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Tongkat Ali Extract Tablets | 100mg | 10% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia

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Tongkat Ali Extract
60ct. or 120ct.
60 Servings or 120 Servings
Minimum 10% Eurycomanone by HPTLC
As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone extract tablet once daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Tongkat Ali Extract Tablets | 100mg | 10% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia
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What is Tongkat Ali?

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, also known as Tongkat Ali, is a flowering plant and member of the Simaroubaceae family and can be found in the South East Asian region, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Cultures in these regions believed consuming Tongkat Ali would provide an array of Tongkat Ali health benefits. 

For centuries, people have used Tongkat Ali for its purported testosterone, strength, and energy benefits. In fact, several studies have noted testosterone promoting effects from people taking a Tongkat Ali supplement. A study evaluating the testosterone promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tongkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking the supplement. 

However, it’s important to note that many Tongkat Ali supplements do not test or standardize to the active compounds that make Tongkat Ali such a potent supplement for vitality. The bioactive component in Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone, is believed to be responsible for the array of Tongkat Ali benefits, including promoting healthy testosterone levels! Modern science has allowed us to create highly potent Tongkat Ali extracts like our 2% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali extract, but we’ve also pushed the envelope up to a whopping 10%  Eurycomanone. As far as we are aware, this makes our 10% Eurycomanone extract the most potent Tongkat Ali extract on the market! Let's dive into the Tongkat Ali benefits!

Tongkat Ali Benefits and Uses

    • May help promote healthy testosterone levels
    • May help promote physical strength and energy
    • May help promote stress management
    • May help support blood flow
    • May help promote cognitive function

Tongkat Ali Health Benefits

Traditional uses suggest that Tongkat Ali was used to promote blood flow, healthy testosterone levels, endurance and even weight loss. There is still ongoing research investigating these Tongkat Ali benefits, however, a few studies have already been done that had positive results.

In a few animal and human studies, Tongkat Ali was shown to support balanced stress levels. Related trials found that the group taking a Tongkat Ali supplement had lower cortisol levels than the control group. 

In other research, Tongkat Ali seemed to promote vitality at notable levels and some findings suggest that these benefits extend to overall endurance and energy levels. Results from other studies found that Tongkat Ali appeared to have a positive influence on bone strength in addition to the Tongkat Ali benefits to endurance and cardiovascular function.

Tongkat Ali Potency

We’ve standardized this extract to 10% Eurycomanone. This is the strongest Tongkat Ali we’ve come across and is certain to give you a kick to your energy and drive, whilst taking your strength to the next level! This extract is five times more potent than our 2% Eurycomanone extract! Thus, a much smaller dose is needed to reap the benefits of this extract. Our 10% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali extract is perfect for athletes looking to sharpen their competitive edge or busy professionals looking to promote their motivation, alertness, and confidence! 

Tongkat Ali Stacks

Endurance/Energy Stack: Tongkat Ali + Dynamine

Try this fast acting and potent stack to kick your endurance and energy into high gear!

Cardiovascular Stack: Tongkat Ali + CoQH-CF

This stack is perfect for those looking for a natural way to promote their cardiovascular function while also supporting overall energy and strength.

Cognitive Function Stack: Tongkat Ali + Polygala

This combination is a practical and straightforward approach to help sharpen your cognitive edge.

Testosterone Stack: Tongkat Ali + MicroZinc

For those looking for simple, natural, and effective testosterone benefits, this may be the stack for you! This is a potent and rounded approach to testosterone support and overall vitality.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone extract tablet once daily.

Tongkat Ali Reviews

For more insight, read the Tongkat Ali reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali Tablets

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 120ct. jars of high quality Tongkat Ali10% Eurycomanone tablets. Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali10% Eurycomanone tablets have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

48 Reviews

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  • Adam K. - 23rd Jan 2022

    Quality unmatched

    I'm overly impressed, this is almost too potent in a good way. I'd rather too much than not enough, Atleast I can cut the dose in half. Kudos on a quality product!

  • Jeremy Wood - 11th Dec 2021

    Works but at a cost

    It gives me boosts in motovation and drive in many aspects of life. The downside is the taste is just horrible. I have tried different ways of taking it. Its just rough

48 Reviews

  • Adam K. - 23rd Jan 2022

    Quality unmatched

    I'm overly impressed, this is almost too potent in a good way. I'd rather too much than not enough, Atleast I can cut the dose in half. Kudos on a quality product!

  • Jeremy Wood - 11th Dec 2021

    Works but at a cost

    It gives me boosts in motovation and drive in many aspects of life. The downside is the taste is just horrible. I have tried different ways of taking it. Its just rough

  • Andreas - 10th Dec 2021

    Surprisingly effective

    Currently 6 weeks in, already after 2-3 weeks I noticed benefits. I weigh the same as when I started but I'm noticing reduced body fat, significantly so, more definition and somewhat increased rate of muscle gain despite not being able to train 100% due to injuries. I'm noticing increased hunger also. I also feel somewhat physically stronger overall when doing physical tasks. No side effects and no noticeable mental/sexual benefits although these things were already at 100%. I didn't measure testosterone levels before (I was always a hard gainer in the gym, the only potential sign of low baseline testosterone) but it seems to have a significant (surprisingly so) effect on my body composition. I'm definitely a responder to this supplement.

  • A. S - 15th Nov 2021

    Surprisingly effective

    After taking this I noticed a definite increase in sex drive and desire, but more importantly the blood tests showed that my testosterone levels have increased notably as well. This isn't a scientific study, but it's a reasonable correlation, especially as there haven't been any other huge lifestyle changes. Free Test - 474 increased to 616 pmol/L Test - 20 increased to 25 nmol/L In any case, these seem to do the trick and are definitely worth giving a go.

