking to generally enhance their brain health and cognitive function, by laying a strong foundation.* This also makes OmegaTAU a great daily supplement that will likely help enhance the activity of more exotic nootropics and plants.* The way we often use OmegaTAU at the office is like a nootropic “multivitamin”. Basically providing the fuel we need for the neurological goals we are working towards.

A more surprising effect is that OmegaTAU appears to help sensitize the dopaminergic system, which has the added benefits of making us more sensitive to commonly utilized stimulants such as caffeine.* This can prove majorly beneficial for those of us who wish to lower our caffeine intake while still reaping most of the caffeine benefits we desire. With this in mind, OmegaTAU is also a great stack for enhancing overall mood and mental clarity.*

The inclusion of both fish oil and sesamin may also add another effect to this stack, enhancing metabolic health!* It has been shown that sesamin by itself has a good effect on enhancing hepatic fatty acid oxidation which is great for overall metabolic health and also liver health.* However, it was found that when sesamin was supplemented alongside fish oil, the hepatic fatty acid oxidation rate went up significantly. This indicates a highly synergistic effect between the two and further indicates the fact that OmegaTAU is a great daily general health and cognition booster!*

To sum it up, when you take OmegaTAU daily, you may experience

  1. Enhanced neurological health by enhancing the rate of neuronal membrane synthesis via the combination of uridine, DHA, and choline*
  2. Enhanced synaptic formation and function via the triacetyluridine content*
  3. Enhanced dopaminergic sensitivity via the triacetyluridine content*
  4. Enhanced mood and mental clarity via the triacetyluridine content*
  5. Enhanced metabolic health via the combination of uridine and fish oil*
  6. Enhanced liver health via the combination of uridine and fish oil*

Who Should Take OmegaTAU?

OmegaTAU is a wonderful stack due to the fact that it can be taken by practically anyone and will lay a solid foundation for further cognitive enhancement.* If you are just getting started with nootropics, this is a great first stack to try. That being said, if you are a long-term nootropic user, and you are looking to squeeze out some extra performance from your existing nootropics, then OmegaTAU could help enhance the efficacy of your favorite nootropics!*


As we mentioned above, OmegaTAU could also prove very helpful in enhancing the activity of other nootropics and supplements. We encourage experimenting with this, but to get the ball rolling, we have designed three different stack ideas utilizing OmegaTAU

The Focus and Motivation Stack: OmegaTAU + Sabroxy

OmegaTAU helps enhance dopaminergic sensitivity, which makes it a great candidate for combining OmegaTAU with supplements that have dopaminergic effects. While many choices would be possible here, we determined that combing OmegaTAU with a dopamine reuptake inhibitor would prove most beneficial. The reasoning behind this is that uridine appears to help enhance dopamine output from activated dopaminergic neurons. We can then further capitalize on this enhanced dopamine output by blocking the reuptake of this extra dopamine, thereby producing synergistic effects on dopaminergic activity. Luckily, Sabroxy is an excellent natural dopamine reuptake inhibitor and we find that it goes great with OmegaTAU when the goal is enhanced focus, motivation and energy.*

The Memory Stack: OmegaTAU + Magtein

Keeping with the idea that OmegaTAU provides the basic building blocks for neuronal membranes, we thought it would be interesting to combine it with a basic mineral that is very important for cognitive function too, magnesium, but why stop there? Instead of going with any old magnesium, we decided to stack OmegaTAU with Magtein. Magtein, which is Magnesium L-Threonate, is a patented magnesium supplement that has been specifically designed for enhancing neuronal magnesium levels. This has the added benefit that magtein is significantly more memory-enhancing than other forms of magnesium. With this in mind, stacking magtein with OmegaTAU goes back to the idea of covering your basics and laying a strong foundation, but now it is just doing it at an even higher level since we get to focus on neuronal magnesium levels too!*

