Sabroxy® Tablets | Minimum 10% Oroxylin-A | Oroxylum indicum

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Sabroxy® Oroxylum indicum
100mg Tablets - 90ct. or 180ct. | 500mg Tablets - 30ct. or 60ct.
100mg Tablets - 90 Servings or 180 Servings | 500mg Tablets - 30 Servings or 60 Servings
Minimum 10% Oroxylin A
As a dietary supplement, take one Sabroxy tablet daily. Tablets may be cut for flexible dosing. Use of pill cutter recommended.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs or over the counter medications.
Always consult with a qualified health physician before taking any new dietary supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Sabroxy® Tablets | Minimum 10% Oroxylin-A | Oroxylum indicum
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Sabroxy Oroxylum indicum - Superior Brain And Neuronal Health Ingredient


What is Oroxylin A?

Oroxylin A is an O-methylated flavone that comes from Scutellaria baicalensis and Scutellaria lateriflora plants as well as the Oroxylum indicum tree. Oroxylum indicum exists widely in India and Southeast Asia and has a robust history of use in Ayurveda. The bark of the tree, known for its Oroxylin A content, is used in Ayurvedic practices and is believed to promote immune system function and cognitive function. Oroxylin A has been widely researched around the world and has an intriguing profile of effects, ranging from promoting neurogenesis, focus, motivation, and energy to supporting balanced levels of inflammation, skin health, and immune system function!*

Oroxylin A Benefits and Uses

    • May help promote focus and motivation*
    • May help promote cognitive function*
    • May help support balanced inflammation levels*
    • May help promote immune system function*
    • May help support skin health*

Sabroxy Oroxylin A Powered by Sabinsa

Sabroxy from Sabinsa is a standardized extract prepared from the dried bark of the Oroxylum indicum tree and contains a minimum of 10% Oroxylin A, to help promote overall cognitive function.* In various research, Oroxylin A has been shown to promote CREB and BDNF, two critical components that play an important role in cognitive function and neurogenesis. In fact, Sabroxy was found to substantially promote focus and motivation during trials.* When compared to other extracts with similar mechanisms, Sabroxy was deemed the most effective for promoting focus and supporting motivation! Data from these studies concluded Sabroxy outperformed various other compounds by a wide margin!* This leads scientists and researchers to believe the high concentration of Oroxylin A is responsible for these benefits. Findings from several Oroxylin A studies have found that these interactions also augment NMDA signaling which ultimately helps promote neurogenesis, another element of cognitive foundation.*

In addition, Oroxylin A has been the subject of recent research due to its intriguing interactions with inflammation levels. Animal studies have discovered that Oroxylin A appears to regulate COX-2, a key component when it comes to balancing inflammation levels. To add another fascinating layer to the list of Oroxylin A benefits, in vivo studies found Oroxylin A supports balanced inflammation through regulating SHCBP1. This research concluded that this particular regulation appeared to promote skin health, which supports anecdotal reports of people taking an Oroxylin A supplement for Oroxylin A skin benefits.

Although many people don’t associate balanced inflammation levels with cognitive function, research has found that Oroxylin A’s interactions with these pathways can indirectly support the foundation of cognitive faculties. When this is taken into consideration with Oroxylin A interactions with CREB and the ability to help promote BDNF, it’s without question that Sabroxy is the first of its kind with the potential to help promote cognition from the ground up!*

Important bioactives of Oroxylum indicum

Oroxylin A Stacks

Focus & Motivation Stack: Sabroxy + PanaMAX

PanaMAX is a highly bioavailable Panax ginseng supplement that helps promote energy levels while also promoting relaxation and stress relief. This makes it a perfect companion for Sabroxy, allowing you to dial in your focus while also fighting off distractions and stressors!*

Balanced Inflammation Levels Stack: Sabroxy + Rephyll

This is a bioavailable and potent stack for overall support towards balancing inflammation levels with added joint support and a unique mood promoting effect as well!*

Skin Support Stack: Sabroxy + Injuv

This combination is a bioavailable and targeted approach to skin health.*

Cognitive Support Stack: Sabroxy + Accelon

This stack is a very targeted, multi-faceted approach to promoting cognitive function with added benefits to supporting cardiovascular function!*

Oroxylin A Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one Sabroxy Oroxylum indicum tablet daily. Tablets may be cut for flexible dosing. Use of pill cutter recommended.