  • HH - 14th Nov 2021

    Tongkat ali

    It’s ok nothing special. Been taking it for a month , didn’t notice any major changes , although I’m in Better mood.recommend to have tablets with food because when I take tablets on empty stomach I feel nauseous. Tbh I feel I tongkat was overhyped

  • Julian Minvielle - 16th Oct 2021

    Really good quality!

    I tried the powder and it was hard to keep it …..

  • Michael Busby - 9th Oct 2021

    Tastes Awful but Works

    You have to get it down quick because the taste is terrible, but it definitely causes an increase in Testosterone for me

  • Alex - 7th Oct 2021

    Great Results

    I have been taking this for roughly 2 months now and I can say with confidence that this product has had a positive effect on me. It didn’t give me a ton of new energy or focus, but after about a week or two I noticed I wasn’t getting as tired and I was recovering a lot better from workouts. Lack of sleep, drinking, etc didn’t totally destroy my body and mind like they used to. This week I got my bloodwork done and my free and total testosterone came in at the highest levels I have ever recorded, at least 200 points better than the last time I tested it. I cannot confirm that this is solely because of the Tongkat but I haven’t had any other big lifestyle changes so I can’t think of another reason why I would see so much improvement. There is no magic pill that will boost your T levels through the roof. You need medical intervention for that. But for those guys who are right on the fringe and want to optimize without going the doctor route, give this a try. Give it 60 days, run some before and after tests if you want. This Tongat product will not change your life, but in my experience it is a marginal and quantifiable improvement and I will gladly pay a couple bucks per day to keep these effects going. Very happy I heard about this product and grateful for the people who make it.

  • Luke - 27th Sep 2021

    no effect on me

    this has not yet given me any noticeable effects after rotating it relatively heavily for a few weeks. I'm sure the product is good but just doesn't work much on me. I'll have to try the 2% next since it supposedly is extracted differently and has a different alkaloid content.

  • David Ricks - 24th Sep 2021

    Mixed Results

    Works well for testosterone and alertness but negative results for cognition and memory. (brain fog)

  • Keith - 17th Sep 2021

    100mg Tongkat ali extract

    I have tried almost every brand, type of extract from 10:1 thru 200:1 and this nootropic 10% Eurycomanone is by far the best i have ever tried. I feel the positives of this product from the first dose. I am a faithful consumer of this product for life. It is outstanding Tongkat ali extract. Thank you nootropics, keep up the great work

  • Dustin Wiles - 5th Sep 2021

    Very good energy

    This tongkat it very strong. It gives me a very clean stimulation and it also positively affects libido. It would be nice if they came scored so they would split easier.

  • Spencer Stewart - 27th Aug 2021

    Libido, ED

    If you're a male, and you want to spice up your sex life and/or assist with mild erectile issues, purchase this IMMEDIATELY. This is not BS snake oil or placebo, this 110% works. The effect is far too powerful to just be placebo. My tip is to take this on a completely empty stomach, first thing in the morning. It tastes absolutely disgusting, but just have water ready and swallow as fast as possible and have fun. :)

  • Mike - 27th Aug 2021

    Increased libido

    Definitely can tell it’s doing something with testosterone levels. I have not formally checked them yet but have noted an increased libido and energy level. This stuff is legit. Just be aware that it tastes bad going down.

  • Scott - 15th Aug 2021

    Better Sleep

    I like this stuff. I haven't noticed anything dramatic other than the absolutely wild dreams. I sleep all the way through the night and have very vivid and memorable dreams. Also, they taste absolutely terrible - i suggest taking with orange juice as it eliminates the awful flavor of the tablets

  • Alex Kurbiel - 15th Jul 2021

    Tongkat 10%

    Began using on a bulk to improve body composition and muscle building. Initially planned to cycle for 6 weeks on 2 off but noticed significant estrogenic side effects leading up to day 11 (Pubertal gyno exacerbation and low libido, reduction. I do aromatise a lot though so prob not an issue for others). Took a week off and changed cycle to 5 days on 2 off which reduced side effects. Overall noticed higher T with this and improved physique. Would definitely recommend but maybe use 2% if you also aromatise a lot.

  • MB - 27th May 2021

    Potent and effective

    First, thankyou ND for your top notch, informative, easy-to-use website, fast shipping, and superb customer service. As others have stated, the taste is terrible, but you're not taking it for the taste. I have tried other Tongkat Ali extracts in the past. None of them worked for me. This one is very potent, so start slowly.

  • Mick Mc Monagle - 26th Apr 2021

    No noticeable results

    Hey guys. I love ND and first class service even to Ireland. But for this particular product, I can't see any noticeable difference after a month. I am dosing at 1 a day. I am 38, no health issues and 250 lb. I just thought it would try out as a test booster. Maybe I need to up the dosage or just might not be for me!

  • Unknown - 21st Apr 2021


    Taking one a day for about 4 weeks. Haven't noticed any difference.

  • Unknown - 20th Apr 2021

    This + Working on myself = Life changing

    From mood, attention issues, low energy, low libido, barely able to force myself to work for 1-2 hsr a day (except for hyperfocusing on tasks I like) and playing videogames for 10hrs + a day and being miserable the rest, with suicidal thoughts, after 1 month on Tongkat Ali 100 mg once a day, now I am productive for 5-6-10 hrs a day and barely want to play. A lot of physical and mental energy, anxiolytic properties felt from day 2 (and it kept gradually getting better and better till now) If you have borderline low T - this is extremely good. Life changing, literally.

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