The Mood Stack: OmegaTAU + Polygala Tenuifolia

OmegaTAU already has a nice mood-boosting effect, however, this effect can certainly be pushed a little further by utilizing Polygala tenuifolia. Similar to Sabroxy, Polygala tenuifolia is also a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, albeit to a lesser degree than Sabroxy. However, when taken together with OmegaTAU the dopaminergic effects may be slightly more pronounced yet still exceptionally smooth, which provides a very interesting and uplifting mood boost. Polygala tenuifolia also helps promote neuroplasticity, and thus when taking into account the effect of OmegaTAU on synaptic formation and function, it will go great with the neuroplasticity promoting effects of Polygala tenuifolia and this combined effect should further help promote mood.*

OmegaTAU Enhanced Uridine + DHA Dosage and Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2 OmegaTAU capsules daily.

OmegaTAU Enhanced Uridine + DHA Reviews

To gain more insight, read the OmegaTAU reviews and user experiences below.

Where to Buy OmegaTAU Enhanced Uridine + DHA Capsules

Natrium Health offers OmegaTAU capsules in your choice of a 60 count or 120 count jar. Natrium Health's OmegaTAU capsules have been lab tested for product purity and identity.

Learn More About Natrium Health

Natrium Health is the sister brand of Nootropics Depot.

Natrium Health's mission is to not only bring out novel products made from the highest quality natural ingredients, but to advance the analytical testing and quality control standards for the entire supplement industry. We believe all customers deserve to know that the supplements that they are taking have been thoroughly tested, and that the product is what it states it is on the label. We feel the current industry standard is woefully inadequate. Do you feel comfortable with the bare minimum GMP guidelines? We certainly don’t. This is why Natrium Health holds itself to a higher standard. We not only test every single batch of ingredients used in our products, but we ensure that they are the correct plant species, plant part, extraction method, and that they contain the appropriate amount of standardized active ingredients. On top of that, we test for heavy metals, pesticides, and allergens. We work tirelessly to ensure that the Natrium Health product you are taking is of the highest quality possible.

To learn more, visit the Natrium Health website.

 *Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

13 Reviews

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  • Juan Serrano - 27th Nov 2022

    I didn't like this very much and I don't know why

    This is a supplement that should work very well on paper, but I didn't like it very much. It does improve focus, but also makes me think too much, not in a good way. I find it harder to go to the beach and just do nothing when I'm on it.

  • EM - 15th Nov 2022

    Helps Focus

    I work in a high stress environment insida an FDA regulated laboratory. It is of the utmost importance not to make mistakes and double or triple check all of your work. It is a subtle effect that kicks in in a couple of weeks.. I noticed I had significantly less mistakes, was able to concentrate somewhat better and also double or triple checking my work did not take as much mental effort as before. Also helped my working memory a lot, as I got trained on things at work and it certainly felt easier to learn compared to past trainings. Would certainly buy again

13 Reviews

  • Juan Serrano - 27th Nov 2022

    I didn't like this very much and I don't know why

    This is a supplement that should work very well on paper, but I didn't like it very much. It does improve focus, but also makes me think too much, not in a good way. I find it harder to go to the beach and just do nothing when I'm on it.

  • EM - 15th Nov 2022

    Helps Focus

    I work in a high stress environment insida an FDA regulated laboratory. It is of the utmost importance not to make mistakes and double or triple check all of your work. It is a subtle effect that kicks in in a couple of weeks.. I noticed I had significantly less mistakes, was able to concentrate somewhat better and also double or triple checking my work did not take as much mental effort as before. Also helped my working memory a lot, as I got trained on things at work and it certainly felt easier to learn compared to past trainings. Would certainly buy again

  • Ben - 24th Aug 2022

    Beyond expectations

    Absolutely blew me away

  • Gretel Elving - 23rd Aug 2022

    Doing Something Good!

    Using with the NAD formula for healthy aging and I've noticed a huge boost to my mood, energy level, concentration, and reduced procrastination...I'm going to keep adding to this stack!

