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Aniracetam 750mg Capsules

  • Product Description

    What are Aniracetam Capsules?

    Aniracetam is a nootropic compound in the Racetam class of compounds, which share a pyrrolidone structure. The parent or prototype compound of this class is called Piracetam, and was first synthesized in 1964. Aniracetam is said to be more potent than Piracetam and also offers additional benefits discussed below. While it is a fat-soluble molecule, it doesn’t need to be taken with fats to be absorbed quickly and efficiently in the GI tract after being broken down in the liver. In fact, ingesting too much fat with Aniracetam can actually decrease absorption. Aniracetam has even been shown to absorb effectively in a fasted state.

    Aniracetam Benefits

    While human clinical studies on healthy adult humans are lacking, Aniracetam has been studied extensively in animals with positive results. 

         Mood Support*: Aniracetam modulates important receptors in the brain, and is thought to potentially provide mood boosting effects through cholinergic, dopaminergic, and serotonergic interactions. Studies on rats showed Aniracetam to improve stress in older rats.

         Enhance cognition*: Animal studies suggest that Aniracetam may benefit memory formation, improve judgment, and reduce impulsiveness. Aniracetam is an ampakine, and is actually the parent compound from which the ampakine class is derived. Ampakines get their name from their interaction with the brain’s AMPA receptors. Aniracetam positively modulates AMPA receptors in the brain by reducing desensitization. Ampakines are being studied for their potential benefits to overall brain health.

         Increase collective thinking and creativity*: Anecdotally, people may experience what is referred to as collective or holistic thinking, a kind of mental clarity that allows one to put the “puzzle pieces” of life together and gain perspective. With potential improved cognitive function, one can see and evaluate the world around them with greater awareness. This potential access to mental clarity can also enhance creativity, alleviating mental blockages that have hindered this area.

    Aniracetam Uses

    Current and continuing research suggests that possible Aniracetam uses include improving cognitive function. It also points to potential Aniracetam uses in otherwise healthy people. Additionally, in studies on rats the compound was found to improve cognitive deficits.

    Buy Aniracetam capsules from a responsible manufacturer like Nootropics Depot--we conduct in-house testing in our lab outfitted with equipment from Thermo Scientific and Agilent Technologies to ensure purity.

    Always discuss the addition of nootropics and supplements with your doctor or another trusted healthcare professional, and stay informed about how a product might affect you--everyone is different.

    Learn more and read scientific research about Aniracetam on

    Where to Buy Aniracetam Capsules

    Nootropics Depot offers 60ct. or 180ct. jars of Aniracetam capsules. Nootropics Depot's Aniracetam has been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity. 

    Get insight about other customers’ experiences by reading our Aniracetam reviews and experiences below.

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    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Aniracetam just little's anxiety effekt

      the conscious effect of A. occurs only at a high dosage, 7.5 <or it is little conscious, and rather unconscious anxiety on 17th Oct 2017

    2. One of my favorites

      This is not as in your face as phenylpiracetam or pramiracetam, but that is what makes it perfect for daily use. I use the more powerful one for days when I need a boost, but this one is a daily one for me. As always ND is awesome. on 16th Oct 2017

    3. Not my favorite

      After reading in many places about aniracetam. I went ahead and tried it it didn't help me at all even at high doses. It does calm you down but for me I don't need that at this time makes me to sleepy. on 13th Oct 2017

    4. Love It

      This product works wonders for me. I not only get a clearheaded nootropic effect but I also get a nice calming effect. It is not something that immediately hits you. It is subtle and you notice it over time. This is one that I will always have in my stack. on 6th Oct 2017

    5. didn't see any difference

      Took it at the recommended dose and some more and didn't see any difference or what it intended to do. Everyone is different but defenitly didn't work for me. on 5th Oct 2017

    6. Didn’t feel any different

      I have been taking this product for about a month now and haven’t noticed a difference in focus, clarity or anything. I wish I could send it back. on 4th Oct 2017

    7. pretty ok

      This was the first time I’ve tried aniracetam. I’ve only ever had piracetam before. This was more gearing me towards being creative and inspirational. Not great for excel work but good for creativity.

      I’ll definitely take more and am looking forward to the focus.
      on 1st Oct 2017

    8. Not as promising

      It works, it kept my anxiety at a good level and my mood to talk to people was increased. But that is it. Nothing extraordinary. Basically alcohol without side effects. on 29th Sep 2017

    9. The best nootropic

      This is really amazing, I have taken so many nootropics in the past but Aniracetam is totally different, especially the Mood Support effect, significantly noticeable change just at the minimum effective dosage( 750mg once a day), just wished the powder form of Aniracetam was in stock. on 25th Sep 2017

    10. Back to being me.

      After a couple years of bad health and poor choices, I was caught in a brain fog like no other I'd ever experienced, and my anxiety had gone through the roof, reacting to nearly every situation I found myself in. Tried phenibut, but even dosing low it felt like a liability, and manic episodes were common on the days off, even though I spaced it to twice or three times a week, depending. Picked this up after researching alternatives and seeing the references to creativity (I am a college-educated musician) as well as other cognitive benefits. It's been nearly a month with this and Alpha-GPC (best cholinergic, hands down) and I feel more like myself than I have in years. It's nothing over the top (you could feel the phen buzz, this is nothing like that) in it's effects, and it is short-lived, but it has functioned marvelously as a basic anxiolytic for me. I've always been a smart guy, but that fog has slowly begun to lift and I'm recalling things more readily, and am more ready to suggest them (also related to the anxiety) or offer information. At the same time, I know better now when to hold my tongue. I have tried building out the stacks a little bit, but the couple other supplements I ordered set off manic episodes even at their lowest doses inside recommended stacks, so I'm just going to keep it basic with what works for me. A baseline,or jumping off point, for me to then build my own motivation on top of. I just feel less shackled down. on 11th Sep 2017

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