Oroxylin A Reviews

For more insight, read the Sabroxy Oroxylin A reviews and experiences below.

Where to Buy Oroxylin A

Nootropics Depot offers 30ct, 60ct, 90ct, or 180ct. jars of high quality Sabroxy Oroxylin A tablets. Nootropics Depot’s Sabroxy Oroxylum indicum have been lab-tested and verified for both product purity and identity.

 *Attention: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

26 Reviews

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  • 5
    Taking 2 Does the trick (for me)

    Of the products I have purchased here, only Alpha GPC and a double dose of this have presented any nootropic effect. Either I have fully gaslit myself into a strong placebo, or this product is effective in providing heavy focus and tangible motivation after a bit of time has passed from ingestion.

  • 5
    Anhedonia / Attention Issues

    I have anhedonia and attention issues, this definitely helps along with my other daily routine supplements etc..

26 Reviews

  • 5
    Taking 2 Does the trick (for me)

    Of the products I have purchased here, only Alpha GPC and a double dose of this have presented any nootropic effect. Either I have fully gaslit myself into a strong placebo, or this product is effective in providing heavy focus and tangible motivation after a bit of time has passed from ingestion.

  • 5
    Anhedonia / Attention Issues

    I have anhedonia and attention issues, this definitely helps along with my other daily routine supplements etc..

  • 5
    The Best OTC Focus Pill

    I’m 100% certain this Pill Works, for me. Ever since I added this pill to my stack I have felt more alert and focused on everyday tasks. I wake up on time. I’m more organized. I definitely remember more than before. I have always been detail oriented but now I can multitask without issues. I wanted to wait at least 30 days before submitting a review as I don’t like making premature judgments on new products, but this really works after only 3 weeks. I noticed changes about a week into the medication. So, give it time to work. I’m also only using the lowest dosage once a day. I figure once my body builds a tolerance to it I will increase the dosage accordingly. But for now, it works. And it’s definitely less expensive than anything prescribed.

  • 4
    Works great, gives me a headache

    Works amazingly, but I have to take two or three throughout the day, and unless I also use caffeine (dynamax!) it puts me straight to sleep. Ultimately had to stop because of the headache issue, but if you’re lucky enough to not be predisposed to them I’d jump on this product.

  • 4

    I tried anywhere from 2-5 tablets a day for 2 weeks ( I only took 5 twice.) 2 a day seemed best. The first time I felt a bit of a happy and enjoyable tingly feeling thoughout the body, but just the first day. Every other day, it just made me feel a bit more patient and focused. After a week or so, I noticed I was losing my sex drive, so after 2 weeks, I stopped. At the moment, I'd rather feel lonely than bored. I felt my experience with sabroxy was mostly positive, but I had hoped for a more noticeable and stimulating effect. Phenylpiracetam remains my all-time favorite nootropic, but I only take that on every once in awhile. Cycling off sabroxy, I experienced some annoying random forgetfulness of important things, similar to when I used to smoke weed, But when I realized this was happening for a couple days, I was able to successfully compensate for it without stress. After a week, I was fine, and did not experience any cravings for it during that time or afterwards. I am glad to have tried sabroxy, and may try another course at some point. I am not drawn to it at the moment. I am glad it was made available and hope others will obtain sufficient relief from attention issues with this new option.

  • 4

    i've taken every ADHD med on the planet, and they either have too many side effects, or are horrifically addictive for me. So i live without. But actually, it's quite good that i stumbled into this. I like it, although i feel like at high doses, the feeling becomes unpleasant.

  • 5
    Great for long lasting focus

    I tried this one for about a month. I have to say it really works for concentration and demanding tasks. I take only one capsule in the morning. I highly recommend it.