  • Angel - 20th Jul 2022

    Wont Go WIthout It

    This has been amazing for my mood. I take it in the evening every night and my mood and motivation have never been better. I love it!

  • Alton - 26th May 2022

    Great Mood

    I love this supplement. It improves my mood really well. The way I can describe how these make me feel is that they make me feel more normal. That’s the best way I can put it.

  • Unknown - 16th May 2022

    Makes me depressed, sleepy and tired

    Mr. Happy Stack makes me sad and put me to sleep. Does not work for me as intended. ND Admin: Some people get depressed with strong choline sources like Alpha-GPC.

  • David M - 9th Apr 2022

    Well rounded stack

    This stack is amazing ! Really helps you feel in tune with the day and overcoming stress. This stack is great in helping you think to yourself with the "I got this mentality" Plus from hearing the ND podcast (Highly Recommend), I learned that OmegaTau increases caffeine sensitivity and its true after completing 3 weeks this effect was true. I went from consuming 400mg a day to only 100 - 150 max daily which is nice because caffeine now hits me harder and lasts longer throughout the day. Thank you ND for providing outstanding products !!

  • Dani - 30th Mar 2022

    Glad they made this!

    This was a good move on ND's part. The happy stack seems to either help people by miles or not at all. Luckily, I am the former. I love that I can purchase one item to get all of these benefits instead of purchasing fish oil, TAU, alpha GPC, b vitamins, etc. separately!

  • Patrick Miller - 21st Mar 2022

    Good stuff

    I didn’t really notice much since it’s really subtle for me. But if you’re feeling a little blue, this will help for sure. But there are no stimulating feelings so don’t expect to feel anything too in your face like caffeine. I think the best way to describe it is you feel more content rather than feeling like things are pointless.

  • Reed Moshofsky - 17th Mar 2022

    Steady Motivation and Increased Memory Retrieval

    I know there has been some controversy on the safety of Uridine, but after analyzing the studies showing danger, it seems like that risk is way overblown, and the studies weren't even testing supplemental uridine, but genetically modified animals that couldn't properly recycle uridine and had excessive levels. Anyway, after years since first hearing about the Mr Happy Stack, I jumped off the diving board with OmegaTau. The effort that went into designing this formulation is cleary immense. It is basically a bunch of key brain power nutrients, almost all of which I have taken separately before. Since beginning OmegaTau twice daily, I have been happier, and more motivated. My thoughts, memories, motivation, and verbal fluency have been stabilized at a more coherent and consistent level. I have happened to find it easier to get myself outside 3 times a week for long runs, and things have just felt better all around. It's not completely magic, and it is subtle, but this will likely be a staple of mine for a long time. I take a lot of other supplements and change things up regularly, not always with the most scientific single variable approach, so take this with a grain of salt. However, I do think this is a great stack, and very cool use of a powdered, high bioavailability fish oil.

  • Dan - 14th Mar 2022

    Review After One Month

    I recently completed a 30 day cycle of OmegaTau, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. I have tried the Mr. Happy Stack combination in the past; however, it never quite worked for me. It would make depressed, and I would feel all around lethargic. But this has been the complete opposite! After a month of taking this stack, my mood has improved, and my productivity has been through the roof. I'm a full-time student majoring in computer science--normally I'm just capable of keeping up with the course workload. But as of recent, I've had a dramatic change in my ability to sit down and tackle work, and I can proudly say that I'm roughly 2-3 weeks ahead in all of my classes. I just ordered another bottle for myself--I think this is something I'll be taking daily for a long time. I will note, however, this does give me a minor headache after I take it. It seems to subside within an hour or two. That is the only negative effect I've had.

  • Quexedrone - 10th Mar 2022


    Didn’t get the desired effect because of the Alpha-GPC. Headache no matter what, even with 75mg :( I give 3 stars; because my experience with the product is 1 star, but the quality of the product is 5 star.

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