Triacetyluridine Capsules | 25mg | TAU

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  • Triacetyluridine Capsules | 25mg | TAU
  • Triacetyluridine Capsules | 25mg | TAU
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What is Triacetyluridine?

Triacetyluridine (also known as TAU) is a uridine supplement that is occasionally used as a nootropic supplement. Uridine is a precursor of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and supports healthy functioning of the central nervous system. 

Research has found that Triacetyluridine activates the P2Y2 brain receptors. These receptors trigger activity from Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). P2Y2 receptors supports healthy inflammatory responses and protects against neurotoxicity even when the mitochondria may not be functioning properly. Triacetyluridine enhances functioning in synaptic connections and neurons are able to communicate faster and more efficiently, thus supporting the idea that Triacetyluridine supplements may support brain health and cognitive function.

Triacetyluridine Benefits and Uses

    • May help promote feelings of well being 
    • May help support cognitive health
    • May help promote healthy stress levels

How is Triacetyluridine Different Than Uridine?

Research has shown that Triacetyluridine increases the bioavailability of uridine in the body. Some studies have shown that it has potential to increase neuroplasticity by raising the brain’s levels of nerve growth factor as well as support brain health. Typical uridine supplements tend to have low bioavailability and have weak solubility in fats. On the other hand, Triacetyluridine has superior lipid solubility and bioavailability compared to uridine.

Triacetyluridine and uridine tend to work well with lipids and phosphate groups. Triacetyluridine tends to behave synergistically with choline and fish oil to enhance mood. In fact, Harvard Medical School combined DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and Omega-3 fatty acids with Triacetyluridine and found that the combination created a healthy emotional outlook in subjects.

Triacetyluridine is still being researched for its ability to promote feelings of well-being. A 6-week clinical study on human subjects concluded that TAU “improved overall mood of subjects”. Triacetyluridine is about 4-7 times more potent than uridine monophosphate. Triacetyluridine is also lipid soluble so it can only be taken orally and not sublingually. However, Triacetyluridine absorbs well with food in the stomach whereas with uridine monophosphate, the absorption with food is up for debate. Triacetyluridine is typically dosed between 25 and 50mg. A study looking at the relationship between uridine and omega-3 fatty acids when administered together found a synergistic effect in rats. The rats’ mobility rate increased. Both of these compounds administered together allowed for reduced dose sizes of each to achieve the desired effect.

Triacetyluridine Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take one 25mg Triacetyluridine capsule daily.

Triacetyluridine Reviews

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Where to Buy Triacetyluridine

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