Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 100mg | 10% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia

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Tongkat Ali Extract
60ct. or 120ct.
60 Servings or 120 Servings
Minimum 10% Eurycomanone by HPTLC
As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone extract capsules once daily.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules | 100mg | 10% Eurycomanone | Eurycoma longifolia
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What is Tongkat Ali?

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, also known as Tongkat Ali, is a flowering plant and member of the Simaroubaceae family and can be found in the South East Asian region, in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Cultures in these regions believed consuming Tongkat Ali would provide an array of Tongkat Ali health benefits. 

For centuries, people have used Tongkat Ali for its purported testosterone, strength, and energy benefits. In fact, several studies have noted testosterone promoting effects from people taking a Tongkat Ali supplement. A study evaluating the testosterone promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tongkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking the supplement. 

However, it’s important to note that many Tongkat Ali supplements do not test or standardize to the active compounds that make Tongkat Ali such a potent supplement for vitality. The bioactive component in Tongkat Ali, Eurycomanone, is believed to be responsible for the array of Tongkat Ali benefits, including promoting healthy testosterone levels! Modern science has allowed us to create highly potent Tongkat Ali extracts like our 2% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali extract, but we’ve also pushed the envelope up to a whopping 10% Eurycomanone. As far as we are aware, this makes our 10% Eurycomanone extract the most potent Tongkat Ali extract on the market!* Let's dive into the Tongkat Ali benefits!

Tongkat Ali Benefits and Uses

    • Can promote healthy testosterone levels*
    • Can promote physical strength and energy*
    • Can promote stress management*
    • Can support blood flow*
    • Can promote cognitive function*

Tongkat Ali Health Benefits

Traditional uses suggest that Tongkat Ali was used to promote blood flow, healthy testosterone levels, endurance and even weight loss. There is still ongoing research investigating these Tongkat Ali benefits, however, a few studies have already been done that had positive results.

In a few animal and human studies, Tongkat Ali was shown to support balanced stress levels. Related trials found that the group taking a Tongkat Ali supplement had lower cortisol levels than the control group. 

In other research, Tongkat Ali seemed to promote vitality at notable levels and some findings suggest that these benefits extend to overall endurance and energy levels. Results from other studies found that Tongkat Ali appeared to have a positive influence on bone strength in addition to the Tongkat Ali benefits to endurance and cardiovascular function.

Tongkat Ali Potency

We’ve standardized this extract to 10% Eurycomanone. This is the strongest Tongkat Ali we’ve come across and is certain to give you a kick to your energy and drive, whilst taking your strength to the next level! This extract is five times more potent than our 2% Eurycomanone extract! Thus, a much smaller dose is needed to reap the benefits of this extract. Our 10% Eurycomanone Tongkat Ali extract is perfect for athletes looking to sharpen their competitive edge or busy professionals looking to promote their motivation, alertness, and confidence!* 

Tongkat Ali Stacks

Endurance/Energy Stack: Tongkat Ali + Dynamine

Try this fast acting and potent stack to kick your endurance and energy into high gear!*

Cardiovascular Stack: Tongkat Ali + CoQH-CF

This stack is perfect for those looking for a natural way to promote their cardiovascular function while also supporting overall energy and strength.*

Cognitive Function Stack: Tongkat Ali + Polygala

This combination is a practical and straightforward approach to help sharpen your cognitive edge.*

Testosterone Stack: Tongkat Ali + MicroZinc

For those looking for simple, natural, and effective testosterone benefits, this may be the stack for you! This is a potent and rounded approach to testosterone support and overall vitality.*

Tongkat Ali Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 100mg Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone extract tablet once daily.

Tongkat Ali Reviews

For more insight, read the Tongkat Ali reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali Tablets

Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 120ct. jars of high quality Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone tablets. Nootropics Depot’s Tongkat Ali 10% Eurycomanone tablets have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

 *Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

68 Reviews

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  • Tejas - 23rd Mar 2023

    Genuine product

    Not facing any side effects after using this

  • tak - 2nd Mar 2023

    Motivation but crashes E

    Increases my energy/motivation acutely, even if I'm tired. It just seems easier to tolerate suffering and get things done. But if I take it for 3+ days in a row, I (male) get low estrogen side effects. So I use it about twice a week.

68 Reviews

  • Tejas - 23rd Mar 2023

    Genuine product

    Not facing any side effects after using this

  • tak - 2nd Mar 2023

    Motivation but crashes E

    Increases my energy/motivation acutely, even if I'm tired. It just seems easier to tolerate suffering and get things done. But if I take it for 3+ days in a row, I (male) get low estrogen side effects. So I use it about twice a week.

  • Jayden - 27th Feb 2023

    Quality Product, even better Customer Service!

    Had an issue where the local carrier didn't deliver the package and wouldn't assist. ND stepped in and reshipped immediately with no fuss when they didn't need to, super appreciative of that! For the product itself, definitely a slight improvement in modd and energy, can push a little harder at the gym. Did some joint paint but very minor and cycling 5/2 helped. Early days but good so far! Keen to try the 2%.

  • charles - 27th Feb 2023

    Tongkat Ali 10%

    Repeat customer. The product has varied form batch to batch in appearance and subjective effect. All three batches have been effective but to varying degrees

  • Laurent K - 24th Feb 2023

    Helps with general stamina on and off

    I heard about this supplement from the great podcast of neurosciencist Dr Huberman. Being an active male in my mid fifties, this compound currently helps me reach higher and adequate levels of testosterone & maintain those levels . I take 1 pill upon waking alongside with Taurine expecially on my workout days . Saying that this supplement is a life changer is an understatement.