  • 3
    Not what I had hoped for

    I've tried taking this at low doses and higher doses. I've tried it with other noots and on its own. Every single time it puts me to sleep! I have ADHD and this wasn't helpful at all. I really wanted to love it but couldn't

  • 4

    I feel the product helps keep me focused. I mix it with Noopept to help accelerate it a bit. I have a very overactive mind and attention issues and trouble focusing and staying on 1 task at a time and I do feel this addition is helping things stay on task and stay focused. I'm able to setup a "TO DO LIST" and get through it and stay on proper track without letting my mind and thoughts jump all over the place.

  • 5
    Awesome stuff

    Great Product and great quality. It worked just as intended stacked and alone. I should also note that I was able to take this in the afternoon without effecting my sleep which is personally always a big concern. 5/5

  • 3
    Not the best

    I gave Sabroxy a shot about 7 or 8 times. At doses of 100 mg, 200mg, 300mg. I'm usually not a good responder to stimulating supplements, so I started with 300mg. Regardless, after every dose, I feel minimal mental stimulation, but I do feel physical restlessness. It's a similar feeling Dynamine gave me, it makes me feel horrible, I have to take a benzo to relax my body, l-theanine won't do much.

  • 3

    For me they did not do much after a day or two, but that could just be me. Maybe I just needed to take a higher dose.

  • 5
    Amazing at first but...

    after 2 weeks tolerance went form 1 pill to 4 pills a day which isn't bad but does rack up nevermind that the benefits out weigh the negatives combined with come caffeine helped my adhd so much it, i used for work and i was able to push to new hieghts love sabroxy! sabroxy alone feels amazing too

  • 3
    Increased Laziness, Apathy & Compulsive Behavior

    I tried adding this supplement to my stack multiple times, and each time the results were the same... It increases feelings of apathy, cravings and compulsive behaviors. I was trying to increase motivation and cut out negative vices, but this supplement had the profoundly opposite effect on my willpower. I gained over 5 lbs of unhealthy weight because it fueled my overeating and removed all desire to go to the gym. I gave it 3 stars because technically it did produce a powerful result, just NOT AT ALL the result I was looking for.

  • 3
    Like coffee but less jitters

    Really is like having a cup of coffee in the focus it gives. There's a tolerance build up so definitely can't use constantly but I could imagine long term use for attention issues being great.

  • 3
    It’s ok

    Doesn’t do too much for me really, ND is the best though!

  • 2
    Research still lacking

    One RCT for Sabroxy in healthy older people with “self assessed” Mild cognitive impairment. Both placebo and active groups had the same increase in bdnf, and cognitive performance was increased in a narrow selection of memory tests with no impact on broader measures of cognitive function such as the MOCA. Dosing was much higher than the dose recommended on this website. The study used 500 mg twice per day. Don’t get too excited about this supplement yet. I couldn’t find any clinical trials on oroxylin a. Mostly in vitro or animal studies which do not necessarily translate to human trials. ND Admin: 500mg doses of this is WAY too high for most people. We did our own testing, and 500mg made almost everyone super stimulated and anxious. Some people even respond best to 50mg, which is why we moved to scored 100mg tablets. It gives people the ability to dose 50mg or 100mg. We have 500mg scored tablets coming out, which will give people the option for 250/500mg. However, we are going to warn people to NOT start with that dose. Even the patent holders told us to be careful. We met with them at Supply Side West this past week about it. 500mg is a very strong dose, and one try with it will make that very apparent.

  • 5

    Works. Just dont take too much too often or itll make your jaw clentch and will be tired when it wears off. It.may take a times to understand how it is woeking for you. For me it takes away sleepiness, its not like adderall that adds to my baseline, it just noticably brings me back up so id call it and energy boost. It works good in a stack with other nootropics.

  • 1
    Terrible Product

    This product has not made a dent on me, as None of the Benefits listed for it holds TRUE. This product is more PLACEBO-LIKE. SUPER expensive. I Will NOT buy again! ND Admin: Not everything that doesn't work for you personally is a placebo. Different things work for different people.

  • 5

    This is a great product. I take one every morning and I can recommend it to everyone who wants a little boost. 5/5 stars