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Tianeptine Sulfate Powder

  • Product Description

    Tianeptine hemisulfate monohydrate is an improved salt of Tianeptine that is non-hygroscopic and easier to handle.

    Product includes one jar (2g, 5g or 10g) of tianeptine hemisulfate monohydrate.

    Attention: All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA.

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  • Product Reviews


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    1. Simply the Best

      This tianeptine sulfate is simply the best. Excellent, high quality grade. Nootropics Depot has the largest selection of products at the most affordable pricing. Customer service is superb and shipping is super fast! Would definitely buy the Tianeptine Sulfate again. I have been searching for and trying out several products from many companies and I have found my home. I am a happy customer. Can you tell? :) on 15th Mar 2018

    2. Better

      I was one of "those" who left a one star rating and was accused of being another seller or something.Reviews are not always positive.That is why they are "reviews" and I am sure other people have gave negative reviews on products before when they were unhappy with a product!! ND knows what my name is and that I have been a customer for years due to extreme anxiety and my wife having fibromyalgia type pain.She does not want to take narcotics.With that being said this order was a little better.I know there is an issue with products due to what is going on with some suppliers.I don't know if this is what has effected some of the product strength.I will say that I do trust ND more than any other vendor and their shipping is fast.

      ND Admin: You are definitely a real customer of ours. The issue with tianeptine is worldwide. One of the precursors used in the original synthesis is no longer available, due to recent environmental regulations. So tianeptine is being synthesized with a sightly different method now. It's chemically still the same. However, we think the crystal structure of the particles themselves are a little different, which might affect how well it absorbs in some people. It's definitely pure tianeptine sulfate, though. We have done many tests in our internal lab, and sent it off to 3rd party labs as well. The difference is not in purity. We are trying to get labs to synthesize it in the original manner, but it is proving difficult because of the new laws put in place.
      on 14th Mar 2018

    3. As expected.

      Going by the 'eyeball test', I'd say the quality is pharmaceutical grade. Buying 10 grams is the best value. on 9th Mar 2018

    4. No Complaints.

      Acquired this for research. Purposes. It took a few days to notice the effects as it is very subtle. I enjoyed the product. It can be stimulating at times. Tried another vendor and this is better. on 9th Mar 2018

    5. Laughing at these reaching attempts by Failing Competitors

      111 reviews thus far, all around the exact same timeline... and only a few of them giving 1-star reviews, followed by comments suggesting a "bad batch".

      I know a competitor when I see one! How could you have received a "tub from a bad batch" when all of the surrounding reviews (clearly from the same batch are Positive? Sad, truly pathetic attempt to slander a superior company. Shame on you.
      on 8th Mar 2018

    6. Excellent @ EVERYTHING.. but 1 VERY Important thing is Missing!

      I believe I have already left a review for this product, but I'd like to leave another one since I keep buying this item and can really only comment on its efficacy due to the profound, life-changing effects, even at a very low dose. I must leave one point at the end -- one which I pray will be carefully considered by those in Operations/Ownership further, as it most certainly has been considered. I have no doubt whatsoever, given the business-savvy, your company representatives have demonstrated, that you will hopefully re-re-reconsider.

      I love your website's full range of products. Nootropics that help students, business professionals/exercise-enthusiasts like myself and those suffering from chronic/terminal illnesses. This is a 1-stop-shop offering convenience, proficiency, and adeptness -- in a MINEFIELD of sketchy, overpriced nootropic-sellers, you rise to the top.

      Impeccable customer service. When a question or concern arises, personal, detailed -- not just simple replies -- but informative little conversations with Jaclyn and others. The staff here are second to none, packaging, product quality -- no different.

      A+ across the board.

      "All chemical compounds have risks. Please consult your physician, and understand the available research, before handling. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It has not been approved, nor have these statements been evaluated, by the FDA"

      Tianeptine Sulfate is an excellent product. I will continue to purchase this item, as needed.

      I must implore you, beg if need be...PLEASE bring back Tianeptine Sodium!

      I REFUSE to use this product now because I cannot purchase it here. If I am forced to trust the word of these various other careless, inconsistent, dishonest, utterly incompetent suppliers -- and there is NO shortage of them, I will use the longer halflife version.

      I don't know the reasoning as to why this Sodium version of Tianeptine is no longer offered here (I became a customer just recently, after someone (a business perhaps) with the initials NM elected to make a mistake with my shipping label THREE (3) TIMES IN A ROW.

      Thi is not news to anyone at ND -- these products are nearly identically the same. One simply "kicks in" faster, and tapers off same. One is not less risky than the other, both are meant for research only.

      Please, forward my message to those in Operations at Profits are being handed over to those that do not deserve them as I type.
      on 8th Mar 2018

    7. it the best its gonna get for the sulfate version...

      This company been lost tons off business when they stop caring the sodium power which I was a huge fan of just like all the other millions of tianeptine lovers who suffers from major depression/anxiety issues and the sodium version even substitutes for a little pain management which was definitely an added bonus.. some people just cannot find relief from the other forms out there if it's not sodium... I don't know why it's been taking off you guys site or the sister site but if you ever decide to bring it back I would do it quickly as you will retain a lot of your loss customers that only became customer due to the sodium version that was always up to par might I add... I know a lot of companies also took the sodium version of their menu all around the same time but they are slowly bringing it back but Skyrocketing prices through the roof so you guys can actually come back in and Corner the market if you just beat these guys prices by even a small margin so this is the perfect time too and it's time too lol... I still buy you guys sulphate version because it does always seem to be available when other companies run out of the sodium version and your sulphate is all always 100% good as its going to get being this particular version.. so I will give this company an Capital A plus just for that.. keep up the good work and try bringing back the dominant version tianeptine sodium power..
      on 7th Mar 2018

    8. Nothing

      I am usually very happy with your products.This last batch of TS had no effect.What's going on ND? I wasted almost $40.I hope this isn't a sign of things to come or will find different vendor. on 4th Mar 2018

    9. fast service

      Great. Always on time, and if not, Nootropicsdepot will in turn find a solution best fitting if such a situations were to arise. Customer service on point. on 4th Mar 2018

    10. Solid quality

      Solid quality tianeptine sulfate. Our lab was happy with the results. on 3rd Mar 2018

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