  • Xavier Rioux - 20th Dec 2022

    Tongkat Li

    Not significant but I did feel an improvement to my energy levels. Will buy again

  • Tiberius - 29th Nov 2022

    Very Effective

    I rarely leave reviews as well. I am on clonazepam (a benzo, my only prescription), and it does affect energy and sex drive. I am 37, and after taking this for a few weeks, I definitely noticed an increase in energy. I was able to lift more and recover quickly. I don't take other workout supplements regularly. Some days it feels like I can work out for hours and recover the next day. Staying active will also increase testosterone, but this appears to have the added effect of stronger erections. There are minor payoffs. I do have limited acne now, which was never an issue. This suggests that we are not talking about a placebo. There is also a noticeable uptick in aggression. I get amped and want to punch something (of course I don't). And somehow, my anxiety seems to be reduced a little despite the aggression. The minor pitfalls are what one would expect from a testosterone increase, so 5 stars for me. I am curious whether this should be cycled if anyone has experience. Also, do give it a few weeks.

  • Erik Nymo - 25th Nov 2022

    Expectations blown out of the park!

    I am a troubled soul with a past of substance abuse and a challenging mental health. As always life goes up and down but lately it has been down to the bottom until i decided to turn things around. ONE day before i recieved my Tungkat 10% i started weightlifting again after a 1year+ break. Man the first day was hard, i started slow to not get so sore but still. The next day at the gym, 2 days in taking 100mg daily it just exploded, i could not hold back and go at it slow. Deadlift, Chins, squat, row and biceps is a hard as hell 2-split, but no problem what so ever, it felt amazing lifting again and i have never been so motivated right after startup. My overall mood is way up there in comparison to only a few days ago, i feel more robust and energized. 4 days in and Im just waiting to see what this does in long term, some say it expands even more 10-14days in, if so this is as close to a Magic pill you can get in a training context going natural. I am no expert on nootropics, but i know my drugs and my mental state. Being a natural compund this is mindblowing. My expectations was high before i got this due to so many positive reviews, i was not let down to say the least. My thoughts is, this is something you take if lifting weights or training, or they compliment each other very good!

  • Mike - 14th Nov 2022

    Good quality

    Take the Tongkat in combination with a couple other supplements. Great product from a trusted comepay for a good price.

  • Tony H - 19th Oct 2022

    Not as good as before

    I am not sure of the potency with these capsules. I have had the TKA tablets from ND and you can tell it's working. You get the bitterness right away when you take it. Bit since the tablets have been out I tried the capsules and the mood energy and overall quality isn't the same. ND Admin: It's the same raw material, just put in capsules now because people complained about the taste. Maybe that bitter flavor was signaling your brain to feel in stronger/faster, but now you don't taste it. Try dumping it on your tongue.

  • Dom Otto Asis - 11th Oct 2022

    Amazing Benefits

    I have zero complaints about Tongkat Ali from ND. I feel very motivated, alert, and all other positive side effects that others have mentioned. I also noticed that my mood is stabilized I don't feel stressed at certain situations at work. My gym performance is also improved. I'm overall impressed by this product. Highly recommended.

  • Mike - 24th Sep 2022

    Nothing for me sadly

    Well unfortunately this did nothing for me. Not good, not bad. ND's service was great, fast and safe shipping, accurate order, but I guess the Tongkat just doesn't affect me? First time trying any tka supplement so I figured ND's offering was supposed to be the best, most potent, prove and tested product but I guess unfortunately I'm different. Debating trying the other offering, but even at 2 doses a day, zero changes.

  • Sterling - 12th Aug 2022

    Changed my life

    This product quite literally changed my life. Even in a calorie deficit, Im able to build muscle size and recover from workouts faster. Higher libido, energy levels, and focus during my work day as well.

  • Dan - 16th May 2022

    Tongkat Ali Tabs

    Purchased the 10% tabs and did Free test samples before, 3 weeks in and at the end of the bottle. I saw tremendous improvements in my free test number and would highly recommend others to try this product.

  • Oliver - 2nd May 2022

    this stuff works

    i dont suffer from low T, i just got this to see how it would affect my gym performance and libidio. Both noticed big improvement in 2 weeks. This is the only supplement I've ever reviewed. Real deal.

  • Christopher Horn - 27th Apr 2022

    Unreal stuff

    Awesome and I do not say this word lightly. Amazing potency, pure feeling or power and calm throughout the body. I hope it doesn't get you hooked because this is really, really unique. I'll be a loyal customer for a LONG time, I suppose.

  • Oscar Kolltveit - 19th Apr 2022

    This TA is great

    This is quality guys, works within 2 hours, great stuff

  • Jorge Morales - 7th Apr 2022

    Tongkat Ali Extract

    Awesome product. If you need focus , energy and some pep in your workouts or some go in the bedroom this is it. Highly recommend for older adults , it works.

  • Shadrick McAfee - 16th Feb 2022


    Good product t

  • Andrew Hadjioannou - 11th Feb 2022

    Was skeptical

    The stuff definitely works and i was skeptical. I’m actually ordering more now.

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